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Deep Thoughts With Kevin

June 30th, 2010 by Kevin

blah blah blah blah blah….enjoy the links.

\"\" I love bacon….to put it mildly, and to be honest all I look upon all pork products with great desire, but especially bacon.  So it\’s greatly disturbing to find out the National Pork Board is stupid enough to believe unicorns actually exist…a belief they held so strongly as they felt the need to get their lawyers involved.

\"\" In related news, ThinkGeek is awesome.

\"\" Obama wants to impose a bank tax as part of reform??  Obama, let me explain something….business, including banks, don\’t pay taxes.  They simply chalk them up to cost of doing business and their customers ultimately bear that price.  When you impose so many taxes that customers are no longer willing to pay the increased price for what is the same service, that business fails and those jobs are lost.  And as Biden would say \”we\’re not gonna get those jobs back\” and \”that\’s a big fucking deal\”.

\"\" I don\’t think it can be disputed that the Obama administration has spent more time worrying about the jobs of illegal aliens, than they have about the jobs of real Americans.

\"\" Obama\’s thuggery is useless in fighting the spill?  Well color me surprised….it\’s been so useful elsewhere.

\"\" The Moocher Index….actually kind of surprised that Minnesota isn\’t higher in the ranking.

\"\" Again police arresting people for recording them…despite being in a public area.  Not sure where these thugs in uniform got the idea that they were special, but this belief needs to be quashed immediately, as it has no place in a democratic society.

\"\" Awesome, now apparently there are part of the US entirely within control of Mexican gangs.  Yup no reason to enforce our borders or anything.  In fact things are so peachy why should start suing our own states for trying to defend themselves.

\"\" Remember when Obama promises no taxes will be raised on those earning less than $250,000???  Well like all of his promises, this one too has an expiration date…and it just expired.

\"\" Remember when people were rejoicing because we\’d finally have a President that understood the latest technologies….then why is he getting his Twitters all mixed up??  Once again it\’s time to play \”What if Bush had said/done this??\”.

\"\" Oh goody, ObamaCare is going to crap out so Obama wants to save it by imposing price controls….because those have worked…..well never, anywhere.

\"\" I\’ve never been a big fan of Senator Kyl, but his rebuttal to moron-of-the-week Peggy West is classic.

\"\" My old boss and I used to rib each other quite a bit.  He would give me crap about something I was working on and I\’d frequently come back with \”Smartass\”.  His rebuttal was always the same, \”Better than being a dumbass\”.  And there\’s truth to it, because in order to give me crap in the first place, he had to know what I was talking about and understand it well enough to know how to poke at me.  Biden would do well to remember that.

\"\" Boehner\’s New Media Director insults both New Media and the grassroots in general.  If these are the people leading the Republican Party what chance do we have to capitalize on this huge surge of the grassroots.  Nick Schaper would do well to remember his job wouldn\’t exist without either New Media or the grassroots.  I\’ll certainly remember it when his boss comes calling for donations.

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Deep Thoughts With Kevin

June 15th, 2010 by Kevin

Ok I\’ve been busy running a political campaign, trying to wrap up a lit drop and parade season is just around the corner. Plus I\’ve been busy at work and my customer is in town all week…which takes on additional \”fun\” when your customer is the federal government.  Needless to say, you get linkiness and you should feel privileged you got that.

\"\" Ok granted the liberals claiming Sarah Palin had breast implants are clearly nuts, but you have to admit, I\’d much prefer discussing Sarah Palin\’s breasts than Helen Thomas.

\"\" On another note, it clearly demonstrates why feminists can be safely ignored.  When a bunch of Republican women win their political primaries, feminists are pissed of because it\’s a blow to feminism, but when Sarah Palin is marginalized by implying she had a boob job, the feminists are silent.   In other words, their outrage is purely partisan in nature and can be ignored as merely that.

\"\" Future charges of sexism can now safely be translated to \”I can\’t argue with you on an intellectual level so I\’m just going to toss around wild accusations because I probably have PMS or something….whatever, thinking is like hard and stuff.\”.  Heh, feminists, if you reduce yourself to partisan hacks, expect to be treated as such….you framed your movement as such, so live with it.

\"\" I really wish the camera had stayed on Rep. Connelly during this questioning…just to see the look on his face when he\’s told that yes it is possibly to cut the budget to close out deficit.  And really as a number of people have been pointing out lately, it\’s really not all that difficult.  Just roll back to 2007 spending levels and you\’ve eliminated 1.1 trillion of a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit…..yeah you read that right, we\’ve added $1.1 trillion in spending just since 2007.   Funny, I don\’t remember 2007 being all that horrible.  And just to help get things moving….here\’s some ideas from the Republicans on some easy cuts we can make.

\"\" What was that about the most transparent government evah??  Now it\’s coming out that the Department of Justice sided with the Black Panther party\’s voter intimidation tactics, against it\’s own legal team, and then tried to cover it up.  Hope! Change!

\"\" Don\’t expect Obama to be Superman?? Right now I\’d be satisfied with just \”man\”….I\’d be thrilled if he were \”competent man\”.  Obama\’s problem is that he sold himself as Superman, and he made promises as if he were.  Is it really unreasonable for people to want to hold him to his own unreasonable promises??  Especially after they blamed Bush for literally EVERYTHING??  A lightbulb couldn\’t burn out in Omaha without Bush being blamed.

