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Deep Thoughts With Kevin

April 20th, 2009 by Kevin

Started designing websites for pay now…which has cut into my blogging time.  And really getting paid to sit at my computer and screw around with websites beats screwing around with websites for free any day.  So you get a list of links today….should keep you busy for a little while.

\"\" Newsflash : 47% of Americans are really fucking stupid.

\"\" From the Department of Completely Obvious Facts : Gun Control Restrict Those Least Likely To Commit Crimes.  Fortunately support for gun control is at a historic low.

\"\" Previously pollution was causing the ice caps to melt.  Now NASA says that pollution CONTROLS are causing the ice caps to melt.  Anyone else getting the feeling that environmentalists and Al Gorebots just don\’t know what the fuck they are talking about?

\"\" The label of \”Police State\” looks less and less crazy.  Now if you write a blog and say bad things about the local police, they just do a raid on your house and confiscate your computers.  I\’m a little more than amazed that they actually got a search warrant for this.

\"\" So you have an ongoing study that proves that the education voucher system works wonders, if you\’re Obama, how do you respond?  Well terminate the program of course.

\"\" Also from the Department of Completely Obvious Facts : Burning our food (ethanol) increases food prices.

\"\" Fun With Numbers : Detroit has more voters than it has residents.  Those \”extra\” voters vote overwhelmingly for Democrats

\"\" Pregnancy = Slavery….according to Obama\’s nominee for the head of the Justice Department\’s Office of Legal Counsel.  Obama sure can pick them.

\"\" Obama and his arrogance are not making friends in Europe.  This is what happens when you promote a rookie to the front office.  And Sarkozy is less than impressed with Obama.  Not surprising because when his teleprompter broke down a French audience had to cue him into the next line of his speeech.

\"\" The Counter Protests to the Tea Rallies are rather sparsely attended.

\"\" So remember when the cult worship surrounding Obama started to die off?? Yeah, me neither.  Now he\’s the superhero in the latest comic book.

\"\" There are 17 socialists in the US House.  Huh, would have figured there were more than that.

\"\"The home of the online \”grassroots\” liberal side of the blogosphere has nine paid staff???  This must be an alternative definition of the word \”grassroots\” I wasn\’t previously aware of.

\"\" Obama and most other liberals heavily criticized the Bush administration for his heavy use of \”State Secrets\”.  Now the Obama is doing more of the same.  The reaction??   *chirp* *chirp* *chirp* *chirp*

\"\" Why is Obama bringing up immigration bills if he knows they stand no chance of passing and the only thing they could possibly do is attract more illegal immigrants to our country in hopes of qualifying for a potential amnesty??  Well….we do have a census coming up.

\"\" Also from the Department of Completely Obvious Facts : Exempting half the country from paying taxes in a democracy is a bad thing.

\"\" Oh neat, a website tracking Anti-Obama activities.

\"\" Another victory of single-payer health insurance, a 21-year-old has to have all her teeth removed because she couldn\’t find a dentist.

\"\" The Era of Obama : Praying to Allah in school is okay, praying to Jesus in school is bad.

\"\" Got Wood?? Well this guy has you beat, he\’s growing a fir tree in his lung.

\"\" Presumably having cured AIDS and cancer, scientists have figured out how to figure premature ejaculation.

\"\" I think I found the reason for California\’s budget problems….they\’re spending $25 million per mile to pave a road.

\"\" Apparently simply photographing a federal building is now legal reason for harassment by police and an order to leave.  How is that legal…well according to the dumbass cops in this video, by the National Security Act or something.

\"\" Obama taps some guy to be his Border Czar….which is good because we didn\’t have anyone else to do that type of job, certainly nothing like a Department of Homeland Security or something.

\"\" Irony just exploded…Iran is complaining about Israeli threats.

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