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EckerNet Radio Returns To The AirWaves

September 3rd, 2010 by Kevin

Brian \”Saint Paul\” Ward and John Hinderaker of the Northern Radio Alliance will be out on assignment this week, so Brad Carlson and myself will be filling in for them this Saturday (9/4/10) from 11 am to 1 pm on 1280 AM The Patriot.  We\’ll be live from the MN State Fair just inside the Snelling Entrance on Dan Patch Avenue, just steps west of Cosgrove.  In fact here\’s a map!!

We\’ll be joined in the first our by MN State Senator Chris Gerlach (R – Apple Valley/Rosemount/Burnsville) and in the second hour we\’ll be joined by Fifth Congressional District GOP Candidate Joel Demos.

Come out and enjoy the State Fair, and while your chowing down on some of the good food, swing by our booth and check out the show!  See you there!

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This Weekend On The NARN

May 7th, 2010 by Kevin

This weekend I\’ll be co-hosting the First Team of the Northern Radio Alliance Network with Brad Carlson.  We\’ll be on from 11 am to 1 pm on 1280 AM – The Patriot.  Obviously, with me on the air you can expect us to discuss immigration but we\’ll be moving onto other subjects as well.

You can listen on your radio dial, or listen to it streaming online.

Cya on the NARN!

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A Rush To Failure? By Whom?

March 13th, 2009 by Kevin

Hopefully you haven\’t heard about the following billboard yet.  If haven\’t, take a look at this billboard and try to figure out who you think this billboard is slamming.


This billboard is actually paid for by the DNC as an anti-Rush Limbaugh billboard, as part of their coordinated effort to try to bring down the conservative King of talk radio.  It was picked out of an online contest, where 80,000 slogans were offered….and this is the one that was picked, implying there were 79,999 worse than this.

But to be quite honest when I first saw this billboard, I thought it was a slam on Obama.  It\’s clearly a twist on the \”rush to war\” slogan the Democrats tried using against Bush.  And with the high number of Obama\’s failed nominations and a flailing stock market, combined with the rush by the Obama administration to pass all sorts of expensive bailouts, the phrase matches Obama more than Rush.

I expect this is just the first of many desperate attempts by liberals to bail out their Messiah.  It\’s clear that Rush is winning this battle and with the repeated failed attempts by Obama to salvage the market, or even fill his own cabinet, it\’s becoming obvious that the shine is coming off this Messiah.  As Obama reveals himself to be the very average inexperienced politician he is, his supporters are starting to realize he is not actually Jesus.  At least Jesus could build a cabinet.

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EckerNet : Now Polluting Your Airwaves

October 31st, 2008 by Kevin

EckerNet will be spreading it\’s filth via another medium this Saturday.  I\’ll be on 1280 AM The Patriot from 3pm to 5pm this Saturday.  The normally rationale King and Michael will be discussing local races on their program.  Oddly enough, they\’ve invited AAA from the North Metro and myself from the South Metro onto their program.  The fact that they invited us demonstrates how much they are scraping the bottom of the barrel on local talent.

If you\’re still interested despite that ringing endorsement by all means tune in to 1280 AM the Patriot this Saturday (11/1/08).  We\’ll be on from 3pm to 5pm.  But don\’t miss the Fraters and Hinderocker from 11am to 1pm and then Capt Ed and Mitch from 1pm to 3pm as well.

UPDATE: I\’m on the air.  Wow…interesting.  Not some much nervous as completely clueless what I\’m doing.  So far I\’ve only been yelled at once.

UPDATE: Podcasts available….Hour 1 and Hour 2.

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Another Lesson In Independent Thinking

November 8th, 2007 by Kevin

Several years ago, a friend introduced me to a fellow co-worker of his, we\’ll call him John. Decent enough fellow, intelligent and entertaining….until it got to politics. Now don\’t get me wrong, we were definitely on the same political spectrum. Political conversations were less debate and more of the \”preaching to the choir\” variety, but that wasn\’t really the issue. You see, John listened to Rush…..ALOT. And he appeared to internalize the entire show, without any filtering process at all.If you ever got in a political discussion with John and wanted to know what he was going to say, or what arguments he would use, all you had to do is listen to the previous Rush Limbaugh show. Later on, same talking points recited almost verbatim.