\"\" Raising a child now costs $222,360….wow, so is that a grant or a loan?

\"\" Here\’s the problem with using stimulus payments to \”save jobs\”…..because it only lasts a year…unless you have grown infrastructure to support that job, or require that job, you are back where you were a year ago….which brings us to today when Obama wants billions more in \”emergency\” spending to save the same jobs we just supposedly \”saved\”.

\"\" So we put National Guard within the vague vicinity of the border and Mexico freaks the fuck out….but Mexico can in turn have armed soldiers on the very edge of the border pointing guns at our law enforcement officers and that\’s okay?

\"\" Smart Diplomacy : Obama apparently didn\’t realize endlessly criticizing a close ally eventually gets tiresome to said ally.

\"\" In related news, Obama\’s hate speech has incited his followers to violence.

\"\" Ok I don\’t necessarily disagree with the idea that the mortgage interest deduction is a bad idea.  However, people have locked themselves into 30 year contracts (although that idea seems to have lost some meaning) with the understanding that they could write off their mortgage interest….it was part of the financial arrangements for many, and certainly it\’s a motivation to buy a home.  Changing the rules on people after the fact is just not fair….especially if, as indicated by the stimulus, we aren\’t even holding people responsibly for things they should have reasonably foreseen such as \”interest rates change\” or \”eventually a mortgages comes due\”…..given you\’re not even enforcing those rules, how can you justify changing this one???

\"\" From the Department of Well Duh, comes the mind bender that ACORN employees admit that ACORN does in fact intentionally engage in election fraud.

\"\" Democrats Senate Candidate : Let people die rather than pay obscene amounts to keep them alive…..huh, weren\’t insurance companies called horrendous names by Democrats implying they do this?? Now Democrats are openly advocating the government do this??? At least with your insurance company you have other options….any way we have another option for our government?

\"\" Of course liberal thugs getting violent with people exercising their free speech rights is becoming a bit of a trend.

\"\" The sun is likely to end it\’s slumber soon….and then the fun really starts.

\"\" Newsflash : Earmarks cost jobs….so those of you who still don\’t see a problem with earmarks for any of the other dozens of reasons, there you go.

\"\" Wow, even though they haven\’t plugged the damn hole and Obama is still looking for asses to kiss kick, more people want to repeal ObamaCare than oppose new offshore drilling.

\"\" In Obama\’s world, if he starts threatening to sue you and file criminal charges, you\’re a bad person for getting a lawyer.

\"\" Don\’t make excuses, says the President to some high school kids….this is the same President who has been blaming Bush for EVERYTHING for the last 18 months.

\"\" I\’m proud to say EckerNet helped wasted over five million hours of productivity.

\"\" When it comes to children\’s health, I\’ve said it repeatedly, and I believe it to be true.  Kids just don\’t eat enough dirt….we lock them in a plastic bubble slathering them every 30 seconds with anti-bacterial goo….and then we\’re surprised when their body freaks the fuck out when it\’s exposed to the real world.  Turns out my viewpoint has been proven right again, but for completely different reasons….turns out there is a mental health aspect too!

\"\" What\’s it cost to retire???  I\’ll save you the hassle of clicking the link….you\’re fucked, now go back to work.

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Deep Thoughts With Kevin

May 20th, 2010 by Kevin

Yeah I haven\’t posted in awhile.  Remember I said this blog was now pretty much subject to the requirements of the Gerlach campaign.  Well that\’s pretty much the case here.  We got a couple big things coming up and I\’ve invested most/all my free time in that.  Sympathy cards are welcome.  Got a couple things I\’d like to write, all of which take too much research right now to reasonably do….or at least do well.  So instead you get linkiness.

\"\" Democrat\’s electoral strategy for 2010?? Running against Bush….again.  Seriously.

\"\" Your reading assignment, which unlike our President, or Attorney General, or Homeland Security Chief, or Secretary of State or, really anyone in the federal government, is to actually READ the Arizona Immigration bill.  It\’s pretty short (19 pages with large font) and the critical parts are in the first couple pages.

\"\" How would the world look if big government worked….the examples are proof enough that it doesn\’t work.

\"\" Okay I had a whole bunch of links lined up….but really they all boil down to the same comment….Micheal Steele….Shut. The. Fuck. Up.  Go do some fundraising or something, just don\’t come near a microphone….or people….or the press….or politicians….or anything that can listen to the stupid crap that comes out of your mouth.  In fact, just go cuddle with a rock or something.

\"\" I get criticized for not recycling all the time.  Fact is I put more stock in facts and reality than feel-good platitudes.  And the reality is, that in most cases it actually is better to NOT recycle certain materials, both economically and environmentally.

\"\" A lot of people are criticizing Obama for putting in more time golfing already, than Bush did in eight years.  To be honest, personally I\’d prefer he spend as much time on the golf course as possible….less time he\’s in the White House, the less chance he has to screw something up or badmouth America again.

\"\" Seems like we can\’t go more than a couple months, without an incident where a cop thinks videotaping them doing their job is illegal and gets all punchy and arresty.

\"\" Noooooooo…..Constantin Films is killing the \”Hitler Finds Out About \” memes that show up on YouTube about 20 times a day.  Yet another old media attempt to kill free publicity in favor of control.

