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Who To Believe? Obama Or Your Lying Wallet?

April 15th, 2010 by Kevin

Another letter arrived from Mount Olympus…and this one is such a deviation from reality it\’s hard to even make fun of it.  It\’s like kicking a drunk quadriplegic or something.

Kevin —

Did you know that the average tax refund is up nearly 10% — about $3,000 — this year? And that there are more than a dozen Recovery Act tax cuts that over 100 million Americans can take advantage of this tax season?

See how much you could save thanks to the Recovery Act.

Together, in February 2009, we passed the Recovery Act — taking our economy from the brink of disaster to the road to recovery, and keeping President Obama\’s campaign promise of giving 95% of working Americans a tax cut.

Now, it\’s tax season, and there are more than a dozen ways the Recovery Act is helping folks save — credits for new homeowners, help with saving for college, and rewards for making your home more energy efficient.

After you find out how much you can save, make sure your family and friends can do the same by forwarding this email:



Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

You hear that? We all got tax cuts?

Funny, I don\’t remember getting one…and what\’s more, even if you did, prepare to have it canceled out and then some.

Taxpayers earning less than $200,000 a year will pay roughly $3.9 billion more in taxes — in 2019 alone — due to healthcare reform, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation, Congress\’s official scorekeeper.

Even if you did cut taxes, it doesn\’t count if you promptly raise them even more later on.  Although that does fit a pattern with the Obama administration.  They tripled an already too-high federal deficit, then shaved a few million off and called that deficit reduction.

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Another Letter From The One

March 3rd, 2010 by Kevin

It\’s a message from his holiness again!

Kevin —


Last Thursday\’s first-of-its-kind summit capped off a debate that has lasted nearly a year.

You do realize not EVERYTHING you do is historic right?

Every idea has now been put on the table. Every argument has been made. Both parties agree that the status quo is unacceptable and gets more dire each day. Today, I want to state as clearly and forcefully as I know how: Now is the time to make a decision about the future of health care in America.

Er, hate to point this out, but you did forget one critical step. You forgot to consider the opinion of the American people, who have been trying to tell you in every way possible, be it polls, mid-term elections, whatever, that they hate this shit pile of a bill.

The final proposal I\’ve put forward draws on the best ideas from all sides, including several put forward by Republicans at last week\’s summit. It will put Americans in charge of their own health care, ensuring that neither government nor insurance company bureaucrats can ration, deny, or put out of financial reach the care our families need and deserve.

You realize that your bill is self-contradictory right? You can\’t suddenly add a bunch of people to a failing government program and have it NOT dramatically increase in price AND introduce rationing AND reducing quality. Price caps have NEVER worked, they\’ve only created shortages and lower quality. Which when we\’re talking health care is a rather fatal mistake.

I strongly believe that Congress now owes the American people a final vote on health care reform. Reform has already passed the House with bipartisan support and the Senate with a super-majority of sixty votes. Now it deserves the same kind of up-or-down vote that has been routinely used and has passed such landmark measures as welfare reform and both Bush tax cuts.

Oh yeah, we owe the public an up or down vote on this bill the public hates.

One Republican vote is NOT bi-partisan, and even that one Republican has changed their mind. Actually more Democrats voted against this than Republican have voted for it. The only thing bi-partisan about this bill is the opposition to it.

And there is nothing routine about what you\’re doing. If this had the support you\’re trying to pretend it did, it would have passed before Thanksgiving of last year. You\’re having to cram it through a method reserved for budgetary bills to get around the fact that you just don\’t have the support for this bill.

Plus, it\’s misleading to say this bill passed both the House and Senate, because it\’s actually two very different bills that have passed each. And you\’re now proposing yet a THIRD bill.

Earlier today, I asked leaders in both houses of Congress to finish their work and schedule a vote in the next few weeks. From now until then, I will do everything in my power to make the case for reform. And now, I\’m asking you, the members of the Organizing for America community, to raise your voice and do the same.

Fair enough, but while you\’re waiting for them, how about you listen to the vast majority of the public who has been raising their voice and letting you know what they think for months now. People that have never been involved in the political process have been showing up to rallies. Polls have consistently shown the public hates this bill. Nobody wants a massive government takeover of anything anymore.

The final march for reform has begun, and your participation is crucial. Please commit to join with me to take reform across the finish line.

Fair enough, if you want to lead a herd of lemmings, that\’s your deal. And I\’m certainly not going to stand in your way, but watch the first step off that cliff.

Essentially, my proposal would change three things about the current health care system:

First, it would protect all Americans from the worst practices of insurance companies. Never again will the mother with breast cancer have her coverage revoked, see her premiums arbitrarily raised, or be forced to live in fear that a pre-existing condition will bar her from future coverage.

Is this another one of those tales of woe that turn out not to be true, just like every other one you\’ve shared??

Second, my proposal would give individuals and small businesses the same choice of private health insurance that members of Congress get for themselves. And my proposal says that if you still can\’t afford the insurance in this new marketplace, we will offer you tax credits based on your income — tax credits that add up to the largest middle class tax cut for health care in history.

Does that mean you\’re going to agree to be covered under this plan as well??

Finally, my proposal would bring down the cost of health care for everyone — families, businesses, and the federal government — and bring down our deficit by as much as $1 trillion over the next two decades. These savings mean businesses small and large will finally be freed up to create jobs and increase wages. With costs currently skyrocketing, reform is vital to remaining economically strong in the years and decades to come.

You\’ve made claims like this before, but they\’ve always proven incorrect. In fact it usually means that people will be dropped from their employer\’s insurance and be forced to join the government program, even if they were fine with their employer\’s coverage.