Now don\’t get me wrong, if I have the time and the opportunity presents itself I\’ll sit down and listen to Rush as well. It\’s entertaining at the least, occasionally informative. My problem wasn\’t John\’s choice of programming, my problem was the lack of independent thought that went with it. Ask for supporting evidence of the topic and if it wasn\’t discussed by Rush, John was unaware of it. Ask an out of the box question challenging his belief, and it was a blank stare in response. It was like talking politics with a robot.

I fear this is a trait that is, maybe not common, but probably not uncommon. Rush is good, and talk radio owes him alot (perhaps everything), but he\’s only one step in what should be a long cognitive process. The same is true for any radio host, on either side of the spectrum. Because believe it or not, I\’ve seen this same thing from liberals as well.

Reciting things from a radio program does not make one learned. You may say something to sound informed, but eventually someone is going to go \”Yes, but there is this contrary theory/evidence/study/astrological prediction/etc that says…….\”. Put some thought into it. Do you agree with what was said? If so, why? The facts that were provided, do they pass the \”smell test\”?? If so, do they pass the factual test?

Another perfect example of why this is necessary came up today. I was listening to Rush go on and on about this benthic bacteria being the smoking gun on debunking Global Warming. Something just didn\’t sit right with me. The \”supporting data\” provided by Rush just didn\’t jive with other data I\’ve heard/read/deduced on global warming. Taken alone it sounded plausible, put in context, not so much. Well as it turns out I had reason to be suspicious

Yesterday I posted an item about an obvious hoax study that claimed to find a completely natural cause for global warming.Well, I thought it was obvious – too good to be true – and my colleagues and I sussed it after a couple of minute\’s fact-checking. Sadly, I am informed that Rush Limbaugh has fallen for it – my contact says \”he\’s going on and on about it now.\”

This will leave a mark. How can I put it? Skepticism requires skepticism.

Folks even the Godfather of Radio can be wrong. And when the Emperor has no clothes, his loyal followers look just as foolish.

So take my advice. Continue to listen to Rush, but consider that step one of a very long process. Think it over, if you\’re going to internalize this as a belief, you should probably have reasons for why you believe that way.

As a matter of fact, the same should be said about any given blog post as well. Although if you insist upon just believing whatever the radio/internet tells you I know this Nigerian who wants to sell you a cookie recipe and proceeds are going to help an armless, legless, headless, penisless boy in Kajasickiostan, but first you have to send the URL of this website (http://www.eckernet.com) to everyone you know.

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Two Wrongs Don\’t Make A Right….Except In Politics

October 2nd, 2007 by Kevin

This is really ridiculous. There was a time when even political opponents granted the other side at least a basic level of respect and intelligence. But to see just how stupid the Democrats in Congress think the American public is, is sort of…..well, depressing. Although it explains why they are so anxious to create a public dependent on the government. They must think we can\’t even tie our shoes without their help.

I refer to of course the latest hubbub about Rush Limbaugh. If you\’ve lived under a rock the past couple days I\’ll fill ya in, or you can go to the source. Basically Rush is talking about the Democrats belittling our troops. Some caller calls in stating that they only time the libs associate or talk to a soldier it\’s one of these fakers. Rush coins the term \”phony soldier\” and immediately begins talking about Jesse Macbeth, a guy that claimed to be an Army Ranger and recounted all sorts of horrible tales of atrocities in Iraq he witnessed. Well not only is he not a Ranger, he wasn\’t in Iraq, he\’s not even in the military because he washed out of boot after a couple days because….well, he didn\’t cut it.

Sadly this is a fairly common ploy for the left. If you need someone to criticize the military with integrity, get some guy/gal to claim they are an Iraqi vet, even if it isn\’t true. Then when the truth comes out, pull the \”fake but accurate\” card.

It\’s one thing for activists on either side of the aisle to trade accusations like this, but when politicians get involve it definitely smells of an attempt to legitimize the claim. I mean I understand the intentions, it\’s basically to sideline big voices like Rush so that it\’s harder for him to direct the course of public debate as we officially enter campaign season. However, typically they pick events that have the barest shred of credibility.

So the fact that this attempt is being made tells me one of two things

  1. They have absolutely nothing, but think we\’re dumb enough to fall for this
  2. They think the American public is absolutely brain dead that it\’s no problem just to make shit up

I\’m not sure there is a bit of difference between the two.

