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Deep Thoughts With Kevin

July 20th, 2009 by Kevin

Spent today ripping up all the carpet in my upstairs and the stairways.  Turns out the people that built my house got paid by the staple, because there were about eight times more than was really necessary to hold down the carpet.  It was not uncommon to see four staples on top of each other, and of course we had to pull out every one.  Tack strips, yeah they \”tack\” in place but you may as well throw about twenty nails in each one too.  What the hell.

But it\’s done and now the hardwood floor guy comes in tomorrow and then it\’s all his problem….well via my wallet but whatever.  End result is basically my house is not useable for the next week or more.  He\’s scheduled to be completed on Sunday.  Until then I get to live a nomadic lifestyle crashing where ever a couch will hold me.  What that probably means is expect posting to be sporadic to non-existent.  And this would be an awesome week for my occasional co-bloggers to throw up something periodically.  Or at least offer up a bed or something.

\"\" The salaries of every White House employee….just so you know what you\’re paying those fly this country straight into the ground.

\"\" Despite the White House attempting to spin new terminology to cover up their ineptitude, it\’s still nice to see how dismal their performance is using their own data and metrics.

\"\" Someone want to tell Obama that the deficit is more like golf than bowling.  The lower the better.  In other words a trillion is awful.

\"\" I actually feel pretty good about the Second Amendment despite Obama being in office.  We\’ve already seen that in both the House and Senate, there are a plurality of Democratsunwilling to push for gun control measures.  And now most of the state Attorney Generals (including lots of Democrats) are on record as supporting incorporation of the Second Amendment against the states.  It\’s up to the Supreme Court at this point though.  A copy of the brief is right here.

\"\" Obama please take notes.  Economists are worried that falling employee wages (for those that still have jobs) could force people into spending hibernation and short circuit any recovery.  Now I\’ll make the connection for you….raising taxes effectively cuts employee wages more.  So apply the logic to what would result.

\"\" Maybe this is why Obama decided the Stimulus is no longer about stimulating the economy.  They\’ve dropped one of their chief requirements for funding projects….it doesn\’t have to actually create jobs anymore.  So basically it just has to do what again???

\"\" Awesome, one of Obama\’s newest czars is all about pre-emptively gagging critics….and he\’s been granted the power to do it.  Although Pelosi has been doing that for awhile.

\"\" Ohhhh, stimulating….creating a temporary part time job apparently takes 8.32 million dollars of stimulus money.  I\’m guessing private industry does it cheaper…but that\’s just a guess.

\"\" Yeah, so much for this being an open administration.  Now the policy officially is \”Don\’t ever write anything down\”.  Awesome.  That\’s reassuring…and illegal.

\"\" Change, I don\’t think that word means what Obama thinks it means.  When he\’s not blowing another trillion dollars on nothing, he\’s adopting another Bush policy as his own…despite criticizing it during the elections.

\"\" Although one Bush policy he\’s not adopting is letting the generals fight the battles.  Instead Obama is dictating how many troops they need to do the job, rather than letting the generals do that.  Given that Obama was never even in the military, I would argue he\’s uniquely unqualified to opine a damn thing about how to run a war.

\"\" I\’ve found my new favorite airline

\"\" Kids overhear screams from their mom while she\’s having sex.  Misinterpret what they are and start a beatdown on what they assume is her assaulter.  Yeah, I hate when that happens to me.

\"\" Every time I think that scientists might have a handle on the world, I come across a story that reminds me we haven\’t a damn clue what we\’re doing.  Turns out the world has already been divided into Eastasia, Oceania and Eurasia….except by ants.  The entire world is populated by one of three ant super-colonies which refuse to fight each other even if they\’re from opposite sides of the planet.  How the hell did we miss that?

\"\" But don\’t worry! Don\’t start bowing to our ant overlords just yet.  Japanese scientists have been messing with tuna DNA and are ready to make a \”Super Tuna\” species.  I look forward to three super-schools of tuna ruling our oceans.

\"\" Are TSA searches going too far?  I think the answer is probably \”well duh!\”  And anyone that thinks they provide anything more than the illusion of safety, please place your head back in the sand, you\’re just gonna get hurt.

\"\" How nice, a communities effort to \”go green\” either ends up in a landfile anyway, or else is resulting in a sludge that\’s toxic to everything it touches….which residents are supposed to spread on their lawns and garden.

\"\" Russians, love em, hate em, you gotta admit they don\’t fuck around when it comes to getting stuff killed.  Which is why they are the ones offering pirate hunting trips for fun.

\"\" Japanese, love em, hate em, you gotta admit they don\’t fuck around when it comes to porn.  Their entire phone network is strained to the limit due to the amount of porn being downloaded.

\"\" Good question….where are all those professional protesters when rights are being suppressed in Iran??  How about the wars?? Now that Obama is running (and expanding) them it\’s okay?

\"\" From the \”Well Duh Department\”, a ground shattering report….electric cars will not reduce carbon emissions.

\"\" A good lesson for all local governments….when you treat businesses bad…they leave, and so do their jobs.

\"\" And here I thought the whole birth certificate thing had finally died.  Now a soldier is refusing to deploy because he says Obama is not eligible to be Commander In Chief, and therefore the deployment order is illegal.  And apparently the military agrees????  Or they rescinded an order because this was something they didn\’t want to fight at the moment?

\"\" Huh, raising the minimum wage results in job losses…you don\’t say.  We hate to say we told you so but we don\’t so….we told you so.

\"\" Bless Biden….where else would you hear \”We Have to Go Spend Money to Keep From Going Bankrupt\”.  That codgy old fool is good for a laugh.

\"\" Democrats uses racism to condescend to minorities?? Nooo, you don\’t say??  Duh.

\"\" Yet another reason firearms are so fun….there are so many neat accessories.

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