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EckerNet : Now Polluting Your Airwaves

October 31st, 2008 by Kevin

EckerNet will be spreading it\’s filth via another medium this Saturday.  I\’ll be on 1280 AM The Patriot from 3pm to 5pm this Saturday.  The normally rationale King and Michael will be discussing local races on their program.  Oddly enough, they\’ve invited AAA from the North Metro and myself from the South Metro onto their program.  The fact that they invited us demonstrates how much they are scraping the bottom of the barrel on local talent.

If you\’re still interested despite that ringing endorsement by all means tune in to 1280 AM the Patriot this Saturday (11/1/08).  We\’ll be on from 3pm to 5pm.  But don\’t miss the Fraters and Hinderocker from 11am to 1pm and then Capt Ed and Mitch from 1pm to 3pm as well.

UPDATE: I\’m on the air.  Wow…interesting.  Not some much nervous as completely clueless what I\’m doing.  So far I\’ve only been yelled at once.

UPDATE: Podcasts available….Hour 1 and Hour 2.

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One Response

  1. LearneddFoot Says:

    Oh. Man.

    I’m gonna show up at the studio with a pitcher of Bloody Marys. See how close we can get to getting Salem’s license suspended.