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Deep Thoughts With Kevin

September 14th, 2009 by Kevin


\"\" Dealers STILL waiting for Cash For Clunkers payments, yet they think they can manage our entire health care system.  And here\’s 13 unintended consequences we have to look forward to.

\"\" Obama embraces his Big Brother role by admitting that his policies are exactly that but then explains why he doesn\’t care and will do it anyway.

\"\" So much for Obama being the post-racial president.

\"\" GOP stands ready to counter even the nuclear option on passing the health care bill.

\"\" The blogosphere has pointed out the Culture of Incompetence in the Obama administration for awhile now.  But now the mainstream media is picking up on it too, that\’s not good for The One.

\"\" Does anyone honestly believe the question offered to Obama by the last student was not planted?

\"\" Republicans shouldn\’t feel too comfortable about the implosion of the Democrats recently.  Republican voters still say GOP reps are out of touch.  On the other hand (you have different fingers), the party affiliation gap is shrinking.

\"\" Someone please explain to me how fining someone for NOT getting health insurance adds to their choices.

\"\" Well that didn\’t take long.  They are now selling \”You Lie!\” bumper stickers.  Get yours now.

\"\" Obama advisor has a message to all you Tea Party protesters, \”You\’re wrong\”…..I guess I wasn\’t away public opinion could be wrong or right, it just is.

\"\"Wrong or right though, with 2 million+ people showing up to the Tea Party in Washington DC this last weekend, I don\’t think he should antagonize them, or else his boss might be unemployed.

\"\" Some impressions of that protest

\"\" Another million firearms have been purchased in the last month….at least Obama has stimulated one part of the economy.

\"\" White House defends Obama\’s lengthy vacation by pointing out that Bush took some lengthy vacations himself and \”nobody bemoaned that\”….except that they did…constantly.

\"\" Obama jokes about using using IRS audits against opponents, instantly becoming the most unfunny joke of the century.

\"\" A explanation of why minorities should be opposed to gun control.

\"\" Perhaps DC should explain why they feel guns should only available to the rich…don\’t want the peasantry to get uppity??

\"\" Having apparently cured cancer, we have a study to confirm that men love women\’s breasts and look at them often.  I\’d explain more but I\’m too busy looking at the breasts of the women in the article.

\"\" Attractive women make men lose their minds, something every male older than 15 already knew.

\"\" ACORN is claiming that prostitute/pimp video sting was a felony and their lawyers will be pursuing legal action.  Which shows the depth of their legal knowledge.  When there is a felony it is the state that prosecutes….not the \”victim\”.

\"\" Obama did get a post-speech bump as the public support is now evenly split on health care, which is probably far short what he needs, especially since most of the increase in support came from Democrats….basically those already inclined to support him.  He didn\’t change any minds, so look for the support to start tapering off and go back in the red.

\"\" Obama has a czar for everything else, so he should definitely have a \”boob czar\”.  And if that person can double as the \”pogo stick czar\” and the \”trampoline czar\” I might have to reconsider my opinion of this administration.

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  1. Lloyd Says:

    Apple Computer announced today that it has developed a computer chip that can store and play music in women’s breast implants.
    The iBreast will cost $499 to $599.
    Hopefully this will stop women complaining about men staring at their breasts and not listening to them.