\"\" Two-thirds of the public opposes a tax raise to close the deficit….but then again Obama and the Democrats have proven they don\’t care what the voters think.

\"\" Obama administration is now claiming he never promised no new taxes, he simply \”preferred\”…..uh really???  As usual, every Obama promise comes with an expiration date.

\"\" Why border enforcement is a cost-savings move…and it\’s well known that amnesties are expensive, in more ways than one.  Two choices, one clearly right and one clearly wrong…any bets on which way the Feds try to go?

\"\" On one hand the rules of the civility in politics have changed…..on the other hand, the meaning of the word \”civility\” seems to have merged with \”hypocrisy\”.

\"\" You know how when you donate to a charity, you\’d like to see the overhead/administrative costs be less than 10%??  Well don\’t you think the UN should be held to similar standards??  Good then you\’ll be glad to know that only one-third of the money the UN is spending on Haiti actually make it to…well Haiti.

\"\" DC passes a medicinal marijuana law???  Hmm, actually I support this…just imagine how much it would improve Congress.  They already act like they are stoned….if they actually were they\’d like just demolish a few hundred pizzas and then pass out for the rest of session….Best. Congress. Evah.

\"\" Heh, even better news….Dem voter turnout is plummeting.

\"\" Now Obama thinks a more informed public is bad??  Probably because the more the public learns about Obama the less they like him.

\"\" Crime in one of the cities with the harshest gun control laws has such a gun crime problem they want to call in the National Guard.  Wow, it\’s almost as if gun control doesn\’t work….but that\’s silly, because it would mean criminals don\’t follow the law.

\"\" Yeah!! Thugs in uniform!

\"\" \”Nobody wins\” in immigration reform?? Well except for those of us that care about the rule of law.

\"\" For all the bitching Mexico has done about the Arizona law, I bet you wondered how Mexico treats illegal immigrants….not well.

\"\" Trust in government has reached a new low….which makes this the least surprising poll result of the year so far.

\"\" Irony Alert! Obama signs a Freedom of the Press Act and then refuses questions from the press.

\"\" Why the continuing ammo shortage?

\"\" Neat, San Diego is suffering from their boycott more than Arizona.

\"\" The key provisions of the AZ law already exist in the CA penal code….so they plan to boycott themselves.

\"\" The authentic women\’s penis size preference chart….don\’t tell me you aren\’t curious and want to click that link.  You\’re welcome.

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Deep Thoughts With Kevin

April 12th, 2010 by Kevin

Ahh, been busy with stuff, so it\’s another edition of linky love….lots of stuff I find interesting, had some snarky comment about but never got around to writing about.  Enjoy.

And as many of you probably already knew, but some are just hearing about, I\’ve agreed to be Senator Gerlach\’s campaign manager for his re-election campaign.  Things promise to ramp up quickly, in fact, we already have some pretty ambitious goals in mind.  Now the job will definitely be lots of fun, and it\’s exciting to be paired with one of the better campaigners in Minnesota politics, but it\’s also a job I\’m determined to do well, and that takes time.  Out of necessity I may very well have to reduce or outright stop blogging for awhile, depending on how things go.  I\’ll play it by ear for now.

And now onto the linkiness….

\"\" Let\’s look at some of the items that Obama has made a big production of mulling over…and which order they took place in….1) White House dog 2) Reinforcing troops in Afghanistan 3) Nuclear Defense plans.  Interesting set of priorities there.

\"\" RNC raises $11 million but only $2 million of that makes it through Steele\’s hands into the RNC elections warchest.  By comparison, the DNC raised $13 million.  Keep in mind, that enthusiasm and momentum favor Republicans by far, yet the DNC claims victory in fundraising.  Can we get rid of Steele yet?

\"\" Black Tea Party members are attacked by opponents and called all sorts of racially charged names….yet it\’s the Tea Party that is racist??

\"\" White House has no idea how to create more jobs, but at least they\’re all over what the next new tax is going to be….Value Added Tax…the puns just write themselves at this point.

\"\" Scientists prove that parallel universes really exist…you realize what this means right?  Somewhere there is a parallel universe in which France hasn\’t surrendered….that\’s a little eerie isn\’t it?

\"\" Really, at this point, why would anyone ever even consider attending Duke??  According to new policies, the minute you enroll you\’re automatically officially guilty of rape.  You\’d think the school that\’s still wiping egg off it\’s face from the lacrosse rape hoax would be smarter than this.

\"\" Pot. Kettle.  MN AG Lori Swanson defended federalism when Bush was in office, now when Obama is in office she attacks it….on exactly the same issue.

\"\" I\’ve gone relatively easy on Lori Swanson, because when it comes to Second Amendment rights she has acted very favorably here in MN.  A Democrat whose pro-firearm is rare enough, it\’s worth encouraging.  But on an issue like this, one can\’t really bite their tongue.

\"\" Someone finally runs the iPad through the most critical test for any new technological toy…can it be used in the bathroom.  The iPad fails.

\"\" Reid has supposedly promised Spector chairmanship of the Judiciary committee.  Well sure, that\’s an easy promise to make, because if either of them gets re-elected it probably means hell froze over and who is chair of the Judiciary committee is probably the last of anyone\’s worries.

