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Big EckerNet Announcement

June 2nd, 2009 by Kevin

As you probably heard, Governor Tim Pawlenty has announced he will not be running for a third term as Minnesota Governor.  Overall I think he\’s done a good job, although he has repeatedly broken the promise he made back in 2006 to fix the reciprocity mess.  But yeah, nobody is perfect and I hope he enjoys whatever his future plans are.

However, that has already started huge speculation about who the new GOP candidate will be for Governor.  Rumors have started and all sorts of names are being tossed out.

So in order to get ahead of the rumors I\’d like to announce that I will NOT be a candidate for Governor.  I know you were all hoping I would be but it simply won\’t happen.  Sorry to disappoint.

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CD2 Launches!

May 8th, 2009 by Kevin

The CD2 Republicans have launched their new fancy website, so stop by and take a look.

Why am I telling you to stop by….well I designed and built it.  So there.  Marvel at my brilliance.

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Lessons Learned

April 26th, 2009 by Kevin

A group of twelve of my friends decided they wanted to go for their carry permit and this weekend ended up taking the class through the same instructor I used, Joel Rosenberg.  Top-notch instructor, keeps the class interesting while relating all the information necessary and I have yet to hear a question he doesn\’t know the answer to.

Since it was a private class of a bunch of my friends, including my girlfriend, I asked if I could sit in on it and offered up my services as an assistant if necessary.  I\’m happy to say he accepted.   And even though I had taken his class just over a year ago, it was still a blast.

Sure there is a great deal of information, all of it deadly serious, literally, so it\’s always nice to hear it again.  And Joel, while he presents that information in a serious straight forward manner, also is a great story teller.  His stories all have a serious point and that part is always obvious, but they are also enjoyable.  But one of the best parts the second time around is watching the faces and reactions of my friends as they took the class.

I remembered back when I took it and the things going through my head and the feeling of being overwhelmed at times.  Mostly notably is the part when he\’s just got done scaring the shit out of you with all the legal requirements for self defense and the seemingly thousands of factors you need to consider in the fraction of a second you have at the moment of attack.

He then gives you a hypothetical situation, that really is the impossibly perfect clear cut case of undeniable justified self defense, and asked what you do.  If not so serious, the reactions around the room would have been funny.  Blank stares and hesitation were the rule.   In their defense it\’s all new information and they were just cold-cocked with a lot of legal requirements only minutes before.

It also made me think of the lessons I\’ve learned in the relatively short time (over a year) I\’ve been carrying.  I\’m by no means an expert but I figured it was worth putting those lessons to type.

\"\" Pride is a liability.  With every right comes great responsibility, and carrying a firearm is no exception.  You can\’t afford to escalate any situation.  You have to shrug off every insult, every middle finger and every challenge.  Doing otherwise makes you an aggressor and you are therefore liable if you end up using that firearm, even if the other guy pulls a knife on you.

\"\" Nobody knows.  It varies for everyone, but there is that period of time, for some a month (me it was several), where even though your weapon is concealed, you are convinced everyone knows.  Nobody does.  Even those that carry openly (non-concealed) will tell you that most people are so oblivious to their surroundings that they won\’t even notice.

When I started I was obsessive in my concealment, going to great lengths to make sure that even if a hurricane blew there is no way it would be revealed.  Today much less so, I know that unless someone knows what to look for (and even not then most of the time), it\’s not going to be seen.

\"\" Stop touching the damn thing.  This sort of correlates to the above one.  But stop touching it.  If it\’s in a holster it\’s in the same spot as it was the last twenty times you touched it.  Plus every time you fiddle with it you run the chance of doing something you shouldn\’t.  You can feel it there, the holster is doing it\’s job, leave it alone.  Plus it makes it pretty obvious you\’re carrying to a trained eye.

\"\" Your class was not the end of your education.  Practice. Practice. Practice.  Sure that includes the range, but it also includes your brain.  The law can be complicated, human nature doubly so.  You will NEVER consider all the possible scenarios, but you can make other peoples experiences work for you.

I visit web forums dedicated to this topic pretty regularly, such as Twin Cities Carry.  I\’m able to learn things to avoid or things to be aware of.  What cities have police departments which are ignorant of the law??  What Sheriff believes he\’s God and can openly doesn\’t care what the law says???  What is the best way to handle a certain situation??  What ammo works best???  Not only do I learn from other peoples mistakes and successes, I also am exposed to other sources of education.  Things like seminars on the Fifth Amendment (Part I, Part II).

