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Real or Fake

August 14th, 2010 by Kevin

Can you tell the difference between Real or Fake government programs?? According to this man-on-the-street interview, apparently most people can\’t.

Actually the problem with paying attention to politics is I play this game every day.

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Plug The Damn Hole!

May 26th, 2010 by Kevin

Reportedly President Obama was recently heard to utter \”Plug the damn hole!\”. I heard the comment out of context so I was momentarily confused regarding which hole he was referring to. Several possible options immediately came to mind…

Was it Biden\’s mouth?? From which so much comedy gold easily flows…much to the embarrassment, if they\’re smart enough to be, of the Obama Administration.

Was it the holes in the border? The holes through which millions of illegal aliens, including violent criminals, constantly flows. So much so that Arizona finally gave up on the federal government doing it\’s job and adopted Federal (and California) law, as it\’s own.

Was it the holes in public opinion? Obviously there must be one somewhere because Obama\’s approval ratings have been sinking across all demographics.

Was it Nashville, TN? The city which was under several feet of water for a days and days without warning….not that you\’d know it from the federal governments non-response.

What it TARP and the bailouts?? Through which we\’ve pissed away billions of dollars to no apparent benefit, except to nationalize the auto and student loan industries?

Was it Obamacare? Through which we\’re about to piss away billions of dollars more, to no apparent benefit, and quite possibly catastropic results???

Was it the upcoming The American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010?? A bill which pisses away even more billions by increasing spending by $174 billion, through $40 billion in tax increases and $134 billion in deficit spending…again to no apparent benefit.

Was it the SEIU?? Through which, while most Americans 401K plans are sinking, we\’re about to bailout underfunded and over generous union pension plans to the tune of $165 billion….because union bosses mismanaged the funds during good times, such as spending $85 million on getting Obama elected.

Is it the spot where the federal budget should be?? Because while they have an 18-seat majority in the Senate, more than a 70-seat majority in the House, and they control the White House, they still can\’t manage to even propose a budget….which leaves two possibilities, incompetence or apathy.

What hole was it that Obama angerly interrupted an aide and demanded that they \”plug the damn hole!\”

Turns out it was just that oil leak in the Gulf…the one the Federal government dithered about upon for over a week and still haven\’t gotten their act in gear. Turns out they are considering taking over from BP to address the issue….even though, by their own admission, they couldn\’t do any better job than BP has done.

At least BP is trying, which is more than can be said for the Federal government, as the state of Louisana can tell you.

At least BP is accountable to stockholders, who is the federal government accountable to….the voters?? The Obama administration has long since shown they don\’t give a damn what the voters think, as adequately evidenced by Obamacare, the AZ immigration bill, terrorist trials, bailouts and their rampant deficit spending.

No Obama, the only hole I wish was filled is the gaping chasm which appears to exist between your ears.

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New Accurate GM Ad

May 20th, 2010 by Kevin

Someone accuratized* that lying annoying GM ad and replaced the words with much more accurate words.  Admittedly it\’s less likely to sell cars but you give enough money to Uncle Sam on April 15th, did you really need to give more to them in return for a car?

* Yeah, it\’s a new word, I just made it…deal with it.

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Obama Derangement Syndrome Diagnosed

April 13th, 2009 by Kevin

In the past few years crazy liberals have been labeled as being afflicted with Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) since it drove them to do crazy things. Mass rallies where they really embarrassed themselves.  Cries of Nazism and Fascism at the slightest (or no) provocation.  It’s not hard to find plenty of examples of this rather strange syndrome.

After the election many conservatives warned others not to fall to Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS).  For the most part conservatives haven’t although there are exceptions (as always).  But that doesn’t mean ODS hasn’t still struck, except to the opposite people we expected.  Liberals have been simply besides themselves lately because well….this just wasn’t the way it was supposed to be!!