\"\" I preferred it more when the world was scared of the US because our President was a cowboy, rather than today when the world is mocking the US by jokingly referring to our President as a \”cowboy\”.

\"\" Ten inconvenient truths about ObamaCare….wow this bill sounds better and better the more I read.

\"\" In this day of deficit spending, you hear a lot of people complaining about public sector employees and their pay/benefits on the taxpayer dime.  Predictably you\’ll then have public sector employees claim they aren\’t paid near as much as the private sector…have pity.  Well, consider that myth blown.

\"\" Shocker news of the day : Tea Party activists more in tune with reality than members of Congress.

\"\" Scientists discover a giant lizard with two penises (or would that be penii??).  Lizard announces plans to return to golf shortly.

\"\" Napolitano says those full body scanners are okay because they don\’t see everything….well that\’s a ringing endorsement for a device meant to find hidden items.

\"\" Heh, good news for us, bad news for all global warming kooks.  The gulf stream is not slowing down.  Perhaps it just looks like is was slowing down relative to the rate of bullshit coming out of Al Gore\’s mouth??

\"\" History Channel recently showed a special entitled \”The Real Face of Jesus\”…basically the image on the Shroud of Turin is a 2-D representation of a 3-D face…and it\’s not a perfect 2-D image because it wasn\’t tight against the face it laid upon.  So they did a big production trying to interpret what a 3-D view of the face that caused the image of the Shroud of Turin looked like.  One of the things they learned is that the face looks longer and older on the cloth than it does in real life. Really was a spectacular special to watch….end result is a face that looked sort of like the traditional image of Jesus but not quite….looked like a quite normal, albeit definitely Jewish, face.  Very interesting.

\"\" The ULTIMATE debunking of the Tea Party crowd as a hate-mongering rabid bunch of crazies….what was Letterman thinking?

\"\" Someone actually chronicled the worst Biden gaffes….the enormity of that task is mind-boggling….I would have that they would tackle something easier, like world peace, or the meaning of life, or finding extraterrestrial life.

\"\" An equally daunting task it chronicling all Obama\’s expired campaign promises.

\"\" Liberals want to cry about supposed hatred and threats of violence coming from the Tea Party crowd.  Fact is the liberals have been endorsing hatred and real violence for all eight years of President Bush.

\"\" Half of US households don\’t pay income taxes….but their vote counts the same as yours.

\"\" A device which allows you to \”feel\” physical sensations in internet conversations…yeah, you know exactly where this is going.

\"\" Poor Democrats…their favorables have hit an all-time low.

\"\" The difference between nerd, dork, dweeb and geek explained via venn diagram.  You\’re welcome

\"\" A cure for skin cancer??? More of this please!!

\"\" Two-Thirds of Americans think we are overtaxed….in other news, one-third of Americans are masochists.

\"\" Those that want to see ObamaCare repealed has risen to 58%.  Pelosi, Reid and Obama claimed the public would love it once they passed it….instead it\’s getting more unpopular the more the public finds out about it.

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Deep Thoughts With Kevin

March 23rd, 2010 by Kevin

So it was a pretty awful weekend for America. Democrats passed the healthcare bill in the House. But calm down everyone, the reconciliation bill is effectively dead for one. For two, the health care bill faces some very huge challenges in the court, some of them more promising than others. For example, even if the commerce clause applies to health care (which it\’s not clear it does), can Congress really force US citizens to engage in economic activity they don\’t want to engage in by signing a contract they don\’t want to sign (i.e. signing up for health insurance)?? Force citizens to do anything is the type of thing the public and courts usually cringe at.

\"\" With the health plan passing it\’s probably a good thing, that the placebo effect is getting stronger for reasons that aren\’t entirely clear.

\"\" \”The Dems are Communists\”….who said that? Bill O\’Reilly? Glenn Beck? Rush Limbaugh? How about Howard Stern? When even Howard Stern is abandoning you, you have truly lost every segment of the public.

\"\" Think I\’m kidding?? Right on cue…there goes the Youth vote

\"\" And there goes Obama\’s big money pals on Wall Street

\"\" And the Grey Lady

\"\" Which is probably why, Obama has decided to start his 2012 campaign already.

\"\" Fire Pelosi….if you have problems getting through, be patient, the site has been overwhelmed with people signing up and donating….just short of a million dollars already at the time of writing this.

\"\" Looking at the ratings, the all white cast of MSNBC has beat out Black Entertainment TV (BET) in the ratings.  That means they are racist right, at least by Olbermann standards yeah?  Ok so that\’s the good news for MSNBC….bad news is they got beat by such ratings powerhouses such as Hallmark, MTV, the Food Network and the Cartoon Network.

\"\" Remember the Patriot Act?  That evil monstrosity that Democrats repeatedly campaigned against in 2008?? Well they just renewed it.

\"\" This could have been a redeeming quality for nationalized health care…but turns out that standard health care does not in fact include sex.  You can thank the Dutch for ruining it for everyone.

\"\" Hmmm, they might have just figured out the secret to regeneration for mammals.  If this works out I got a couple hundreds spines I need to order for Washington DC.

\"\" A graphic of the origin and amount of spam over time.

\"\" On a slightly related topic, porn is good for society, here comes the science.

