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No Posts For Nothing

Yeah, remember when I said blogging was from this point on subject to the demands of political campaigns? Yeah, well you\’ve been seeing it…well that and lots of stuff going on in the life of your author.  But I\’m sort of back and given how well my political prognosticating abilities have been I thought I\’d take another look at the Senate races around the country.

But with today being \”Super Tuesday\” as far as primaries go around the country, it didn\’t make much sense to do it today only to have it outdated within 24 hours.  So you\’ll see that tomorrow.  Today you get…..another YouTube video….

PJTV and it\’s affiliates have been on a tear lately with some pretty damn good videos and here is no exception.  Remember that cool Money for Nothing video from back in the 80s?? You know, back with Music Television (MTV) actually played music??  Well Politizoid politicized it and now it\’s on YouTube for your enjoyment.