In the few crucial weeks ahead, you can help make sure this proposal becomes law. Please sign up to join the Organizing for America campaign in the final march for reform:

Doesn\’t it concern you that while you\’re having to plead to get people to push for this, millions of every day voters are coming out without prompting to oppose this legislation??

When I talked about change on the campaign, this is what I was talking about: coming together to solve a huge problem that has been troubling America for 100 years and standing up to the special interests to deliver a brighter, smarter future for generations to come.

Seriously? THIS is what you were talking about?

Coming together? This has been the most partisan railroading we\’ve seen in a long time. Standing up to special interests? They wrote most of the bills, and you\’ve been having closed backroom meetings with them to craft these bills in secret.

I look forward to signing this historic reform into law. And when I do, it will be because your organizing played an essential role in making change possible.

Historic, you keep using that word. I don\’t think it means what you think it means.

Thank you,

President Barack Obama

It was your pleasure I\’m sure.

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Another Note From He That Is Most High

February 12th, 2010 by Kevin

It seems like it\’s probably a bad thing that actually look forward to these emails now.

Kevin —

You hitting on me?

As we head into an election year, the new strategy for killing reform is claiming that members of Congress who vote for it will suffer at the polls.

No, that\’s not the strategy for killing reform, that\’s the strategy for voting your worthless asses out of office. And we don\’t have to do much claiming.  The voting public has been doing plenty of that themselves.  Whether it be Scott Brown in Massa-fucking-chusetts.  Or the Governor races in New Jersey and Virginia.  Republicans haven\’t just made those up.  Those are cases of the voters telling you they hate this shitty bill.

For months, our opponents have spread lies about reform to scare voters away. But the simple truth about what reform would actually do — save jobs, guarantee all Americans affordable, stable coverage, and significantly reduce the deficit — is something most Americans strongly support.

Problem is the facts doesn\’t back up any of that.  Truth is that this bill will RAISE the cost of health care for most and won\’t affect it much at all for everyone else.  And it\’ll massively add to the deficit, but due to some fancy bookkeeping you\’ve managed to hide most of it, but even then it\’ll still add to the deficit.  You seriously can\’t expect that you\’re going to massively increase the size of a program that\’s already losing money and expect it to suddenly be profitable do you??

So yeah, it\’s true that most Americans probably support all that, but the problem is your bill doesn\’t provide any of it.

The question is, come November, will the voters know the facts?

I hope so…because polling shows that the more the voters learn about this bill the more they hate it.

OFA supporters have asked for a way to show every member of Congress that if they fight for reform now, we\’ll back them up this election season.

Well you could have started by supporting the Democrat in Masschusetts, Virgina and New Jersey when it actually mattered.  Instead Democrats have stayed home, not that I\’m disappointed.

That\’s why we\’re launching \”You fight, we\’ll fight\” — a volunteer pledge bank where you can commit your time to back up candidates and officials who fight hard for health reform.

Another meaningless feel-good program by Democrats, why am I not surprised.  From the same party that spends spends spends, promising to pay it off later…but never actually does.

We\’re shooting for 1,000,000 hours pledged to spread the word to fellow voters. And if we get there, we\’ll publish the total hours pledged in USA Today, so there will be no doubt that health reform is both good policy and good politics.

Reminds me of that South Park episode where the boys are trying to make millions in \”Internet Theoretical Dollars\”.  But heh, I suppose this is what you have to settle for.  The polls are against you.  The elections are against you.  Political momentum is against you.  Nobody likes you, everybody hates you, time to go eat some worms.

Can you pledge right away?

Sure, why not? I pledge 5 billion hours…I promise…totally I do.

President Obama has made it crystal clear that he has no intention of walking away from health reform — and this movement has made its desire to fight on just as clear.

Yeah, a promise from Obama is about as rock solid as the one I just gave.  Every promise Obama makes has an expiration date.

And many members of Congress are already working hard by his side to get the job done. But for those on the fence about whether or not to proceed, knowing you are there to back up a courageous stand can make all the difference.

Yeah, you\’ll almost make up for the massive numbers of independents running away from Democrats.  Your candidate will only lose by 10 percentage points instead of 15.

Your volunteer hours can have a huge impact no matter where you live. You can make calls into critical districts where health reform champions are in jeopardy, write letters to the editor, volunteer for nearby campaigns, or even just talk to friends, family, and neighbors to help cut through the special interest spin.

You just lost Massachusetts….ergo EVERY district is in jeopardy.

And Obama hired most of the special interests for his administration…why would you be needing to cut their their spin??

We\’ll offer lots of ways to get involved between now and the elections in November, and you can decide which are right for you — the important thing right now is to publicly show your commitment to fight for those who make health reform a reality.

Basically feel free to make all sorts of promises, with the full understanding that you\’ll never actually follow through on them…..HEH! That sounds a lot like the ObamaCare plan….how convenient!

We\’ve certainly faced setbacks in this fight. But as President Obama told OFA supporters last week, that only means we need to work that much harder.

Setbacks?  Yeah, the Titanic also had a minor navigational error.  The public has turned against you.  The voters are voting against you.  Your base has abandoned you.  The independents are disgusted with you.  Only thing you have going for you is the Republicans are too incompetent to fully take advantage.  But I suppose in your always sunny world, that\’s a \”setback\”.

Thanks for making it possible,

Don\’t thank me, thank the voters.


Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

Thanks Chuck

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The Letters From Mount Olympus Keep Coming

January 4th, 2010 by Kevin

Another letter from one of His Holiest appointed lackeys…

Kevin —

Yes my Eminence?

Looking back at 2009, it turns out you were right.

I usually am.

