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I Live In A Town Of Geniuses

September 17th, 2009 by Kevin

Just a entry from one of our recent police blotters….

Theft. A man called police to report his wallet was stolen by a cab driver who drove him home from a bar. As the taxi pulled up to his house he told the driver he would have to go inside to get the money to pay him. The taxi driver reportedly told him the only way he would allow that would be if he left his wallet with him and he would get the wallet back when he returned with the money. He said he then went into his house, used the bathroom, and got hungry and decided to make himself something to eat. After eating he went back outside and the taxi was gone.

No shit really?

I mean how long can Ramen take??

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Coleman To Run For Governor?

July 27th, 2009 by Kevin

Word is that Norm Coleman is seriously considering a run for Governor, which if he does so would make him the fifty-second Republican that is pursuing the seat.  And heh, why not?? I mean sure he lost to a clown and a wrestler, but at least he beat a dead man.  So why not, he\’s got a shot.  Except he doesn\’t…

Spokesman Tom Erickson said Monday that Coleman won\’t announce whether he\’s in or out until March or April. Coleman, who wasn\’t made available for an interview with the Associated Press, told WCCO-AM that he\’s not \”ruling in or ruling out anything regarding the governor\’s race.\”

March or April is too late.  To have a reasonable chance at winning the Governor\’s seat, the GOP candidate has to raise in the neighborhood of $3-5 million.  To have a chance at doing that, you\’d have to be in the race right now, raising thousands per day.  Waiting until April means financially you aren\’t a realistic option.  Plus keep in mind that most campaigns have already geared up and are starting to hire staffers.  The best workers are already going to be committed far before April, leaving Norm at a financial and logistical disadvantage.

Really all he\’s accomplishing is further dividing and complicating an already divided and complicated field of Republican candidates.  Not to mention that the state has already rejected him twice for a statewide seat, and that was before they had to hear his name every single day for about a year.

Norm is not a serious candidate and he needs to accept that.  The longer he flirts with the idea otherwise, the more he hurts other serious candidates.

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Rally Again Illegal Immigration Coming Up

July 1st, 2009 by Kevin

Political activism at it\’s best is honest grassroots efforts by people finally fed up with lying politicians who decide to do something about an issue rather than just complain.  We have a great example of that coming up here in Minnesota on the immigration issue.

On Saturday, July 11th at 2 PM, there will be a rally held at the Mower County Courthouse.  It\’s located at 201 First Street NE, Austin, MN.  This will be the second rally in a month at that location.

Basically Austin is a town that the residents feel has been devastated by illegal immigration, and a lone resident, Sam Johnson, finally got fed up.  He organized the first rally despite being up against professionally organized counter protests by the likes of La Raza, Centro Campesino and various Marxist organizations bussed in from the cities.

So Sam Johnson and his supporters need your help to rally the people necessary to stand against illegal immigration.  South Eastern Minnesota has become a battleground on this issue and the public needs to know that they don\’t have to just stand by and let their towns be overrun as a result of apathy from both Washington DC and St. Paul.

You can contact Sam Johnson by email : nsmsoutheastmn -at- gmail -dot- com

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NOTE (10/27/09) : It has since been pointed out to me that Sam Johnson is, to put it lightly, a Neo-Nazi.  Let me make it clear I do not endorse such a hate filled ideology and wish to express no endorsement of any such views.

At the time I thought Sam Johnson was merely a small time illegal immigration activist, mainly cause I\’ve never heard of him.  I\’m not of a mind to assume the worst motivations of someone plus googling a name like \”Sam Johnson\” seemed an act of futility at best.

Knowing what I know now, no I would not have posted this and his entire event would have been forgotten, if not actively shunned.

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“Gun Rights Gathering” & Potluck BBQ

June 26th, 2009 by Kevin

Here\’s an event some of you might be interested in:

What : Fourth Occasional “Gun Rights Gathering” Potluck BBQ
When: Sun June 28th, 2009 11am – Sun Jun 28 3pm
Where: Lake Harriet picnic area, near the Bandshell

A casual & friendly celebration of summer, outdoor cooking, and the human right of self·defense.  An ‘open carry optional’ event, in accordance with and in celebration of the Minnesota Personal Protection Act.