\"\" Clean your weapon, even if you haven\’t fired it.  Sitting next to your body and your clothing it gets dirty.  Lint gets in it.  Sweat gets on it.  Every day debris and dirt get on it.

\"\" Situational awareness is a bonus.  One of the down sides to carrying is it is never comfortable.  Just like even the best hunting boots in the world aren\’t more comfortable than a beatup pair of slippers, no matter what system you divine it will not get comfortable.  It\’s always going to be extra weight and it\’s probably going to poke and prod you at time.

The plus side is it\’s a constant reminder to maintain situational awareness.  Take the average person going about their day and really look at them.  What are they doing?? Looking down, talking on their phone, listening to an ipod, thinking over what to make for dinner, etc…..everything but paying attention to their surroundings.  These are sheep in every sense of the world, unaware of the wolves that are out there.  Maintaining situational awareness makes you more of a sheepdog and that alone keeps you safer, and that noticeable presence on your hip (or wherever) helps you remember that.

\"\" The \”what if\” scenarios that play out in your head never end.  It\’s part of the situational awareness.  What if that skittish guy in the other aisle of the convenience store is preparing to hold up the place??  What if the guy behind you on the sidewalk is really stalking you, looking for a good place to stick you up?  Seldom, hopefully never, will those situations actually be true, but they happen, again, hopefully not to you.  But it\’s nice to have already decided what you\’re going to do if they do.

\"\" Be selective about who you let know that you carry….and yeah I understand that putting that on a public blog kinda of violates that (nobody knows when and where I carry though).  Some people are skittish about firearms, no reason to alarm them for no reason.  Others are idiots…yes even your friends, and their knowledge can only get you in trouble.

Let\’s just take one of those \”what if\” scenarios above.  That skittish guy in the convenience store really is about to hold up the store.   He makes his move and having evaluated the situation, you decide it\’s best to take cover in your aisle out of sight of the criminal.  Having your friend panic and cry out, \”Shoot him!\” probably isn\’t going to help your efforts to go unnoticed, unharmed and escaping out the back door.

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Digital Cameras : Suggestions Here….

April 13th, 2009 by Kevin

Pretty sure I\’ll be retiring my current digital camera here very soon.  It\’s served me well over the years, including taking the brunt of an assault on my person at an illegal immigration rally.  But it\’s frigging huge, heavy, bulky and  very prone to blurriness if not using the flash for some reason.  Plus it still has a very huge delay between when I press the button and the actual taking of the photograph. All of which I\’d like to move away from.  And heh, I got it as a Christmas present approximately 37 years ago so I think it\’s held on pretty good.

I know the prices have come down quite a bit but I haven\’t kept up on what is \”good\” in the digital camera field.  Ok in truth I never did keep up on it…hence why my first and only digital camera was a present from someone else.   So I\’m looking for suggestions from the audience (all two of you).

Preferably would like something small and flat.  I\’m not taking wedding pictures here so I don\’t need NSA-level spy satellite resolution here.  Mostly for general day-to-day use, with the occasional use at rallies, conventions and hunting trips.

Suggestions are appreciated.  Links are more than welcome.

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Well It\’s Better Than Democrats

March 23rd, 2009 by Kevin

Was pretty busy at work today and I was in our lab which is underground so cell phone reception is awful, so I was a little surprised when I got back to my phone to find that there were quite a few attempted calls from my neighbors.  Uh oh, that can\’t be good.

Give them a call back, half expecting to hear how someone broke into my house, or ANOTHER car went off the road into my front yard, or my garage is on fire, or something.   Instead, they are excitedly telling me how there are wild turkeys using my deck as a roost right now.  They were wanting to make sure I didn\’t try to let my dog out with the turkeys right there.   They have pictures of them, unfortunately only on film (remember those types of cameras?).  By the time I got home all that was left to prove their existence was a deck full of turkey poop.

Squirrels I can understand.  I\’ve even seen the odd possum.  I wouldn\’t be surprised by a raccoon.  But turkeys???  Not one, not two, blah blah blah, but FIVE wild turkeys using my backyard as shelter from the wind and rain.  While I\’m sure they were probably all hens, where there are hens, there has to be a Tom in the area.  And a Tom would probably really mess up my dog.  And not being a big fan of veterinary bills, I\’d like to avoid that.