Early this year, millions of you chose to keep working together and create Organizing for America, to build on the momentum of the Obama campaign, take on the defenders of the status quo, and make change happen.

Actually millions of people worked together to keep Obama from forcing on us what he calls change. Admittedly it would be a change but not all change is good. Sometimes the status quo is the status quo for a reason, namely it\’s the better of two evils. And as far as momentum goes, if aircraft have the type of momentum Obama has it usually leads to a NTSB investigation.

Special interests thought they could steamroll you with hundreds of millions of dollars in lobbying and attack ads.

Actually special interests appear to have decided it\’s much easier working WITH the Obama administration since their interest are usually aligned, and they\’ve been hired on as staff in the Obama Administration itself. And yeah they do appear to be steamrolling the American public with the help of Obama and the rest of the Democrats.

Meanwhile, you built a massive organization, driven by local leadership, that reached out to millions of fellow Americans and made your voices heard to Congress in record numbers.

Actually the group you\’re talking about is the Tea Parties. Locally organized, numbering in the millions and making their voices heard in Congress in record numbers. That\’s why Reid and Pelosi are afraid to let Congress go home and hear from the people….last time they did our Congresscritters got smacked upside the head with public opinion. It\’s also why you\’ve had to bribe Senators to vote for this piece of shit….they know the public hates it.

In the coming year, our opponents will make a final stand to block health reform and seek to defeat many of the President\’s other crucial initiatives. And they\’re already targeting those in Congress who are championing change.

They are targeting those that are trying to force on the American public something they don\’t want. See I know you favor a communist system, so you may not be familiar with the form of government we use, called a Republic. The people are represented by elected officials who make the laws. Presumably those elected officials pass the laws the public wants. If they don\’t the public votes them out. That\’s what\’s happening here. Not sure why that\’s difficult for you to understand. Presumably they still teach civics in school yeah?

So I wanted to take a moment at year\’s end to reflect on everything you\’ve built, and to ask for your help one last time this year to hit the ground running in 2010. Please donate $5 to keep our organizing strong in all 50 states.

What you built hasn\’t amounted to squat. Trying to convince the American public that a shit sandwich tastes really good isn\’t exactly a recipe for success.

This has been a remarkable year for the movement you\’ve built from the ground up.

From the sounds of the bitching your \”grassroots\” have been doing about ObamaCare this doesn\’t sound like a ground-up sort of organization. Sounds like they are even more displeases with Obama than the Republicans are.

Beth Kimbriel, a mother of four from Richmond, Virginia, has no formal political experience. But every week, as an OFA \”Community Organizer,\” she trains and manages other volunteer leaders to organize effectively around the President\’s agenda.

Well then she DOES have formal political experience…is this another one of those supposedly inspirational stories you keep telling that turn out to not actually be true?

Hundreds of her fellow OFA Community Organizers around the country have already volunteered more than 200,000 hours doing similar work. Thousands more have taken on other leadership positions in every single state. And we\’re still growing — nearly a million people who had never volunteered for the presidential campaign have signed up with OFA this year.

You could say the same thing about the Tea Party activists….except those people weren\’t even political until you guys tried to cram down this shitty legislation. Even though it\’s been rejected before.


….actually you couldn\’t say the same about the Tea Party activists….they number well over a million.

Supporters spread the word throughout our communities, with more than a million conversations with neighbors on the phone and at the doorstep, and 250,000 letters to the editor about how President Obama\’s policies would help ordinary Americans.

Except that ordinary Americans see through the propaganda and the bullshit and don\’t want this ObamaCare crap. Poll after poll after poll shows a vast majority hate the bill. And a vast majority would prefer the status quo even. Independents have long since abandoned the cause. Even liberals are now peeling off.

And when Congress was making crucial decisions, you spoke out more powerfully than the special interests ever could.

Yeah, those TownHalls really were something weren\’t they?? They certainly made their voices heard over the special interests hired by the Obama Administration.

In the last few months, you\’ve made more than 1 million calls to Congress — including more than 300,000 on one amazing day in October that created huge momentum for health reform. Thousands of supporters attended town halls to counter the shouting mobs and speak out in person. And you even held 37,107 events in every congressional district — bus tour rallies, phonebanks and forums to inform your neighbors.

Those shouting mobs you refer to are also called the American public. And they hardly countered them. Every TownHall I\’ve seen seems to be overwhelmingly against this bill. Nobody wants this, why is that so hard to understand.?

These incredible efforts have powered victories on a wide range of issues. OFA volunteers provided a huge boost to help pass the Recovery Act, President Obama\’s historic budget, an expansion of children\’s health care, credit card and student loan reform.

Yeah, that Recovery Act has really done a bang up job huh?

Historic budget?? You realize they pass one every year right?? That\’s hardly historic….unless you\’re calling the huge amount of deficit spending historic in which case yes you are right.

Your voices helped pass a historic green jobs and energy bill in the House, and the confirmation of the nation\’s first Latina Supreme Court justice, Sonia Sotomayor, in the Senate.

Pass a historic green jobs and energy bill? Well it passed the House before people were paying attention and then promptly let their Senators know they hate this piece of shit bill and don\’t want it. So Senate leadership has already declared it dead. So yeah, you accomplished at best a token ceremonial gesture.

And of course, you were instrumental in passing comprehensive health reform through both houses of Congress for the first time in American history.

Actually what was instrumental is the bribes Harry Reid gave various Senators using our tax dollars. It never would have come even close without those bribes. So again at best you accomplished a token ceremonial gesture that was soundly overruled by the vast majority of the country that hates this bill.

With every phone call to a member of Congress, every door knocked on a rainy day, every event held in a town center, you\’ve helped to push this country forward.