W 42nd St & W Lake Harriet Pkwy
Minneapolis, MN 55410
•Free street parking around the lake and in nearby neighborhoods
•Pay station in main lot, near concessions

A map of the location can be found here.

I\’ll be there and so will a lot of other great freedom loving people….most of which just happen to be carrying a firearm.  According to some anti-gun people, the concentration of that many guns in such a small area should cause the world to implode into an instantaneous bloodbath.  Although the more intelligent of you will probably notice that part about \”Fourth Annual\”, which should sort of tell you a lot about that theory.

So come enjoy a fun potluck with some new people.  Chat with folks that share some common interests.  It\’ll be a good time.  From what we\’ve heard, it\’ll be very well attended.

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Another Example Of Selective Ethical Outrage By Local Left

February 11th, 2009 by Kevin

I\’ve waited several days for our local libby left to generate the necessary mouth-frothing outrage to comment on a recent revelation about one of our DC politicians.  I didn\’t want to miss it, it was going to be great.  And it was a topic I KNEW they were interested in.  After all, they\’ve already covered this topic.

Last fall, the local loony echochamber stirred themselves into a virtual shitstorm because Senator Norm Coleman was getting cheap rent from a pollster!!  The downward spiral into near orgasmic glee that they might have a scandal to pin on Coleman was epic.  Surely the fact that another DC politician has been found to be doing the same thing would be of interest and would renew the drooling self-gratification??

Apparently not….so far it\’s been only silence.  It\’s couldn\’t be because this time it involves Rahm Emanuel, Obama\’s Chief of Staff, could it??? Surely their ethical integrity is intact yeah??

Except while Coleman at least paid rent and utilities, Emanuel was living rent free.  If you want to make the argument that they are benefiting because of their position, you have to condemn both.  If you want to make the argument that a politician living with a pollster for their party, you have to condemn them both.  If you want to write long tiresome rants declaring the abject horror of such an act, you have to condemn them both.

Instead I\’ve seen total silence from the same liberal bloggers who so enthusiastically berated Coleman.  Another example that it\’s not the ethical violation they are really worried about.  Our local left, practices selective ethics.  Meaning that ethical rules only apply to Republicans and/or conservatives and function primarily as a way to score partisan points rather than truly pursue ethical behavior by our elected officials.

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Ending \”Magnet Welfare\”

January 21st, 2009 by Kevin

As most everyone knows, Minnesota is facing a huge deficit crisis and it\’s going to be painful for everyone as cuts will be wide and deep.  Recently I was talking with a legislator about the cuts that will be needed, and what form the legislation is likely to take.  He knows I\’m very fiscally conservative and somewhere to the right of Attila The Hun, but laughed as he decried, \”Kevin the cuts are going to be so big I don\’t think even you would vote for it!\”

So it\’s no exaggeration to say that everyone is going to have to sacrifice this time around and true leadership is going to be necessary.  However, as we\’ve seen, our DFL legislators aren\’t willing to make even the most minor and petty of sacrifices.  Well, just like nature, politics abhores a vacuum and the GOP Caucus is stepping up to offer ideas.

Minnesota House Republicans today proposed a new round of welfare reform to end Minnesota’s reputation as a “welfare magnet” and help balance state government’s $4.8 billion deficit. Under the proposal, anyone who applies for state welfare benefits within one year of moving to Minnesota would be granted no greater level of benefits than the person would have received in their previous place of residence. New recipients would then remain under the rules of their previous state or nation of residence until their benefits run out. House Republican Minority Leader Marty Seifert, R-Marshall, cited an analysis by the Minnesota Department of Human Services of welfare applications showing that 13.9 percent of applicants moved to Minnesota from another state or nation within 12 months of submitting an application.

The most recent DHS estimates show that welfare benefits granted to new residents cost Minnesota taxpayers at least $15,683,608 per year, in addition to another $16,260,585 in federal costs.

House Republicans also said they await the findings of a Legislative Auditor’s investigation into the use of Minnesota EBT cards in other states. Last August, they uncovered data from the Minnesota Department of Human Services showing that 309,717 EBT transactions took place in states other than Minnesota costing taxpayers $10,226,758.