\"\" Gore apparently missed the latest AGW memo that weather doesn\’t relate to climate….cause he\’s blaming all the eastern coast snow on global warming.  Although to be fair, as Clinton pointed out, Gore also considers spring a sign of global warming.

\"\" Awesome, immigrant \”tourists\” coming to America to have \”anchor babies\” is now so popular that travel agencies are actually offering \”birth tourism\” packages.

\"\"Oh good, the first official \”genderless\” person….by pure coincidence I\’m sure, it\’s clearly also one of the world\’s most disturbed individuals.

\"\" Irony Alert! Congressman known for criticizing military contractors, is rescued by one.

\"\" A majority of Americans believes that the federal government poses a threat to their rights….what they\’re missing is that they always did.

\"\" Ever wonder where all the underseas cable\’s carrying the insanity that is Japan to the American InterTubes are?? Well wonder no more.

\"\" Good thing that California has nothing else to worry about….they are declaring a \”Cuss Free Week\”.  Yup their priorities are right in line.

\"\" Liberals try to repeal the law of natural consequences.

\"\" Small child actually reaches every other child\’s vision of heaven.

\"\" The federal government no longer enjoys the consent of the governed….actually it\’s kind of scary how true that is according to recent polling data…and that was before this health care business.  I\’m usually not one to be paranoid but….

\"\" Four out of five people think internet access is a fundamental human right.  In other news, four out of five people don\’t understand the fundamental concept of a \”right\”.

\"\" Think the liberal system of government is better than the conservative one??  Think again, reality says otherwise.

\"\" Remember all those \”green jobs\” we were promised….yeah, don\’t hold your breath.

\"\" Home and Change! 36% of \”taxpayers\” don\’t pay taxes.

\"\" House GOP is actually listening…and bans earmarks from it\’s caucus.  Senate GOP still has it\’s head up it\’s ass and votes against it.

\"\" A former vegan does a bunch of research and realizes this whole vegan thing is actually pretty stupid and hypocritical.  Other vegans, being open-minded and tolerant folk, accept her decision and wish her good luck……just kidding, they literally attack her.

\"\" Some eerie similarities between current day United States and early 20th century Argentina….moral of the story? We\’re fucked.

\"\" Eight extremely likely predictions for ObamaCare.

\"\" Turns out sleep apnea could actually extend your lifespan….

\"\" If you\’re a Republican, you might want to consider kicking Senator Cornyn because he just lost you the Tea Party crowd.

\"\" Democrats appear to be developing a knack for picking the worst possible issues to pursue.  After a year of the public crying out for jobs, Democrats pursued health care.  Now they want to pursue climate change, after several months of finding out that virtually every claim has been debunked.

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Deep Thoughts With Kevin

February 24th, 2010 by Kevin

Yeah, I know I\’ve been slacking lately but heh, the customer is in town all week so I\’m busy.  So instead of insightful commentary that leaves you breathless at it\’s genius you get pithy snarky comments that leave you breathless at their brilliance….totally different.

\"\" If there ever comes a time that there is not a ready supply of delicious bacon, and therefore there is a need for \”Tactical Bacon\”, I don\’t want to live in that world.

\"\" Finally we\’re all in agreement, women are insane.

\"\" I\’m not surprised, but further proof that Republicans just haven\’t learned and are dooming themselves.  Even after all the Tea Parties and the criticizing Democrats for spending frivolously, Republicans still lead the earmarks list.  If you want Tea Party activists to take the Republican Party seriously, this is NOT the way to do it.  This is the way to virtually ensure a Third Party challenge from the Tea Party.

\"\" I bet the Department of Homeland Security has \”lost\” more guns in restrooms and the like, then have supposedly fallen into criminal hands via the mythical \”gun show loophole\”.

\"\" Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia

\"\" At least they weren\’t made \”unpersons\”

\"\" Utah passes a gun regulation exemption bill, similar to Montana\’s.  There are also several other states making serious attempts towards similar bills.  It\’s not so much the effect these bills themselves will have, but that yet another state is moving forward with this type of legislation.

\"\" Tea Parties show the Democrats have a serious demographics problem….especially since the elderly tend to vote at a far higher rate than most other voting blocks.

\"\" At one point Obama ridiculed his critics for thinking he was going to be a tax-and-spend liberal….now he\’s agnostic about raising taxes on the middle class.

\"\" A cost-benefit analysis between Palin\’s speech aids and Obama\’s

\"\" White House admits that unemployment will get even worse in 2010….aren\’t they also claiming that the stimulus totally worked?? The same stimulus that they insisted if we passed would mean unemployment would stay below 8%

\"\" A new study has revealed the mathematical formula for when the best time to get married is….according to that formula I just reached that age.  Hmmm, I dunno, someone\’s gonna have to get me pregnant first.

\"\" When Bush used executive power he was a tyrannical fascist dictator, when Obama does it, it\’s a savvy political move in the name of \”progress\”.

\"\" Didn\’t we pick Michael Steel as chairman because he was a media savvy spokesman that would make the GOP look good on the national stage?  Or at the very least he wouldn\’t show insanely Bidenesque qualities?

\"\" Military lessons from Gulf War II….interesting read.

\"\" Why is it that the White House feels the need to pick a fight with all their critics….I can\’t remember an administration being THIS thin-skinned.

\"\" Neat, Swiss prostitutes are now a full service provider…you can get your sex, and if you have a heart attack during it, they are prepared and trained to use defibrillators.