Yes you helped push this country forward….right off a cliff.

But with the special interests and their allies in Congress fighting us for every inch, we need your help again to keep our organizing strong in 2010. Can you chip in $5?

If these pieces of legislation you\’re referring to were so damn great, why is it they take such vast sums of money to push for??

Thanks for making it all possible,

Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

No problem Larry.

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I Get Mail From God

December 22nd, 2009 by Kevin

Oh goody, another email from his holiness.  It\’s so nice when he takes time from frivolously spending my money to actually talk to me via a mass email.

Kevin —

What up O-dog?

Early this morning, the Senate made history and health reform cleared its most important hurdle yet — garnering the 60 votes needed to move toward a final vote in that chamber later this week.

They certainly made history all right.  This is the first time something this big has been passed on a party-line vote.  This is the first time that it\’s so blatantly obvious that votes have been bought and sold.  It\’s the first time that Congress has so completely ignored the will of the public.  It\’s the first time (that I know of) that cloture was passed on a bill that nobody has actually read except for the majority leader and a few of his staff.

I\’m not sure this is the type of \”history making\” you want to brag about.

This marks the first time in our nation\’s history that comprehensive health reform has come to this point.

That\’s a feature, not a bug.

And it appears that the American people will soon realize the genuine reform that offers security to those who have health insurance and affordable options to those who do not.

That would be great if ANY of it were true.  People who have health insurance will lose it because the penalty for employers to NOT offer insurance is less than the cost they pay to provide insurance.  And there are no \”affordable options\” because this will artificially raise demand, while capping supply.  This will cause prices to skyrocket and rationing to happen.  As evidence of my assertions, please reference any and every time ANY government has ever tried this sort of approach.

I\’m grateful to Senator Harry Reid and every senator who\’s been working around the clock to make this happen.

Ever stop to think they wouldn\’t have to work so hard if this were truly a good piece of legislation? If this is what would truly fix the problem, and if this truly was what the public wanted, legislators would be climbing all over each other to support it and be seen as the person that fixed health care.  That not being the case…..

And I\’m grateful to you, and every member of the Organizing for America community, for all the work you have done to make this progress possible.

Heh, don\’t blame me, I did what I could to stop this piece of shit.

After a nearly century-long struggle, we are now on the cusp of making health insurance reform a reality in the United States of America.

The word \”reform\” usually refers to an improvement.  This is more of a clusterfuck.  Congrats by \”reforming\” health insurance, you just killed the \”health care\” industry in this country.  You did realize there was a difference…….right??

As with any legislation, compromise is part of the process.

And apparently so is bribery, backroom secret deals, bigotry, and threats if your parties conduct so far is any indication.

But I\’m pleased that recently added provisions have made this landmark bill even stronger.

How exactly did the $100 million bribe to Nebraska make this bill stronger?

Between the time when the bill passes and the time when the insurance exchanges get up and running, insurance companies that try to jack up their rates do so at their own peril. Those who hike their prices may be barred from selling plans on the exchanges.

Ahhh, I can already see this is going to be a positive relationship between the government and what little private industry you\’ve allowed to survive.  Don\’t you DARE try to cover your costs so you can stay in business, or else Uncle Sam will put you out of business himself!!

And while insurance companies will be prevented from denying coverage on the basis of pre-existing conditions once the exchanges are open, in the meantime there will be a high-risk pool where people with pre-existing conditions can purchase affordable coverage.

Please explain who you plan on making that financially sustainable.   They are high-risk because they are likely to incur huge health care bills, which is why they are charged higher premiums, to offset that risk.  If you make those premiums \”affordable\” you\’re not offsetting the risk (read : LOSING MONEY).  Of course with people like you in charge, using this type of logic, perhaps that explains why Medicare continues to go broke.

A recent amendment has made these protections even stronger. Insurance companies will now be prohibited from denying coverage to children immediately after this bill passes. There\’s also explicit language in this bill that will protect a patient\’s choice of doctor. And small businesses will get additional assistance as well.

You realize all this could be done without hijacking one-sixth of our economy and replacing it with an economic model guaranteeing failure, right???

These protections are in addition to the ones we\’ve been talking about for some time. No longer will insurance companies be able to drop your coverage if you become sick and no longer will you have to pay unlimited amounts out of your own pocket for treatments that you need.

If this was such a common occurrence you\’d think you\’d be able to provide an example.  But so far, every time you try, it turns out to be complete bullshit you made up.

Under this bill families will save on their premiums; businesses that would see their costs rise if we don\’t act will save money now and in the future. This bill will strengthen Medicare and extend the life of the program. Because it\’s paid for and gets rid of waste and inefficiency in our health care system, this will be the largest deficit reduction plan in over a decade.

You do realize you can\’t just legislate unicorn farts into existence right?

And it\’s not paid for, the CBO has repeatedly shown that this program saves money only in the very short term.  After that the extra costs skyrocket.  It doesn\’t strengthen Medicare, in fact it slashes huge parts of it.  And the CBO has shown that premiums for most people would stay the same, for everyone else they would go up.

So in short, nothing you said is actually true.

Finally, this reform will extend coverage to more than 30 million Americans who don\’t have it.

Please explain why we have to screw up health insurance for the majority of the country that already has it, to pay for the few that don\’t.  And that 30 million number has been repeatedly shown to be untrue.  Most of those people could get health insurance affordably if they wanted to, they choose not to because it doesn\’t make sense for their situation.

These are not small changes. These are big changes. They\’re fundamental reforms. They will save money. They will save lives.

Clusterfucks remember, not reforms.

