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Well It\’s Better Than Democrats

March 23rd, 2009 by Kevin

Was pretty busy at work today and I was in our lab which is underground so cell phone reception is awful, so I was a little surprised when I got back to my phone to find that there were quite a few attempted calls from my neighbors.  Uh oh, that can\’t be good.

Give them a call back, half expecting to hear how someone broke into my house, or ANOTHER car went off the road into my front yard, or my garage is on fire, or something.   Instead, they are excitedly telling me how there are wild turkeys using my deck as a roost right now.  They were wanting to make sure I didn\’t try to let my dog out with the turkeys right there.   They have pictures of them, unfortunately only on film (remember those types of cameras?).  By the time I got home all that was left to prove their existence was a deck full of turkey poop.

Squirrels I can understand.  I\’ve even seen the odd possum.  I wouldn\’t be surprised by a raccoon.  But turkeys???  Not one, not two, blah blah blah, but FIVE wild turkeys using my backyard as shelter from the wind and rain.  While I\’m sure they were probably all hens, where there are hens, there has to be a Tom in the area.  And a Tom would probably really mess up my dog.  And not being a big fan of veterinary bills, I\’d like to avoid that.

I live in the suburbs, who would have thought I\’d have turkeys living amongst me??  A couple friends of mine drive way out to rural Minnesota to go turkey hunting in the spring.  They haven\’t had much luck, but I\’d still like to get into it sometime.  But instead of joining them I think I\’ll just spend the spring on my deck with a shotgun…..so pretty much it\’ll be a normal spring.  Except that I\’m pretty sure I\’d have to buy a license.

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  1. J. Ewing Says:

    Quite a few wild turkeys in your area. But there is of course that “no discharging of firearms within the city limits” thingy that kinda spoils the fun.

    Oh, and hen turkeys do not a tom turkey make. Unless of course tom happens to be in town which is NOT always the case. I make the same argument about the deer in my back yard, but that’s only because every year there’s a new pair of fawns.