I\’m used to politicians, even Republicans, getting a little bit of the Ivory Tower Syndrome and thinking they are smarter than the rest of us. But seriously guys, you\’re not even pretending any more are you??

PS Oh and if you\’re gonna pull these stunts, when you are making up lies about a \”phony soldiers\” attack, at least make sure your frontman isn\’t himself a \”phony soldier\”.

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Cigarette Smoke, Mold Spores, Jet Exhaust and Other Things I Want To Be Exposed To

January 31st, 2007 by Kevin

This last weekend I was talked into helping chaperone a birthday party of six 9-year old girls (Holy Hell On Earth Batman!). Suffice to say my Saturday was pretty busy and I wasn\’t able to listen to the NARN radio broadcast at the time. Just recently I had the chance to listen to the podcast of it while at work and definitely enjoyed Michael Brodkorb and King Banian\’s segment on the potential state-wide smoking ban.

Basically the arguments for the smoking ban rely on the premise that non-smokers have a right to never have to breath smoke even if they knowingly put themselves in a position where it can be reasonably expected there will be smoke. That you are too stupid to make decisions like if you want to breath smoke yourself. That because the state could be expected to help pay for health care they therefore have the right to make health decisions for you.

Now obviously all of these arguments are stupid. As evidence of this, were King and Michael\’s repeated examples of related situations where the same argument could reasonably be made but because of the non-politically-charged situation it\’s obviously stupid. For example, Michael pointed out that he wanted to work in a coal mine, but didn\’t want to deal with smoke. Or King likes to eat fried bacon but because that\’s bad for your health the state should outlaw it.

I couldn\’t help but think of a personal example that I\’ve often joked about but never really connected to this topic.

Part of my job deals with air traffic control systems, one of our lab facilities was on the MSP airport grounds, directly underneath the control tower. I loved that lab (more on the past tense later). Sure it was run-down, cold, unfeeling, dirty, and disgusting but it helped build team comradry. There was an unofficial rule that management wasn\’t allowed in the front door so we were unbelievably productive. We called it \”The Garage\” because that\’s the type of environment it was. Unbridled unsupervised creativity and knuckle grinding work.

An added benefit was we were on airport grounds (we got locked inside during 9/11). Hell, I parked within 20 feet of an F-14 most days. We were right in the environment our systems had to work in. The very people that worked on our stuff were a staircase away. Plus the fact that planes are taxiing right by your window and that your desk shakes every time one takes off really pounded home the importance of your software working 100%.

But there was a drawback….a big one. Actually a huge one, and definitely a health impacting one.

During the winter, when they needed to de-ice the planes, the tarmac they used was directly adjacent to the air intake vents for our buildings heating system. And they parked the planes in such a manner that the jet exhaust was blown directly into those vents….not to mention whatever chemicals are in that de-icing fluid. We spent the entire winter working in a haze of jet exhaust and de-icing fluid. There were times I\’d get about halfway home and the clouds would lift from my brain and I would realize I\’ve been higher than Jerry Garcia all day long. No wonder lunchtime was such a big deal out there.

Plus we knew the building was in shitty condition. Every time it rained, we had to put up tarps to catch water and debris from the ceilings. Hell, the only thing holding the ceilings together was the mold. God knows how many mold spores I\’ve inhaled. Oh and remember we\’re working with electrical equipment in all this. And none of this is an exaggeration. The building was condemned while I worked there (hence past term). And while we were moving equipment out part of the ceiling collapsed on me and a few co-workers.

So….was it dangerous for my health to work out there?? Abso-fucking-lutely.

So why did I?? Because I loved the building. I loved the productivity. I loved the team atmosphere. I loved the problem-solving that got done. I loved not having a manager within 10 miles of me. I loved the restaurants in the area. I loved watching the planes, especially the military ones. Sure I knew I was probably giving myself cancer, but I still went.

Could I have worked at our main facility instead and done my job? Sure. But I could do it faster out there.

Could I have gotten another job? Sure, but I liked this one.

Could I have requested a different position in the company? Sure but I liked this one.