They will not save money and it will likely cost lives because by artificially raising demand while capping supply you are virtually insuring that rationing will happen.

And we could accomplish most of your goals without hijacking one-sixth of the economy.  Simple things like allowing people to shop across state lines.

And your passion, your work, your organizing helped make all of this possible. Now it\’s time to finish the job.

Not to mention your bribery, threats and misinformation.

Thank you,

President Barack Obama

No problem Larry

[Crossposted at True North]

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Another Letter From Mount Olympus

December 17th, 2009 by Kevin

It\’s been awhile since I\’m lampooned one of these, but today\’s was just too good to resist the temptation.

Kevin —

Mitchy boy!! Good to hear from you again (If we\’re on a first name basis presumably, we\’re close enough we can start inventing nicknames right?).

If we don\’t pass health reform, millions of Americans will be trapped in a broken status quo, unable to pay their bills or see a doctor when they need one.

Well see that\’s not correct. People can go see a doctor any time they want, the question is how to pay for it. For an answer to that, I\’d recommend get a job. Or else apply for any number of public assistance programs.

More and more employers will drop coverage for employees.

Well, presumably that would be accompanied by a rise in pay, since your benefits are frequently a significant part of your job\’s compensation. So cutting insurance coverage would be like taking a significant pay cut. I would take that extra pay and set it aside for medical bills. Or start looking for a new job if no accompanying pay raise.

And Medicare and Medicaid will blow a hole through our budget.

Since you admit Medicare and Medicaid are financial sinkholes that are bound to go bankrupt, why is one of the recent Democratic ideas to EXPAND this program?? Or is this trying to take advantage of the scientific principle that says that if you set enough money on fire eventually you gain the ability to fly?

There\’s too much at stake to not get this done.

So I hear. Democratic leaders claim this is the last chance to achieve socialized single-payer health care. I\’ve heard that before so understand my disbelief, although I\’d love it if it were true.

That\’s why OFA supporters have made 849,856 calls to Congress in support of health reform since August.

And that\’s why today, with the Senate locked in last-minute negotiations, our goal is to hit one million calls.

Hmmm, you might want to redirect those calls to the American public, because they have definitely soured on this shit sandwich of a bill. And I think Congress is starting to realize that it\’s not OFA that elected them, but the American public.

Can you help? Please call your senators now and help us \”ring in reform.\” Then click here to let us know you called.

I\’m not sure my request to ring in reform will help. Because what\’s being proposed is not \”reform\”. Reform suggests improving the current product. This legislation is more akin to a \”hijacking\” and I\’m not sure I\’m willing to support that.

Reform would be things like allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines. That alone would go a great way towards introducing competition and lowering costs. And that can be done WITHOUT a giant government bureaucracy run \”exchange\”.

According to our records, you live in Minnesota. Please call:

Sen. Amy Klobuchar\’s Minneapolis office at (612) 727-5220
Sen. Al Franken\’s St Paul office at (651) 221-1016

(Not your senators? Click here to look yours up).

I\’m sad to admit that yes they are my Senators. Last even remotely decent Senator this state had was probably Grams so I\’m a bit used to it I guess.

This holiday season, millions of Americans will go without desperately needed care simply because they can\’t afford insurance.

I\’ve known people that have had to do it, in fact my girlfriend is one of them that is currently without insurance and has been for awhile. Being without health insurance is tough, trust me I get it. But here\’s the thing, it\’s not a death sentence.

You prioritize whether something is truly needed. In the case where it is, you find ways in your budget to make it work, much as she has had to do, and is still doing without public assistance. In truly tough situations that is where family/church/charity comes in.

And I would also like to point out that it would be a lot easier to pay insurance if half our paychecks didn\’t disappear in taxes. And it would be easier to find a job if the government wasn\’t threatening employers with tax increases and new government regulations every 20 minutes.

But insurance lobbyists are desperate to pull apart the bill and derail reform, so your voice is needed now.

I think what you call \”pull apart\” and \”derail\” the rest of us call debate. There are a lot of awful things in this shit sandwich and the people should know about it.

If the bill was really so great, even picking it apart and holding it up to the light wouldn\’t \”derail\” it. It would allow people to see how wonderful it truly was. Instead, the more people learn about this bill, the less they like it. And that isn\’t insurance lobbyists doing that, it\’s the American public.

Your senators are fighting hard for health reform. Please call today, thank them for their work, and let them know we need them to keep fighting.

They are fighting hard for something the American public doesn\’t want. We\’re certainly not going to thank them for THAT! Instead we\’re likely to tell them to go stand in the unemployment line as their services are no longer desired.

Just dial the numbers above, then tell the staffers who answer where you live — so that they know you are a constituent — and that you support reform.

Oh I support reform, but this isn\’t reform. I think we already went over this.

Then click here to make sure you call is counted in the race to a million:

What happens at a million? Straw turns to gold? Snow White wakes up? Dorothy meets the Wizard of Oz?

I presume it\’s one of those since you\’ve been telling fairy tales so far, I figured it had to be the theme of this email.

Thanks for standing up,

No problem, now if you guys could just sit down. You\’re mucking up the works for the rest of us.


Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

Thanks Larry

[Crossposted at True North]

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Another Letter From Mount Olympus!

September 30th, 2009 by Kevin

Yeah!!! Another letter from God!!! Let\’s read it together!

Kevin —


The cavalry is here — and they\’re in white coats and scrubs:

Dude I realize Robert Byrd is sick but should the Democrats really be actively recruiting KKK members??  Especially since you guys play the race card every day??

More than a half a million doctors and millions of nurses are joining forces to help pass real health reform.

Are these the same doctors Obama was accusing of hacking off limbs and stealing tonsils purely for financial profit??