\"\" And the movie industry wonders why people pirate films

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Deep Thoughts With Kevin

February 5th, 2010 by Kevin

Yeah! Al Gore has let up on us, and the snow has returned!! Time for snowmobiling!!!

\"\" Some pretty interesting statistics about various social media….basically if you\’re not already on MyFace Twittering, you\’re one of the last ones.

\"\" Ok it\’s bad enough that Obama is bowing to other heads of state, but at least in those cases some people legitimately should bow to them…just not our President.  But why oh why oh WHY is Obama bowing to the MAYOR of fucking TAMPA!!

\"\" Possible problem with the brakes on the Prius??? I wasn\’t aware they went fast enough to need brakes

\"\" An actual statement by Obama about the left-wing:

“We’ve got to make sure that our party understands that, like it or not, we have to have a financial system that is healthy and functioning, so we can’t be demonizing every bank out there,” Obama said. “We’ve got to be the party of business, small business and large business, because they produce jobs.”

Like it or not?? Why would the Democratic Party have a problem with a health and functioning financial system??  Is he actually admitting that the left is anti-business….you know the ones that create jobs, as he himself admits??

\"\" I realize everyone is orgasmicly wetting themselves over the possibility that the Republicans have a shot at the Senate as well.  And sure mathematically it\’s true….but if you really look at the races individually, allow me to steal a phrase, from the E-Trade baby, the odds are better of being mauling by a polar bear and a regular bear in the same day.

\"\" FYI….CATO reviews TOTUS\’s SOTU speech via POTUS.

\"\" Note to self…..come up with acronyms to replace the words \”reviews\”, \”speech\” and \”via\”

\"\" In case you didn\’t already see it, the AP did a fact check of the SOTU which is fairly decent.  One thing they did miss though is regarding Obama\’s reference to a bi-partisan commission to address the deficit……we already have one of those….it\’s called CONGRESS!  They are bi-partisan and one of their constitutional duties is the federal budget.  Deferral of responsibility is not leadership.  Captain Ed wraps up a few more.

\"\" You\’ve heard that FoxNews is the most trusted name in news already….now here comes the proof.  Actually what is most interesting is how abysmal the other news agencies did.   Basically the National Enquirer is trusted more than they are.

\"\" I\’m not gonna link anything here because basically there is a new link every week….but has everyone noticed that every week we hear about the unemployment application went up \”unexpectedly\”???  I\’m not sure what is worse, that job losses are still going on in huge numbers or that despite happening every week it\’s \”unexpected\”.  Same with the housing market slumping more every month.

\"\" Rasmussen : 1, Obama : 0…..even NPR polls are now showing Democrats in trouble.

\"\" Obama\’s Credibility Gap….Yeah, there were those of us who were pointing out all along that he had a huge credibility problem.  Turns out he has a huge deficit of trust too.

\"\" DESPAIR!!  Hopenchange has officially fallen out of favor with independents….seriously watch the video, it\’s very amusing.

\"\" So we\’ve raised the debt ceiling to $14.3 trillion….normally I\’d wonder how high we\’re going to go but with Captain Kangaroo in charge I\’m afraid to ask.

\"\" Unlike Bush you just let criticism roll off him, ridicule apparently really really bothers Obama….which is probably bad, because he\’s already blown all his political capital so the next 3 years are going to be one long session of ridicule….at least if he continues him bumbling.

\"\" How bad is it that the Secretary of Homeland Security skipped a hearing on the biggest breach of homeland security during her reign??  Well, so bad that even the Democrats got pissed off at her.

\"\" Here\’s the factsheet for the upcoming federal budget….before you click on that link you might want to grab some kleenex.

\"\" I attended a public school so I might be mistaken, but didn\’t we fight a war to get rid of royalty in this country?

\"\"LOL, February is \”white people and America suck\” month….just read it, you won\’t be disappointed.

\"\" Given that our military is so insanely dependent on GPS, it seems like a bad enough to me for us to destroy the GPS systems ONLY backup system.

\"\" It\’s nice to see that socialized medicine is so good, that even those that have it still come to the US to get their healthcare.

\"\" Someone want to explain why the IRS is ordering lots of shotguns??  Struggling to find a legitimate reason why they would need any.  Unless they are implementing a \”Pay your taxes, get a shotgun\” program since the Obama Administration has such problems remember to pay their taxes otherwise.

\"\" Heh, look, the system totally worked again!

\"\" There are very few cities that can\’t lecture Las Vegas about wasting money, Washington DC is one of them…oddly enough that very same cities chief citizen is doing exactly that.

\"\" Great, Obama is going to raise taxes on the middle class.  Thought ought to help his Man of the People image…

\"\" Judge Clarence Thomas delivers a legal beat-down of the President on the recent campaign finance decision….it\’s too bad that our Presidents wasn\’t one a legal professor or something, then he could avoid sounding like an idiot.

\"\" Obama caught lying again.

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Deep Thoughts With Kevin

January 26th, 2010 by Kevin

It\’s been awhile since I did a linky roundup…yeah, that\’s right, I\’ve been too lazy to do a lazy version of blogging.  I blame it on depression over the continual depletion of our snow levels that make snowmobile not so possible.

