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Duncan Hunter Picks Up A Blogger

February 15th, 2007 by Kevin

I\’ve made it no secret I\’m a fan of Duncan Hunter for 2008. He\’s the only real conservative in the race, and he\’s solid on every issue that matters to conservatives. Awesome national security creds. He\’s tough on immigration. He\’s a supporter of the 2nd Amendement. He\’s a social conservative. He\’d appointed Scalia-like judges. Fiscal Conservative. No Baggage! What else could you possibly want??

Really the only real downside to him is that he\’s currently in the House. It\’s pretty tough to run for President from there. Plus he\’s a relative no-name on the national scene.

I wish him the best though and if he builds up some name recognition and conservatives start giving him a look, I\’m confident he\’ll take off. He made a step towards that goal recently when his consulting firm signed on John Hawkins of Right Wing News to help him build a presence online.

Let\’s hope it works. Best of luck to the Hawkins and the Duncan campaign.

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4 Responses

  1. Harvey Says:

    Of course, I don’t remember Bill Clinton having much name recognition the first time HE ran.

    Of course, he was a Dem. A Republican probably can’t get the same sort of publicity from the MSM.

  2. EckerNet.Com » Blog Archive » Duncan Hunter Campaign Gaining Ground Says:

    […] Duncan Hunter Picks Up A Blogger […]

  3. TheTownCrier Says:

    Hunter supporters haven’t seen this presidential poll! Hit it!

  4. Aakash Says:

    Congratulations also to Congressman Hunter for getting Nathan Tabor aboard his campaign.