Americans listen to their nurses and doctors when it comes to health reform — and for good reason.

Sure we do.  I mean we\’re not gonna listen to Obama on it.  He\’s fucked up everything he has touched.  Which is bad enough when it\’s GM, if it\’s my liver….well I\’d really prefer to slowly drink that to death, rather than let Obama kill it instantly

If we can help them amplify their voices, it\’ll be a huge boost to our campaign for change.

Not sure that\’s necessary.  I saw lots of them protesting ObamaCare at TownHalls, and they usually have microphones at those, so amplification is already handled.

So we\’re working on a new television ad featuring their voices explaining why doctors and nurses so strongly support President Obama\’s plan — and asking Congress to pass it. We\’ll run the ad in key states and districts all around the country to show folks where health professionals stand, cut through the spin, and build even greater support for reform.

Yeah, that sounds like a brilliant plan, if your goal is to defeat ObamaCare.  Because every time you put out another plea via the media, your polls drop another couple points.

But to produce and air the new ad before the Senate starts debating a final bill, we\’ll need to raise $300,000 by Thursday. Please donate $5 right away.

Didn\’t Obama claim that ObamaCare would save like 83 Kajillion dollars??  Surely you can spare $300,000 for that?  Or just ask your doctor buddies to hack of a couple extra hands, that should generate the necessary cash right?? I mean according to you they are already doing that and they support this plan right?

The American Medical Association, Doctors for America, and a dozen other physicians groups representing 500,000 doctors are endorsing reform. So are the American Nurses Association and other organizations representing millions of nurses.

The organizations might.  The members apparently don\’t if polling is any indication.

They\’re speaking out because they see the shortcomings of our health care system firsthand, every day: patients denied the care they prescribe, families losing access to their doctors, and a system that forces them to spend more time with paperwork and less time with patients.

Yeah and ALL of that could be immediatly solved WITHOUT ObamaCare for no additional cost.

These voices need to be heard — with so much deception out there clouding the debate, it\’s critical that medical professionals are able to focus the country on the simple fact that health reform is good medicine.

Most of the deception seems to be coming from Obama.  All those heart rending stories of tragedies striking Americans during his health care address to Congress turned out to be false.  The whole doctors hacking of limbs for profit obviously is wrong.  Actually you know what, just read the summary of his speech.  Too many lies to list here.

But the final congressional committee could vote on their reform bill as early as Wednesday — and debate on final legislation could start by the end of the week. So if we\’re going to help make these doctors and nurses\’ voices heard, we\’ll need to do it right now. Can you chip in $5 or more to help get our ad on the air?

Wait a second, what about the voices of the American people???  Why are you listening to special interests instead of the American people?



Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

Talk to you later Chuck


Kevin Ecker

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Another Commandment From The One Who Is Most High

August 6th, 2009 by Kevin

It\’s that time again! Another email from the Messiah! Let’s read it together!

Kevin —

I see my criticism of you hasn\’t made our friendship less deep, as apparently we\’re still on a first name basis.

This is the moment our movement was built for.

We are the change we\’ve been waiting for!! Ooooh lofty phrases and soothingly read teleprompter speak is so motivating!!

For one month, the fight for health insurance reform leaves the backrooms of Washington, D.C., and returns to communities across America.

Didn\’t you promise that the days of backroom legislating was over?? Are you now conceding that it continues and only occasionally takes breaks??

Throughout August, members of Congress are back home, where the hands they shake and the voices they hear will not belong to lobbyists, but to people like you.

They\’ll hear our voices instead of lobbyists?? Well only if we\’re not dressed very nicely because according to Barbara Boxer, you\’re not a grassroots voice if you\’re well dressed. A standard that apparently includes jeans and a polo shirt. But you have to understand that her constiuents are heavily of the Code Pink crowd so her sense of fashion is probably a bit \”off\”.

But it\’s nice to hear they won\’t be listening to lobbyists any more. Although I\’m not sure how that works. After all your administration seems to have hired damn near every lobbyist in Washington. Surely you guys occasionally hold meetings yeah?

Home is where we\’re strongest. We didn\’t win last year\’s election together at a committee hearing in D.C. We won it on the doorsteps and the phone lines, at the softball games and the town meetings, and in every part of this great country where people gather to talk about what matters most.

Well as long as we\’re not talking about all your radical friends. Or your long time racist preacher. Or your vast ties to the corrupt Chicago political machine. Or your lack of experience at…well anything.

And if you\’re willing to step up once again, that\’s exactly where we\’re going to win this historic campaign for the guaranteed, affordable health insurance that every American deserves.

And by \”affordable\” you mean bankrupting the economy. And by \”every American\” you\’re including lots of illegal aliens. And by guaranteed you mean I\’ll take what you give me because I don\’t have a choice anymore. And I noticed you use the term \”health insurance\” rather than \”health care\”. Reason I point that out is \”auto insurance\” doesn\’t do me any good if I can\’t find an auto mechanic. And since your plan seems determined to destroy the health care industry that\’s an important detail.

But heh, at least we agree this is historic. You call it a historic campaign, I call it a historic clusterfuck. You say tomato, I say eggplant.

There are those who profit from the status quo, or see this debate as a political game, and they will stop at nothing to block reform.

I\’m not sure how my friends and neighbors are really profiting from the status quo?? Unless by profit you mean having health insurance choices and being able to pick the one that best fits their family? If that\’s the case, then yeah, we\’re definitely profiting and we\’d prefer it not end.

They are filling the airwaves and the internet with outrageous falsehoods to scare people into opposing change.