I live in the suburbs, who would have thought I\’d have turkeys living amongst me??  A couple friends of mine drive way out to rural Minnesota to go turkey hunting in the spring.  They haven\’t had much luck, but I\’d still like to get into it sometime.  But instead of joining them I think I\’ll just spend the spring on my deck with a shotgun…..so pretty much it\’ll be a normal spring.  Except that I\’m pretty sure I\’d have to buy a license.

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My Ears!! They Burn!

February 21st, 2009 by Kevin

Ever wondered what it was like to have four beautiful women gossip about you?? Well I found out….

As expected I come across sounding like a major weirdo….which the more I think about it, is actually pretty accurate.

Looking forward to the promised Part Two!

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Request For Assistance

January 16th, 2009 by Kevin

I\’m very reluctant to say this, as I am fully expectant of shock, bewilderment but hopefully not outrage.  I believe I may be the only conservative on the planet that does NOT watch \”24\”.  In fact, I\’ve never watched a single episode.

To pre-emptively answer questions likely to otherwise get left in comments:

Q: Seriously?
A: No seriously, never watched an episode, not a single minute. I also have never watched a single episode of either Sopranos or American Idol, the latter due to an extreme case of absolute disinterest.

Q: Why the hell not?!??
A: Well, I don\’t watch a whole lot of TV to be honest.  My DVR primarily records new episodes of House, Mythbusters, Deadliest Catch and South Park.   Granted the TV is usually tuned to either the History Channel or the Discovery Channel as background noise.  Lately though, their half-assed attempts to convince me that man-made global-warming is real is starting to grate me so often enough, the TV is just off.  Oh….plus MN Wild/Vikings games….

Q: Well why not record 24 as well?!?!?
A: Well, by the time I\’d even heard of the show, it was about 47 seasons ago, so it seems a little silly to record it on now.  Plus it\’s a bit embarrassing but I actually don\’t even really know what channel/time it\’s on either.

Ok so now that we got that out of the way, here\’s the deal.  Since virtually everyone I know seems obsessed with the show and I think they are on episode 368495 by now, I figure it\’s either really good, or they are secretly injecting crack into your veins via television.  Either way, I\’m finally curious.

But like I said, it seems silly to start watching now, but I\’m willing to at least give the show a shot before I continue my current opinion that there are infinitely better things for me to do with my time.  So does anyone own a copy of the first season or two of \”24\” on DVD and would be willing to loan it to me?

Then I can satisfy my curiousity and then continue pitying everyone and I won\’t have to spend any money to do it.

Let me know in the comments.

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Happy 2009

January 5th, 2009 by Kevin

Welcome to another year EckerNet readers.  Good to have you in what is apparently my 7th year of blogging.  Hope you all had an enjoyable and safe New Years celebration.

Myself and the rest of the MN Militia took a year off from our customary celebratory plunge into a hole in the ice at a nearby lake on midnight.  Instead, as our own 50¢ prepared for his second deployment to that big sandbox, we decided to do a more traditional gathering.

Although so as not to completely forget our roots, we did try to do our best to recreate the polar bear plunge using the resources available to us.  That\’s 50¢ showing off his desert climate training.

Photo may be NSFW for some anal employers. (more…)

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Deer Hunting Results

November 17th, 2008 by Kevin

Days Hunted : 6

Deer Seen : 2

Deer \”Shootable\”* : 0

Shots fired : 0

Deer shot : 0

Deer seen on the drive home : 3

Deer almost hit on the drive home : 2

Amount of corn still in the field : 120%

Number of times \”fucking corn\” was uttered : 730,320,5646,294,622

Number of times \”God damn ethanol\” was uttered 7,503,029,673

Statistically likely number of deer in a given cornfield : 24

Number of farmers doing a fucking thing about any of the above : 0

Number of rooster pheasants seen : 16

Number of pheasants I would have seen if I was armed with bird shot instead of deer slugs : 0

Average windspeed (in mph) : 86

Average time before wind shifted direction : 42 minutes

Looking forward to next year.

* Shootable is defined as : Shooting at the deer does not violate any of the Laws of Physics and/or taking that shot could be done safely and responsibly.

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It\’s Deer Hunting Season!!

November 6th, 2008 by Kevin

On Saturday deerhunting season begins and lasts until next Sunday.  Beginning as it does directly after the election, I figure this is an excellent opportunity to relax, clear my head and decompress.  Sitting in the woods on opening morning and watching the sun come up has always been one of my favorites times of the year.  I\’m looking forward to a full week of that.

And the hunting will be excellent as well.

Cya in a week.

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