Guns were supposed to go out of style.  It was going to be a kinder, gentler world, hand delivered by our savior  Obama who was going to ride in on his white unicorn, farting rainbows and shitting puppies.  Instead we have obscenely high demands for firearms of all types.  Depressing shortages of ammunition of all calibers.  And support for gun control is falling as fast as gravity can take it.  And even accounting for factors such as the economy, there is no explanation other than Obama.

Also, the world was supposed to love us again.  Instead we’ve gotten no additional assistance for allies and our enemies have not recoiled at blinding white light that is Obama.  Instead our enemies have been pushed their limits even more, positive they can get away with it, and so far there has been nothing to prove them wrong.  Our allies instead of falling victim to the spirit of cooperation, have instead been even more resistant to our pleas.  Some of that may be due to Obama’s rather unique (inept) form of diplomacy that seems to grant less courtesy to our allies than to others.  The treatment of the Queen of England versus the King of Saudi Arabia is only one small and recent, although convenient, example.

The American people were supposed to drown in a sea of utopian happiness.  Everyone was supposedly going to gladly offer up their hard earned wages and offer no protest to the Obama Administration’s outrageous spending proposals.  After all, it was all for the greater good and the community as a whole.  Instead, the growing trend of Tea Parties across the country were first ignored, and now just seem to stymie their best attempts to understand the phenomenon.  Instead they’ve tried to label the Tea Parties as funded by Fox News, or part of a vast right wing conspiracy, or [ insert next lunatic theory here ].  The idea of this being a true grassroots effort is truly beyond comprehension.  Ordinary people just weren’t supposed to do this in the Age of Obama!!

Obama Derangement Syndrome is here and it’s real, except it afflicts those previously afflicted with Bush Derangement Syndrome.  One would be tempted to simply call these people deranged and leave it at that.  Their world is falling apart.  They had built up this utopia in their mind and they’ve been fighting for it for over a generation now.  They controlled the House and the Senate, now they just needed a leader, nah, a messiah to lead this country into the promised land of utopian socialism.  Then comes Obama with his smooth voice and uplifting rhetoric, and they trifecta was complete!  But none of it is turning out the way they planned, and we’re likely to see the greatest temper tantrum this side of your average two-year-old.

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The Stimulus Is Coming!!

January 27th, 2009 by Kevin

\”The Stimulus Is Coming!\”

That\’s a phrase that probably strikes as much terror in some people as \”The British Are Coming!\” once did, and \”The Rapture Is Coming!\” someday will.

But at 1588 pages and $850 billion, nobody really has a clue what\’s in the The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009, hereafter known as the Obama Rape Every Citizen\’s Pocketbook Swindle of 2009.  But thanks to one of the better inventions of Al Gore, you can find the entire thing on the Intertubes, helpfully indexed at ReadTheStimulus.org.  So join thousands of other Americans in doing what our legislators will probably never actually do, reading the damn thing.

The work has already begun and the findings are rather depressing.

For example, a stimulus bill is meant to:
A) Drown the country in pork
B) Bribe any potential Democratic voters
C) Stimulate the economy

If you answered \”C\” you clearly are not familiar with government programs.  One would expect a stimulus bill to stimulate the economy immediatly by giving the economy a spark and creating jobs, or at least create an environment to soften the landing and ease the recovery.  Which doesn\’t explain why most of the money isn\’t scheduled to be spent for many years…presumably once the economy is recovering.  This doesn\’t really strike me as spending that belongs in a stimulus bill.

Plus many of the programs started in this bill don\’t have a sunset, which means just like most of the New Deal, we\’ll still be living with a lot of this new spending decades down the road.  Decades after it was useful (if it ever was) and far past when it was necessary (if it ever was).

Plus there are figures like this:

The House Democrats’ bill will cost each and every household $6,700 in additional debt, paid for by our children and grandchildren.

The bill provides enough spending – $825 billion – to give every man, woman, and child in America $2,700.  $825 billion is enough to give every person in Ohio $72,000.

There\’s lots more where that came from.

So join the effort and read through the Obama Rape Every Citizen\’s Pocketbook Swindle of 2009 and find your favorite passages of all the porky goodness.

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