Yeah, I can see how free speech would scare you. But I\’m not sure how quoting you and/or the actual text from the legislation is spreading outrageous falsehoods?? Perhaps people have figured out that not all change is good. Because certainly the Hopenchange you delivered so far sucks buffalo chips.

And some people, not surprisingly, are getting pretty nervous.

Well you can\’t blame people for getting nervous. Here we\’ve had the best health care system on the planet, and you\’re out to destroy it.

So we\’ve got to get out there, fight lies with truth, and set the record straight.

Yeah, please tell me how we\’re lying by quoting parts of the legislation. Please set the record straight about how specifically quoting sections of this health care legislation lying.

That\’s why Organizing for America is putting together thousands of events this month where you can reach out to neighbors, show your support, and make certain your members of Congress know that you\’re counting on them to act.

Yeah, because closed scripted \”events\” are more democratic than open non-scripted townhalls.

But these canvasses, town halls, and gatherings only make a difference if you turn up to knock on doors, share your views, and show your support.

Because for some reason the majority of the population thinks their voice should be heard instead of Obama\’s.

So here\’s what I need from you:

Can you sign up to attend an event near you?

I\’m pretty sure they\’d try to arrest me for thought crimes. Besides, haven\’t you already asked people to start informing on each other to the government?

In politics, there\’s a rule that says when you ask people to get involved, always tell them it\’ll be easy. Well, let\’s be honest here: Passing comprehensive health insurance reform will not be easy.

So you finally figured out that just crying out \”Hope\” and \”Change\” doesn\’t actually get things done?? Congrats. Welcome to Earth, although we\’re full so if you could go back home it\’d be appreciated.

Every President since Harry Truman has talked about it, and the most powerful and experienced lobbyists in Washington stand in the way.

How are they in the way?? You hired all of them?? You telling me even your own staff doesn\’t like this health care plan?? Certainly Congress or your family won\’t be subjected to it so I guess they don\’t have to like it. It\’s only for the plebes.

But every day we don\’t act, Americans watch their premiums rise three times faster than wages, small businesses and families are pushed towards bankruptcy, and 14,000 people lose their coverage entirely.

Supporting evidence for ANY of that?? Although I bet one part is right. I bet 14,000 people are losing their coverage because they are losing their jobs in this wonderous economy you\’ve \”stimulated\”.

The cost of inaction is simply too much for the people of this nation to bear.

Yeah, but the cost of your preferred action is FAR too much for ANYTHING to bear. Need I remind you??


And that was BEFORE you came up with this $TRILLION clusterfuck of an idea.

So yes, fixing this crisis will not be easy. Our opponents will attack us every day for daring to try.

To be fair we\’re attacking you because you\’re wrong. But again, tomato vs eggplant.

It will require time, and hard work, and there will be days when we don\’t know if we have anything more to give. But there comes a moment when we all have to choose between doing what\’s easy, and doing what\’s right.

And you\’ve chosen to do neither???

This is one of those times. And moments like this are what this movement was built for. So, are you ready?

This is what the movement was built for? Ohhhhh, I thought it was built for hero worship. My bad.

Please RSVP for an event in your community to build support for health insurance reform:

Which one can I attend to destroy support??

Let\’s seize this moment and win this historic victory for our economy, our health and our families.

Hmmm, this is obviously a definition of victory with which I was previously unfamiliar with. Because otherwise I don\’t understand how bankrupting our economy, destroying my health care, and taking choices away from my family could be construed as \”victory\”. I\’m intriqued by this new language, please educate me in this double plus good speak.

Thank you,

President Barack Obama

No problem Oby

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Health Care By Any Means Possible

June 16th, 2009 by Kevin

Great! Another email from the Messiah! Let\’s read it together!

Kevin —

Awesome, again we\’re on a first name basis.

Last year, millions of Americans came together for a great purpose.

Yeah, millions came together for a NASCAR race too, what\’s your point??

Folks like you assembled a grassroots movement that shocked the political establishment and changed the course of our nation. When Washington insiders counted us out, we put it all on the line and changed our democracy from the bottom up. But that\’s not why we did it.

Yeah, millions also assembled for a grassroots movement….we called them Tea Parties, but you seem pretty comfortable about dismissing them. So why should I care?

The pundits told us it was impossible — that the donations working people could afford and the hours volunteers could give would never loosen the vise grip of big money and powerful special interests. We proved them wrong. But as important as that was, that\’s not why we did it.

Donations from working people?? From financial reports it appears you were mostly supported by big money and special interests. And your actions since then have pretty much confirmed that. For example, the way you\’ve broken up Chrysler and tried to break up GM. The way you\’ve completely abandoned established contract law. You\’ve been rolling over for the unions. In fact, your supporters are starting to get pretty upset about your supporting special interests over the working people.

Today, spiraling health care costs are pushing our families and businesses to the brink of ruin, while millions of Americans go without the care they desperately need. Fixing this broken system will be enormously difficult. But we can succeed. The chance to make fundamental change like this in people\’s daily lives — that is why we did it.

Eh, I don\’t know that it\’s health care costs that are pushing families and businesses to the brink of ruin. I bet they\’d have plenty of money for health care if taxes were so God damn high. In fact I bet on average most families pay far more in taxes than health care.

And if you\’re so worried about the millions of Americans that go without health care, why does your proposed system leave 30 million people without health insurance….most of whom where previously insured until your plan fucked it up.

The campaign to pass real health care reform in 2009 is the biggest test of our movement since the election. Once again, victory is far from certain. Our opposition will be fierce, and they have been down this road before. To prevail, we must once more build a coast-to-coast operation ready to knock on doors, deploy volunteers, get out the facts, and show the world how real change happens in America.

