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Humor : Tactical Assault Hand Signals

February 1st, 2007 by Kevin

Ever watch an action movie and seen the SWAT/SEAL/etc team communicating using all sorts of cool hand signals? Sure you have.

Ever wondered if you could be as cool as they were by knowing those hand signals?? ….ok, work with me here people, I\’m going somewhere with this.

Well wish no longer, because EckerNet brings you a comprehensive lesson in tactical assualt hand signals.


Jumping Jiminy….Blackfive just sent me over 800 people on a Saturday….Thanks for the link man, I appreciate it.  And thanks to Harvey for giving him the heads-up.

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11 Responses

  1. Leo Pusateri Says:

    Good one!!

  2. Don Meaker Says:

    We used to have a real system of wig-wags, and could silently signal from one side of the ambush line to the other.

    Problem. When you are watching for wig-wags, you can’t watch the enemy. You have to have 3 man buddy teams, with one third watching for the enemy, one third watching to one side of the line, and one third watching to the other side of the line. It is rare that you can accept only one third of your folks looking out for the enemy.

  3. Lt Warren Says:

    This is hillarious. It will be posted in the Det 7 TOC by the end of the day.

  4. Dan Says:

    I knew I shoulda joined the Air Force.

  5. Fat Medic Says:

    I think I saw this in the boat house at Hereford.

  6. chris p Says:

    thanks for the laugh.

    re: Fat Medic — Ronin is the best movie ever.

  7. Paul Says:

    Copied from here…

  8. JAFO Says:

    So, FatMedic, just what color IS the boathouse at Hereford?

  9. Kevin Says:

    Ahhh, thank you Paul…

    I had this one saved amongst hundreds of other graphics on my PC. Some I generated, some saved from elsewhere.

    Was pretty sure I had created this one years ago, but not above giving credit were credit is due. Thanks for leaving the link.

  10. Roman Says:

    I found this site by way of LGF by way of PJM by way of Old Controller by way of BlackFive thanks to this post. Pure Comedy!

    (How’s that for Blogosphere name dropping?)

  11. Kevin Says:

    Holy God man, you’ve had a long trip. Sit down and rest for a moment.