  • \”Obama is so dependent on teleprompters he wouldn\’t give a speech to elementary kids without out\”….sounds like a cynical right-wing joke right??  Well welcome to the Age of Change, where cynical right-wing sneers become reality!
  • If Obama didn\’t exist, the right would probably have to invent him…..wait, anyone seen Rove and Obama in the same room together???? Wow….he is an evil genius.
  • Ok I\’m confused, and I might write a full blog post about this if I can interpret the wackiness.  It appears that Chicago has picked their strategy in the upcoming SCOTUS case McDonald vs Chicago, in order to limit the breadth of the Second Amendment they are claiming the 14th Amendment…..doesn\’t exist???? No seriously.
  • Movie made by chimpanzees to be broadcast on television……huh, well, embarrassing as this is to say, I guess I sort of assumed that\’s how ALL of Hollywood\’s movies were made.
  • \’Change is simply a euphemism for \”big government\”\’ Look for that to become a Republican talking point in the coming months.
  • The one American automaker that is thriving is the one that was NOT bailed out by the government.  But remember you good American subjects of Obama, big government is the answer to all your ills.  Now hand over your health care like good little serfs.
  • Count this as a huge strike against full-body scanners….this is from German TV, so those of you that don\’t speak German, don\’t catch it all, but the great part is you don\’t have to understand what is being said to get the point.  Basically they try to demonstrate how great a full body scanner is, only to find out that their subject had hidden parts of a bomb all over his body…which the scanner did NOT detect.  In their attempt to explain away the failures, they admit their technology can\’t detect things hidden in body cavities….such as the mouth, or other less comfortable cavities, which terrorists have already demonstrated they have no problem hidden things in.
  • 20 great moments in liberal bigotry….not surprising from the side that fought the Civil Rights movement and includes a former KKK leader in it\’s ranks.
  • Brock Lesnar slams Canadian health care with \”It was like I was in a Third World country\”…..actually that sounds like a pretty good description of Canada.
  • Anyone find it odd that despite the Democrats campaigning against the Republicans Culture of Corruption and then promising totally the most ethical Congress EVAH….not a single legislator has been punished under the Democrat\’s ethics rules….I suppose when you set the bar so high that even tax fraud and bribery doesn\’t trip over it, well, that\’s what we get.
  • For those of you that are sort of nostalgic, you can read through all the promises that Obama made….and hasn\’t kept.
  • You\’d think that if we were going to charge terrorists under our regular civilian justice system, you\’d think we\’d at least consult those in charge of such things.
  • Oh good, Obama picked the next industry he wants to nationalize….the student loan industry.  Yes, I can see how that industry is critical to our national security and therefore needs to be nationalized.
  • It\’s a little ironic that the same guy seeking to massively increase the size of the federal government is criticizing banks for being too big.
  • I\’ve never known that are so many flavors of crazy…..according to Chavez, the US has some super secret earthquake weapon. And instead of doing something productive by launching it at Iran or North Korea, we lauched it at…..Haiti.
  • I\’m not sure what bothers me more….that the jobless rate keeps increasing, or that every time it does it\’s \”unexpected\”.
  • IRONY ALERT…..Obama is preventing those that cheat on their taxes from receiving government contracts.  It has occurred to him that half of his cabinet \”forgot\” to pay their taxes or otherwise cheated on their own taxes right???
  • Wow, a Daily Kos author is trying to make their case that a grandma handing out pro-life lit is a terrorist.  As part of that justification, they claim that women turned away from abortion will seek instead to poison themselves or throw themselves down the stairs in an attempt to end the pregnancy.  Basically in the mind of this author, if you\’re pregnant, the only alternative to abortion is to kill the baby some other way.  There is literally no other option….wow, just wow.
  • Despite what the FBI says, they haven\’t a clue who was behind all those anthrax attacks.
  • This is why I can\’t trust the Campaign for Liberty movement….for all the good ideas they have, they still idolize this conspiracy loving kook.

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Deep Thoughts With Kevin

December 29th, 2009 by Kevin

Well Christmas is over and what a great break it was.

\"\" It\’s finally here…the event you wait for all year every year….No, not Christmas, it\’s Dave Barry\’s year round-up.

\"\" Typical Obama, all fluff no substance.  Obama got criticized for his handling (or non-handling) of the Fort Hood shootings so he wanted everyone to know he\’s \”on the case\” of the Christmas Day attempted Northwest airline bombing.  Unfortunately by \”on the case\” they mean they are constantly updating the media but not actually doing anything or keeping anyone in the government itself informed on anything.

\"\" Poor Obama, none of the world leaders want to hang out…or even talk with him.  Isn\’t this the guy who claimed he was totally better at foreign policy than Bush??  At least Bush could organize a coalition.  Obama can\’t even convene a meeting.

\"\" Have you ever thought that some of the bills that come out of Congress have to have been written by drunken buffoons.  Well, perhaps because they are.

\"\" The polls continue to deliver bad news for Obama and the Democrats.  For the first time a plurality now believes the stimulus did more to hurt than help.  As far as Obama\’s personal approval rating, I think we can forget him getting above 50% again….now the question is can he keep his Strongly Disapprove rating below 50%??

\"\" 2010 SHOULD be a revival for Republicans.  Unfortunately the GOP is full of incompetent boobs and leaderless.  Which is why it\’s no surprise but still sad, that essentially they\’ve had to oursource the game planning for 2010.