Our movement?? That\’s funny, in this email you\’re trying to claim credit. But now that the full cost has become clear, you\’re trying to put as much distance as you can from this plane.

And just like before, I cannot do it without your support.

Actually we mostly need the $4 TRILLION this is going to cost.

So I\’m asking you to remember all that you gave over the last two years to get us here — all the time, resources, and faith you invested as a down payment to earn us our place at this crossroads in history. All that you\’ve done has led up to this — and whether or not our country takes the next crucial step depends on what you do right now.

Yeah, remember all that blood, sweat and tears you invested? And this is what you have to show for it. An administration that\’s screwed up everything it touched. A President that can\’t even assemble a cabinet. A President whose every promise comes with an expiration date. A President whose thrown more people under his bus than…well hell, nobody else has fit that many people under a bus.

Please donate whatever you can afford to support the campaign for real health care reform in 2009.

You may as well, because we\’re just gonna take if from you in the long run anyway.

It doesn\’t matter how much you can give, as long as you give what you can. Millions of families on the brink are counting on us to do just that. I know we can deliver.

Remember, \”From each according to their ability. To each, according to their need\”. Which in this economy means if you still have money, you owe us all of it.

Thank you, so much, for getting us this far. And thank you for standing up once again to take us the rest of the way.

Yeah, thank you comrade. The politburo would not existed without you.


President Barack Obama

Later B-Dog…

…sorry, thought we were pretty casual since you were addressing me by my first name and all.

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100 Days : Hope And Change Have Been Temporarily Cancelled

April 28th, 2009 by Kevin

I had sort of thought about putting together a post rounding up the first 100 days of the Obama administration.  Then I got an email from David Plouffe, campaign manager for Obama\’s still ongoing campaign for President.

I figured why throw together a post devoid of substance, when I can quote an already written email devoid of substance about a Messiah devoid of substance.

Kevin —

Ohhh, see that! We\’re on a first name basis!

Tomorrow will mark the President\’s hundredth day in office. A lot of attention will be given to this largely symbolic day, and the truth is that what we do every day after it will be just as important — if not more.

Well that\’s probably because a lot of the stuff you SHOULD have done in the first 100 days hasn\’t been done yet. Admittedly minor things like appointing staff. Probably why you\’re trying to downplay this as a \”largely symbolic day\” yeah?

But our accomplishments in this time have been remarkable, and they\’re having real effects on people and communities throughout the country.

Yes I hear unemployment lines have rarely been longer and firearms sales have never been higher.

You built the movement that made this possible, and it\’s up to you to show Americans that real change can happen when ordinary citizens work together.

Question : As long as we\’re \”working together\” do us ordinary citizens still have to pay our taxes?? Or are just non-ordinary folks exempt??

Explore this interactive map to learn about the progress we\’ve made in the last 100 days and the stories of real Americans whose lives have already been touched. Then spread the word by passing it along to your friends and family.

Yeah, I followed the link and was impressed with your cutesy unsourced graphics. Especially the part about the jobs SAVED or created. That\’s a rather interesting choice of words that sets a rather low bar. Unless you\’re meaning \”saved\” as in \”Christ Saves\” in which case, implying that \”Obama Saves\” is a much higher bar. My apologies Mr. Messianic Complex

I\’m a little curious though…you mention the number of jobs created or saved…seems to be a number that is much much smaller than number of jobs lost. Which makes it a little silly to be bragging over.

With the country in crisis, the President took office and acted quickly to restore confidence and stability to our economy.

Huh, interesting. You must be using definitions of \”confidence\” and \”stability\” that I wasn\’t previously familiar with. I guess I would have figured the failed attempts to prop up GM alone, would have demonstrated a lack of both confidence and stability.

But just as important were the steps we\’ve taken toward building a new foundation for our prosperity, so that we never go back to the system that led us to crisis in the first place.

You mean like creating special programs that give homes to people that can\’t afford them again??

Or were you referring to this:


I ask merely for information.

In just one hundred days, we\’ve made crucial investments to create jobs and improve education, energy, and health care. All of this is a down payment for a new economic vision

That new economic vision wouldn\’t be bankruptcy would it?? Cause when you keep making investments that amount to nothing (i.e. the GM example) you usually go bankrupt.

— one where skilled workers fuel our economy rather than debt and speculation;

You mean debt and speculation like this:


one where American leadership on clean energy fuels 21st century innovation;

Except nuclear energy of course…It\’s clean energy and there\’s been lots of new innovation, but it\’s just not \”sexy\” anymore is it?

and one where families and businesses are no longer weighed down by crushing health care costs.

Except the costs you tried to impose upon our veterans right?? Remember the veterans?? Those right wing extremists that are a threat to our country??

Delivering on the promise of change is the reason we built this movement.

Well that and to prop up the teleprompter industry

Now, President Obama is counting on all of us to build support for this foundation and create a lasting recovery for America.

Anyone else think that sounds rather ominous? In the \”you think that\’s bad, just wait till you see what we do next\” sense of the word??

Take a look now at these critical first steps we\’ve taken together and pass it on for others to see:

More cute graphics and vague statistics rather than substance?? Uh nope….same cute graphics and vague unsourced statistics

This new direction would not have been possible without you.

Well our tax dollars anyway

But our biggest tests are yet to come,

Once again that ominous tone. And given what Biden said about Obama passing big tests, I\’m a little scared.

and the future is ours to shape.

Does it look anything like this?


Let\’s seize this moment together so history will show that, at this defining crossroads, a generation of Americans put their country on the path to long-term security and prosperity.

At this point I\’d just be happy with maintaining the value of the dollar.

Thank you,

David Plouffe

Thanks Chuck!

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