[Details from a House GOP Press Release]

[Crossposted at True North]

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Deficit Requires Sacrifice, But The DFL Wants You To Go First

January 7th, 2009 by Kevin

In an teleconference with Minnesota Senate Minority Leader Senjem, Gary Gross points out some, while maybe not important, at least some interesting priorities of the state DFL caucus.

One of the things the Senate GOP brought up was the fact that the legislature budgets for each legislator to use 5,500 stamps per year. The Senate GOP proposed cutting that number to 3,500 stamps per hear per legislator. Sen. Senjem said that, as Minority Leader, he uses approximately 3,000 stamps annually. Considering the cost of a stamp is .50 cents and considering there are 201 legislators, a reduction of 2,000 stamps per year per legislator is a potential savings of $200,000 per year.

The DFL defeated this common sense proposal on a straight party line vote.

Next, the Senate GOP proposed eliminating the Senate\’s in-state travel budget. Last year, that budget was approximately $100,000.

The DFL defeated this common sense proposal on a straight party line vote.

Minnesota is facing a $5 billion budget deficit.  That\’s \”real money\” as they say and smart spending will only go so far.   It\’s going to require real sacrifice in programs that will really affect Minnesotans.

Most parts of the Minnesota budget just don\’t represent enough slices of the pie to be able to cover the gap.  Only health care and education represent enough to cover the gap.  Which means at the end of the session, the DFL controlled legislature is either going to have to raise taxes, or else cut education and/or health care, or a combination of all of the above.

So at the end of the day, we are all going to be asked to sacrifice one way or another.  Wouldn\’t it be nice if the DFL was willing to also sacrifice?? Even on something as petty as stamps??  It may be a trivial amount in the grand scheme of the budget but at least it sends the right message.

But as usual with the DFL, we all have to sacrifice for a \”better Minnesota\”.  But the DFL wants you to go first.  And like those humorous \”Free Beer Tomorrow\” signs, the DFL will pick up their share tomorrow….whenever that is.

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Minnesota Needs To Learn The First Rule Of Holes

December 19th, 2008 by Kevin

First Rule of Holes : When you find yourself in one, stop digging.

It would be awfully nice if our Minnesota legislators could comprehend that simple fact.  Minnesota faces a huge budget crisis this next legislative session.  Exactly figures depend on who you ask but it seems to fall around the $5 billion range.  With a deficit like that severe across the board cuts are all but a certainty.  However, to at least stop the bleeding it seems like we should stop digging our own grave and stop the out of control spending.

Fortunately, at least one legislator, Rep. Kohls, understands this basic concept and is asking Minnesotans to join him in demanding a spending freeze.  You can sign the peitition here, but you should also talk to your legislator.  Explain to them the First Rule of Holes.

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EckerNet : Now Polluting Your Airwaves

October 31st, 2008 by Kevin

EckerNet will be spreading it\’s filth via another medium this Saturday.  I\’ll be on 1280 AM The Patriot from 3pm to 5pm this Saturday.  The normally rationale King and Michael will be discussing local races on their program.  Oddly enough, they\’ve invited AAA from the North Metro and myself from the South Metro onto their program.  The fact that they invited us demonstrates how much they are scraping the bottom of the barrel on local talent.

If you\’re still interested despite that ringing endorsement by all means tune in to 1280 AM the Patriot this Saturday (11/1/08).  We\’ll be on from 3pm to 5pm.  But don\’t miss the Fraters and Hinderocker from 11am to 1pm and then Capt Ed and Mitch from 1pm to 3pm as well.

UPDATE: I\’m on the air.  Wow…interesting.  Not some much nervous as completely clueless what I\’m doing.  So far I\’ve only been yelled at once.

UPDATE: Podcasts available….Hour 1 and Hour 2.

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MN Independent : Sanding Off The Truth

September 30th, 2008 by Kevin

In an attempt to prop up the failing campaign of Shelley Madore, the incorrectly named \”Minnesota Independent\” recently published a boilerplate \”Oh a poor Democrat is being picked on by mean Republicans!\”. Unfortunately the author has sanded off quite a bit of the truth.