All of these were MY choice. I loved that building and I wanted to stay out there. And despite the fact that it literally collapsed around us as we moved out, I resented the hell out of the building inspector when he condemned it. It was my choice to drive there every day, how dare they take away that option….even if it is for my own good. I would work there again in a heartbeat if it were an option.

The point is, by the same rationale they are using for the smoking ban, they should have moved the area where they de-iced the planes. They should have re-done the entire heating system. They should have passed a law requiring de-icing fluid to be safe for inhalation. Yes, by that same rationale they should have cost the state, the airlines, and YOU millions (billions) just to convenience a few people who CHOOSE to put themselves into that situation.

I made a decision regarding my own well-being. It wasn\’t entirely in my own interest, but it was my choice to make. And I was happy with that choice. I wouldn\’t have had it any differently. I didn\’t want the state to make that choice for me. And I don\’t now either.

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Scheduling In Minnesota 101

October 1st, 2006 by Kevin

I would have thought this was a speech not necessary to give. However, it seems some people are not yet aware that some dates in Minnesota are sacrosanct. It is rather ironic that an event advertising itself as dealing with the issues important to voters is itself ignoring some activities that are important to much of the state, and indeed is a very large portion of our states economy.

So I'd like to welcome the staff of 1280AM – The Patriot to Minnesota. Granted you are not the only ones to commit this faux pas, but since you pretend to care about the voters I figure you should be educated here.

Welcome to Minnesota. We are an outdoorsy people with tight family bonds. Many of us were born and raised and expect to die here. It is likely that our children will do the same. As a result, traditions run strong here. Now granted your audience is probably people here in the Twin Cities. However, even us city folk have strong connections to rural Minnesota. If we weren't born there, more than likely we have immediate relatives living there. And there is also a very good chance we own property in rural Minnesota so we can "spend the weekend out at the lake".

Keep that in mind, because it helps you understand why the following dates are not to be messed with. Some vary from year to year, so it's wise to look them up ahead of time.

  • Deer Hunting Opener (this is actually for a week)
  • Fishing Opener
  • Duck Hunting Opener
  • Pheasant Hunting Opener

Keep in mind that when you plan things, if you plan them for one of these dates, you are automatically eliminating a very significant portion of Minnesotas population from being able to attend your event.

This is especially important if you are planning an event to discuss issues important to Minnesota voters, as it makes you look extremely silly.

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Larry Is NOT A Professional Diplomat

August 1st, 2006 by Kevin

Today while listening to talk radio and found myself damn near moved to insanity by one caller. Basically the summation of his argument regarding the situation surrounding Israel, was \”Get \’er done\”, a phrase he repeated approximately 42 times during his 45 second call.

Ok let me start by saying I enjoy the Blue Collar Comedy Tour just as much as the next guy. Especially Ron White who if he is ever in Minnesota is welcome to my liquor cabinet. That being said, if you are taking your foreign policy advice from a comedian wearing a sleeveless lumberjack shirt who successfully exploits the stereotype of lazy rednecks for his persona, well…..you\’re an idiot.

\”Get \’er done\” is not a foreign policy, it\’s a punchline. The point at which it was clever and witty ended approximately 1.2 second after the first time Larry uttered it.

He\’s successful, rich and funny because he was clever and thought of a way to market it properly and knows how to make it work on stage. You are an idiot because not only do you think you\’re clever for stealingusing it, but also to think it successfully encapsulates a rational approach to international relations.

Please caller, stick your head in a rusty vice.

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Hugh Hewitt Photoshop Contest

March 28th, 2006 by Kevin

I\’ve wanted to win Hugh Hewitt\’s Crosley Solo Blog Contest for awhile now. But because of some horrible commercials playing on 1280 AM – The Patriot I\’ve been boycotting the station for awhile now. And since one of the requirements of the contest is you blog about some topic you heard Hugh ranting about, that makes it a bit difficult since webcasts at work are fragile at best. Alas, my Crosley Solo Radio has remained unwon.

So imagine my joy when generalissimo announced yet another Photoshop contest to promote Hugh Hewitt\’s new book. Of course, I can\’t pass up a good chance at :
A) Free stuff
2) Free Blog plugs
C) World Domination
NOTE : Still trying to figure out how to work \”C\” into the plan.

Nevertheless, I have some surefire winners here, so the rest of you don\’t need to bother trying. But I\’ll appreciate your vote when the time comes!

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