\"\" A picture is worth a thousand words

\"\" If this health care bill is so great, why does it require so many bribes that even MSNBC has to report them.  You\’ll find a the full (and lengthy) list of all the payoffs here.

\"\" Remember how progressive are constantly telling us how evil private insurers are? After all they refuse coverage to people that desperately need it.  Well turns out the talking points don\’t match reality.  The reality is that government health care denies people at a greater rate than private insurers.

\"\" It really is amateur hour in Washington.  The House finally got around to passing a Jobs bill, costing $39 billion.  Problem is very little of it actually goes towards jobs, as most of it just goes towards government inefficiencies.  So it\’s sort of a jobs bill….a government jobs bill.  And only half of it gets spent in the next decade….only 1.7 billion gets spent in the next year, so you know it\’s very responsive.  I mean seriously, they aren\’t even trying to bullshit us anymore are they?

\"\" Nomination for Person of the Year is Straw Man….it\’s a fair nomination, as according to Obama, he\’s been an incredibly busy and influential man this year.

\"\" Who owns the debt of the United States….it\’s rather interesting to see the breakdown.

\"\" The initial NTSB report for that Northwest flight that forgot to land at MSP and instead flew past it for about an hour.

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Deep Thoughts With Kevin

December 7th, 2009 by Kevin

Presents are bought and wrapped.  Tree is up and decorated.  Lights are on the house.  Snowmobile is tuned up and ready to go.  Snowblower is running.  I am officially ready for Christmas and a Minnesota winter.  Bring it on!

\"\" Democrats want to push for job creation so they want a second stimulus….wasn\’t that the point of the FIRST stimulus?  About the only thing they\’ve stimulated is the deficit.

\"\" Part of the problem may be that the Obama administration has almost ZERO private industry experience.  Something to notice though is that Democrat administrations tend to have significantly less private industry experience….which is a little surprising from the party that claims to represent the working man.

\"\" Revealing how much she spends on flowers is what passes for transparency with Pelosi. Apparently forcing votes for bills before people have a chance to read them isn\’t part of transparency.  Apparently allowing representatives to talk to their constituents before a vote isn\’t part of that either.  But thank goodness we are allowed to find out how much she spends on flowers.

\"\" A little unusual that the same man spearheading an effort to screw the American public, is now also supporting an abstinence program.

\"\" The Church of Obama turns out to be a house of cards.

\"\"1200 limos and 140 private jets for the Copenhagen conference.  My personal policy is that I\’ll start behaving like climate change is a crisis as soon as it\’s biggest priests start acting like it is.  Good to know that is apparently not even close to being the case.

\"\" Achim Steiner, director of the UN Environment Programme, says

“This is not ‘climategate’, it’s ‘hackergate’. Let’s not forget the word ‘gate’ refers to a place where data was stolen by people who were paid to do so. So the media should direct its investigations into that.”

But let us not forget that the actual theft at the Watergate hotel ended up being almost a peripheral issues in the whole scandal.  The true crime was the exposed corruption in the Nixon administration.  Just as the true issue here in Climategate is the corruption revealed in the \”scientific\” community.

\"\"Yeah, I thought it was a joke too, but MoveOn is mobilizing AGAINST Obama now…starting to think the guy doesn\’t have a friend in the world anymore.  Although to be fair, couldn\’t happen to a more deserving guy

\"\" Starting to wonder if MoveOn has switched sides, because they are also raising money to run candidates against Democrats.

\"\" Oh goody, Hopenchange now comes in pill form.  Now that\’s progress!

\"\" Someone please give Obama a dictionary with the entry for irony highlighted.  He\’s now holding meetings on government openness that are closed to the public.  Which is especially ballsy considering he declared on his first day in office:

The Freedom of Information Act should be administered with a clear presumption: In the face of doubt, openness prevails.  The government should not keep information confidential merely because public officials might be embarrassed by disclosure, because errors and failures might be revealed, or because of speculative or abstract fears.

\"\" Apparently 71% of the public is angry at the federal government, which I\’m rather upset about.  As a conservative it\’s clearly my role to be bitter and clinging to my guns and religion.  This 71% means a majority of indepdenets are clearly moving in on my territory and I won\’t stand for it.

\"\" ObamaCare would either keep premiums the same or make them go up.  Wow, sure glad we\’re spending almost a trillion dollars to make that happen!

\"\" Republicans are currently leading in polls for 10 Senate seats that Democrats currently hold, and more recent polling shows the trend is holding….and those poll numbers are from a liberal polling agency.  This would effectively leave the Senate tied, with Biden giving the deciding vote to the Democratic majority but with a huge difficulty reaching cloture.  This would effectively leave the Senate deadlocked for anything more controversial than naming a post office.  And that is probably the best news the American public could get.

\"\" Congrats men, we won the Gender Wars.

Congratulations, brothers. Our day is at last at hand, a day of no responsibility and easy mating access as far as the eye can see. Best of all, women are convinced that they have done this themselves, and for their own good.

Presumably there will be a victory parade….complete with strippers and beer.

\"\" Weren\’t the Democrats the ones crying that Bush was creating a dictatorship and keeping everything secret.  Well the Obama Administration is now the one that has declaring literally everything is covered under executive privilege.

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