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Goodbye Bear

December 22nd, 2009 by Kevin

Sixteen months ago, my sister and her (then) fiancee took in a rescue dog, that past owners had apparently had problems with.  It soon became obvious that this said more about the previous owners than it did about the dog, because this particular dog was one of them friendliest labs I\’ve ever had the joy to meet.  Which being a lab, a breed known for it\’s friendly nature, says quite a bit.  Friendly, good tempered, eager to please and an excellent hunting dog, it seemed my sister had hit the jackpot.

Until the last week when Bear\’s health started to fail and despite desperate attempts to save him, renal failure finally took him at four years of age.  It\’s too bad that just when Bear had found owners who appreciated him, he had to leave us.  I know my sister and her husband miss him, as do all that got the chance to meet him and experience his spirit. To them, he leaves a hole in the heart.  To everyone else, he serves as a lesson to cherish those that are with us, no matter how diminutive their stature or species.

Goodbye Bear, you are missed.

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