Let\’s start with the most egregious…

Campaign Funding

The liberal hacks at MN Independent start out by pointing out that Madore\’s Republican candidate Tara Mack has raised more than $27000, a rather impressive sum for an unknown challenger. They then criticize Mack for having contributors such as \”big-time GOP givers from outside the district such as local TV/radio mogul Stanley Hubbard, Minnesota Timberwolves owners Glen Taylor and former Target chief executive officer Robert Ulrich.\” This is obviously meant to leave the impression that Mack\’s campaign is mostly funding by big-wig rich fat-cats.

However, the truth is much much different…here are the contributions from those \”big-time GOPers\”

  • Stanley Hubbard – $500
  • Glen Taylor – $250
  • Robert Ulrich – $500

For those of you that went to public school that\’s a grand total of $1250…out of $27000, roughly 4.5%. In fact, most of Mack\’s contributions are small donations from individuals. Wow, that\’s not the impression you get from the article.

If you look at Madore\’s records on the other hand, you see an entirely different story. She\’s raised a rather anemic $14397, especially for an incumbent. The big issue there is that $6700 of that is from lobbyists and PACs. And many of those PACs directly benefit from the big transportation tax increase that Madore voted for.

So the implication that Tara Mack is being supported by special interests just is not reflected by reality. Instead it\’s Shelley Madore who appears to be acting in the best interest of those PACs and lobbyists supporting her campaign. Not that she has much of a choice since few of her constituents appear willing to support her.

Media Access

The article also accuses Tara Mack of hiding from reporters…LOL, for those of you confused, lefty bloggers like to call themselves journalists and reporters….it\’s a vanity thing I guess. Anyway, they claim that Tara Mack is hiding herself from reporters because…

  • She skipped one of twelve debates because she was out knocking on doors talking to residents of her district instead. She has committed to attending four of the twelve.
  • She won\’t return a phone call from a lefty hack

So basically because she won\’t follow the schedule and be at the beck-and-call of reporters lefty hacks she\’s hiding from the media. Instead she deems it more important to go out to the actual neighborhoods of those she means to represent and talk with the people that could vote for her. Wow…that\’s damning \”evidence\”.

UPDATE : The article makes the accusation that she won\’t return a phone call from a lefty hack.  I just talked to Tara Mack and she stated that she actually DID call him back several times but he has no voicemail.  A \”reporter\” without a voicemail….huh.  She then tried to email him.  He responded with an email acknowledging her attempts to call and stated he\’d talk to her before he went forward with the article…

Now he publishes an article stating she refused to call him back.  Just who is avoiding who here?


The article tries to manufacture a scandal out of….well, nothing. Here\’s the scandal…seriously. The Apple Valley City Council (headed by a Democrat) having learned that the usual polling place for Precinct 14 wasn\’t going to be available in 2008 had to pick a new polling place. Best they could manage was the River Valley Church which unfortunately isn\’t in Precinct 14.

Now here\’s the scandal part….Tara Mack\’s husband Justin is an assistant pastor at that church. However, even the Secretary of State (a Democrat) says there is nothing wrong with the arrangement. And the change was made before Tara Mack even filed for office.

Yeah….that\’s it…that\’s the scandal. Apparently we can\’t even trust a man of the cloth anymore. The Minnesota \”Independent\” mentions it in a \”oh well this may or may not be a scandal, but since I mention it it must be newsworthy!\” sort of way. Clearly the intent is to leave the impression that election fraud is taking place despite all evidence to the contrary….and lack of evidence to support it.

Big Bad Mean Republicans

And then there is the obligatory \”Republicans are mean!\” angle. In this case a local GOP activist (that would be me) has been publishing a site that has been pointing out the less flattering parts of Madore\’s record, especially those areas where she isn\’t exactly in line with the beliefs of her district. Every item is documented with a link to the legislation and voting record so that anyone that needs to can verify it themselves.


Fact of the matter is that Madore has been a horrible legislator with a record of voting that does not match the value of her constituents. The fact that she has received very few donations from residents of her district and has generated very little traction for her campaign says quite a bit about her as a candidate. I wouldn\’t be surprised in the least if the DFL chooses to cut the umbilical cord and cut her loose. They wouldn\’t be losing much.

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