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We Are NOT Arming Mexican Gangs

March 25th, 2009 by Kevin

The usually ignorant Navarette has parroted it.  President Obama has blabbed about it.  Department of Homeland Insecurity Janet Napolitano has suggested it.  This idea that the drug gangs responsible for the violence in that failed state we call Mexico are getting their heavy weapons from the United States.  Problem with this idea is it\’s wrong.  It\’s been repeatedly proven to be wrong.  And pretending it has any validity not only wastes resources but it provides credibility to those seeking to intrude upon Second Amendment rights.

Even the most minimal amount of intelligent thought should bear that out…

“Quite frankly, in Mexico you can’t be armed enough,” said Mr Bethea. “The dynamic of this combat is approaching the early days of the Iraq war. The cartels’ men are well trained, disciplined and are armed with the latest weaponry, including armour-piercing bullets, rocket-launchers and grenades.”

AP bullets? Rocket Launchers? Grenades??  I got news for you folks, those aren\’t coming from the US.  Those are already very illegal in the US.  At best, if they are coming from the US they are being sold out the backdoor of US military armories, and that\’s the fault of people like President Obama, not US citizens.

But once again, the most basic of intelligent thought should suggest a completely different source.  Central America.  Why would drug gangs waste their time with jumping through all the legal hurdles to get basic weapons in the United States at inflated prices, when they can get heavy weapons for dirt cheap from Central America?

Of course none of this should be suprising to our elected leaders.  Recently the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on this very issue.  And basically the end result is that nobody on the ground believes these weapons are coming from the US, there is no need for further laws.  And the point is made that we have lots of guns in this country but don\’t have the level of violence Mexico does.  It\’s almost as if guns themselves aren\’t the problem, and that perhaps a wall type structure should be built to keep out some of the crazy asshats who use weapons in such a violent and dangerous fashion.

But really when it comes down to it, this is just another episode of \”Blame America First\”.

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