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Caucus Roundup

March 7th, 2006 by Kevin

I know most people haven\’t ever attended a precinct caucus, so this post is mostly for them. A description of what it\’s like from a new-comers perspective. Although, now that I\’ve attended one I can tell you it was very painless, and would highly encourage you to attend your own in the future.

Ours was at the local high school, the DFLs apparently was at the other local high school. From what we heard the DFL one was overflowing, and participants there were described as \”pissed off\”. Not that that isn\’t expected from the \”Party of Anger\”.

As soon as I stepped in the doors of the school there was a full court press by representatives of the Gerlach and Kline campaigns. Once they learned I was a caucus first-timer they were a little easier on me. Probably a couple hundred people or so. It\’s hard to tell.

Quite a few young people as apparently one of the high school classes had an assignment that they had to attend the caucus of their choice. It was fairly obvious they were unenthusiastic participants….although they were very respective of the process around them and appeared to be listening fairly closely to the speeches.

Among those giving speeches were Rep. Dennis Ozment, Senatorial Candidate Harold Shudlick, Rep. Lloyd Cybart, Sen. Chris Gerlach. The rest of the Republican elected officials and/or hopefuls sent letters that were read. The speeches were a good variety. Some were very low key and simple. Others very impassioned and entertaining. Cybart was rather interesting as he described what his first term in office was like.

Then we broke up into precincts. As the only person in my precinct who had a notebook with them, I got stuck with the role of precinct secretary. Yeah me. My first post-college elected position….soon to be followed by my second. I was one of 10 people selected as delegate for our precinct at the Senate District Republican Convention. Yeah me! Actually to be fair it was mostly the case of me being one of a small group of people who wasn\’t opposed to being a delegate. In any case it\’ll be an educational experience.

A request was made for resolutions. Nothing big really came up, although for those of us that are serving as delegates we were told there will be additional opportunities to put forth resolutions.

All in all it was an interesting experience. I guess I expected more people there. Although from talking to others at the caucus, my area is considered a pretty \”safe\” district for conservatives so people have a tendency to take that for granted. Not surprising. I know with one exception, my entire neighborhood votes Republican. Although some how fucking school levies keep passing. Right before I left for the caucus I learned that my property taxes officially went up 25% this year. So yeah, I was motivated when I showed up at the caucus, and I\’ll be damned if I\’m taking anything for granted.

An educational experience that isn\’t over yet. Glad I went and will definitely be attending the next one as well. In general the people I spoke with very nice, and had a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

UPDATE : Bogus Doug, Uncle Ben post on their experiences….which were basically identical. Unfortunately, that means it appears my district was not the only one with a low turnout. On the other hand, they both were picked as delegates as well. Now both are fairly solid conservatives, but between Doug\’s obsession with wine and Ben\’s obsession with all things French (of all things really…why Ben why?!?), I\’ll leave it to others to decide if this is good or bad for the party.

UPDATE : Also describing their experiences at tonite caucuses are Psycmeister and King Banaian of the St. Cloud contingent of the MOB. As well as Jeff Kouba of Peace Like A River fame. All of which are also delegates. Which I think is more a commentary on the number of attendees than the stellar character of the MOB members (we let Ben in…how picky can we be?).

And in case you\’re wondering what we were making resolutions in reference to, the party platform can be seen here.

UPDATE : I know at least one member of the MN Militia (besides me) had indicated he would probably be attending his caucus out in rural Minnesota. I\’m interested what the turnout was like out there. So CC, if you\’re out there, leave a comment and let me know. And I guess the same goes for anyone else without a blog that attended theirs.

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4 Responses

  1. Jeff Says:

    “As the only person in my precinct who had a notebook with them, I got stuck with the role of precinct secretary…”

    Heh. I, too, was the only one with a notebook, and so ended up as precinct secretary as well.

    Next time I’m bringing a shotgun. Maybe I’ll end up as chairman.

  2. Uncle Ben Says:

    Technically they didn’t let me in. I grappled up to the roof and entered through an air duct.

  3. guy Says:

    Nice post. I think I’ve gone 3 or 4 times now, and have been precinct chair for about 6 years. Its a nice chance also to submit resolutions. Try to get to the State convention as a delegate. Its interesting and a lot of fun.

  4. Kevin Says:

    guy : I kinda had the same thoughts. I mean I went into this wanting to learn about the process and see how things work personally. So yeah, I wouldn’t mind attending the state convention at all.

    Jeff : By next year I hope to have my carry permit, so maybe I’ll be packing. Although that might be hard if they hold it in a school again.