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2011 Predictions

January 3rd, 2011 by Kevin

Since my 2010 Predictions absolutely sucked, I\’ll ignore past performance and assume you\’re clamoring for what your skilled prognosticator has predicted for this upcoming year.

\"\" Nancy Pelosi will finally obtain her goal of being the first politician to achieve a 0% approval rating

\"\" Sarah Palin will NOT run for President

\"\" Pawlenty will.

\"\" Huckabee won\’t

\"\" Mitt Romney will.

\"\" A large number of small banks previously kept afloat by TARP will fail.

\"\" We\’ll all find out what happens when a state declares bankruptcy thanks to California.

\"\" That\’ll be after rumors of cuts to state services causes riots and other social unrest.

\"\" The individual mandate will be ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court

\"\" ObamaCare will be defunded, but not repealed.

\"\" Gitmo will not close, despite an executive order requiring it to close by January 22nd.

\"\" Obama\’s approval rating will fall into the teens

\"\" Leadership will change in North Korea, but it will not be a clean transition

\"\" European countries will begin to abandon the Euro, Germany will be first

\"\" At the national level, Republicans will make only token symbolic cuts to our budget, very few substantive structural cuts will be made

\"\" Conservatives support for the Republican party will plummet as a result.

\"\" China\’s economy will begin to cool, setting off worries around the global about both political and economic stability.

\"\" Michael Steele will NOT be re-elected as RNC Chair

\"\" The economy will continue to sputter

\"\" The Vikings will suck again…

\"\" The Wild will too….

\"\" Twins won\’t…

\"\" The metrodome will be repaired….

\"\" …just in time for a plan to be put in place to replace it WITHOUT state funding

\"\" There will be a short state government shutdown

\"\" Republicans will force Gov Dayton to accept a smaller budget that includes significant cuts to both Education and Health & Human Services, but does NOT include tax increases.

\"\" Liberals will declare this the end of the world.

\"\" The public won\’t notice the difference.

\"\" Dayton will fall off the wagon….again.

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