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Pancake Day?

February 28th, 2006 by Kevin

Pancake Day?? Of all the stupid things. What\’s next? Rubber Band Day?

Of course any reason is enough for Hewitt to pick on our own Chad the Elder of Fraters Libertas. He\’s been running a photoshop contest to make fun of the Elder, which was apparently enough motivation for Triple \”I whine cause I can\’t win\” A to totally rip off my Super-Cool Exciting Contests.

Heh, Hewey, can I call you Hewey, Chad is OUR punching bag. Keep your mitts off unless you\’ve paid the tax deductible donation of only $29.95.

After all, I think your show needs a bit more prep. I mean for one that claims to be such a fan and expert on pancakes you don\’t know butter from syrup. Otherwise how do you explain chastising a caller for challenging you on the claim that pancakes were an American invention, originating in Cleveland??

Heh Hugh, there are plenty of pancake recipes dating back to the early 15th century. That was BEFORE Christopher Columbus was even born. And it was certainly before the city that forced Drew Carey upon us was born.

So stick with what you\’re good at Hugh….uh, you\’re gonna have to remind us what that is. Meanwhile, leave the picking on the Fraters to the MOB, it\’s what WE are good at.

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To Mischke Supporters

January 3rd, 2006 by Kevin

Ok this is a serious question. I\’m not even joking. How the hell is this hack entertaining?? I know I\’ve heard many people claim he\’s a radio genius. Now either this was sarcasm that flew under my radar or I\’m missing an inside joke that is key to enjoying his program.

I\’ve listened to him before when he was in the late late night timeslot. I had similiar impressions then. But I wrote it of as….well, what did I expect? Besides me the only other people awake are insomniacs and alcoholics. Not exactly an audience that should be difficult to entertain.

Since then I\’ve heard people say how great he is. And now he gets moved to the evening drive time slot. I thought, I\’ll give him another shot. My opinion??? If I had an acetyle torch within arms reach my ears would be crispy critters by now.

I don\’t get it. He\’s awful. The most asinine mumblings I\’ve ever heard. His delivery reminds me of the recently-late comedian Mitch Hedburg….except Mitch was funny. Mischke is well….not even close. I kept waiting for a punch line that never came. His mental state also quickly came into question. Eventually I realized mine was in question as well since I still had the radio on.

So I turned it off.

Someone want to explain to me why I should ever turn it on again and risk listening to that again?

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Early Morning Dose Of Hostility

August 16th, 2005 by Kevin

Listening to the Ron & Mark show on AM1500 KSTP this morning. They were rambling as usual. I think about gossip and how crazy it can get sometimes and how everyone does it. It was a good natured, and slightly amusing conversation.

Anyway, a caller calls in and says she has a friend who doesn\’t partake in gossip. If he walks into a room where it\’s going on, he\’ll tell the people he doesn\’t want to hear it. Very noble. The callers explanation for this was that he was a very religious Muslim and simply doesn\’t believe in it.

Then either Ron or Mark chimed in \”Yeah, he probably had a bomb strapped to his back\”. And then they both roared in laughter.

Meanwhile, I damn near choked to death, and turned off my radio.


I was rather pissed off by that comment and to a certain extent I was trying to figure out why. I mean certainly I think there is a great deal of common sense in the idea of profiling in law enforcement. I mean we\’re talking public safety. But what was this? Certainly not public safety. It\’s a fucking radio show….and a half assed one at that.

An innocent carefree humorous conversation, and suddenly that? Where the hell did that come from?

Is this what the effort has become? A big joke?? Is Muhammad the Suicide Bomber going to be the next guest on your favorite sitcom?

And when did suicide bombings become amusing anyway? I guess with time most things are eventually declared open season to make a joke out of. But I clearly missed the memo on suicide bombings.

Plus since when did all Muslims become the enemy? Is that what the War on Terror is now to some? Certainly not in my eyes. Extreme Islam? Sure. Fundamentalists? Absolutely. Islam in general. I hardly think so.

It still irritates me and I can\’t find a way to adequately put it in words. Were I a disciple of the ACLU I\’m sure I could just sue the station and get some perverse pleasure out of that. But I\’m not.

Time to find a different station to listen to in the morning. I\’m sure the NARN guys have a recommendation.

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