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NCAA Hockey Picks

March 22nd, 2006 by Kevin

Ok NCAA Hockey tournament starts this weekend. Let\’s see how I do this year. Picks and commentary are as follows

First Round

Minnesota vs Holy Cross : Minnesota
Granted Minnesota lost to the Huskies and the Badgers but hopefully they can pull themselves together for one game at least. Besides….it\’s Holy Cross.

Michigan vs North Dakota : North Dakota
North Dakota is on a tear. But Michigan is no pushover, and it a couple years I think they\’ll be an even better team. But I still give North Dakota the edge, plus they have the momentum of the WCHA Championship behind them.

Miami vs Boston College : Boston College
Why does Miami still have a hockey team? Yeah, they threw together a couple decent forwards, but still nothing in front of the net. Boston should have a good practice here.

Omaha vs Boston University : Boston University

Wisconsin vs Bemidji : Wisconsin
Yeah, I know I\’m supposed to be impressed with Bemidji. I\’m not there yet. I\’m giving this one to Wisconsin

Colorado College vs Cornell : Colorado College
Cornell isn\’t a bad team, but they are also in a shitty conference. I think their hopes will be deflated by playing Colorado College, who certainly isn\’t as good as they could be, but they know how to compete at this level. Possible upset here, but I\’m still sticking with CC.

Harvard vs Maine : Maine
Definitely Maine. Solid Team, explosive power play.

New Hampshire vs Michigan State : Michigan State
Buy souvenirs New Hampshire, cause that\’s all you\’re getting today.

Second Round – Quarterfinals

West Regional
Minnesota vs North Dakota : North Dakota
Minnesota has been on a slide. North Dakota has been looking good down the stretch. And with my SCSU background, I simply can\’t give Minnesota the nod…that and they\’re gonna lose.

Northeast Regional
Boston College vs Boston University : Boston College
This one is gonna be fun to watch. I think I\’m giving the edge to Boston College, but this one I could easily see going either way. As you\’ll see in the next round though, it doesn\’t really matter.

Midwest Regional
Wisconsin vs Colorado College : Wisconsin
Here Colorado\’s vulnerabilities will finally cost them. After struggling in the first round, they\’ll be crushed in the second. So long CC, and if you could take the Badgers fans with you please? They\’re pissing me off.

East Regional
Maine vs Michigan : Michigan
Ok, if I was gonna rank upset opportunities, this is the top one. I\’m going with Michigan, but if there are alot of penalties, I can see Maine pulling a win out of their ass. Keep the penalties down, and Michigan should be able to pull this one out.

Third Round – Semifinals – The Frozen Four

North Dakota vs Boston College : North Dakota
I honestly can\’t see Boston College being able to handle the physical play of North Dakota. This will probably be an easier game for North Dakota than the Quarterfinals were.

Wisconsin vs Michigan : Wisconsin
I can easily see Wisconsin taking an early lead and forcing Michigan to leave their comfort zone and attack hard. Gotta give this one to Wisconsin. Plus it\’s in Wisconsin….well, not that that matters for Wisconsin fans.


North Dakota vs Wisconsin : North Dakota
Haven\’t we seen this already??? The Sioux have already shown they can shut down the scoring of Wisconsin with their physical play. Same result. Sioux win.

If these aren\’t enough chances to make bets on, may I make a suggestion for yet another? When do the University of Minnesota fans start rioting.

I predict first car fire starts at 10:30 pm on Saturday.

UPDATE : Other MOBsters weighing in. Nihilist picks Minnesota over Colorado College. And The Elder whose picks which are oddly similar to mine (except the quarterfinals), picks North Dakota over Wisconsin as well. I would say great minds think alike but I\’m afraid Chad doesn\’t have the necessary equipment.

UPDATE : I have closed the comments on this post because probably 90% of the spam I get is directed at this post for some reason.

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