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Rumors Of My Death Have Been Exaggerated

January 3rd, 2011 by Kevin

….well they mostly have.

First let me apologize to all two of you who are still looking at this page (hi Mom!) for leaving for so long.  Prior to the election I just didn\’t have time, what with managing a campaign.  Then the election campaign, and despite winning by about 20%, I was burnt out beyond all belief for all things, especially politics.  And to be honest the last thing I wanted to do was write.

And then lately I\’ve been asked, harangued and shamed about my potential retirement from blogging.  And to be truthful I\’ve just started having the urge to write on occasion.  But at the same time, while I\’ve always done websites on the side, lately that work has stepped up a bit and I\’ve been rather involved with that.

So I think I\’ll start up again, but I can\’t promise it\’ll be all that regular until I get into some sort of rhythm again

Happy 2011!!

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WordPress 3.0

June 22nd, 2010 by Kevin

Any of you bloggers out there running WP upgraded to the 3.0 yet?  Curious what your thoughts are??

I\’m waiting to upgrade because I figure it\’ll take awhile for plugins and templates to be updated for the new API and I\’ll let them work the initial bugs out first.  But curious if there are any early adopters out there with impressions so far.

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No Posts For Nothing

June 8th, 2010 by Kevin

Yeah, remember when I said blogging was from this point on subject to the demands of political campaigns? Yeah, well you\’ve been seeing it…well that and lots of stuff going on in the life of your author.  But I\’m sort of back and given how well my political prognosticating abilities have been I thought I\’d take another look at the Senate races around the country.

But with today being \”Super Tuesday\” as far as primaries go around the country, it didn\’t make much sense to do it today only to have it outdated within 24 hours.  So you\’ll see that tomorrow.  Today you get…..another YouTube video….

PJTV and it\’s affiliates have been on a tear lately with some pretty damn good videos and here is no exception.  Remember that cool Money for Nothing video from back in the 80s?? You know, back with Music Television (MTV) actually played music??  Well Politizoid politicized it and now it\’s on YouTube for your enjoyment.

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Consider It Done

May 14th, 2010 by Kevin

I\’ve occasionally been told I should clean up my language here.  I\’ve resisted because, well, this site was never an exercise in classical writing.  But I\’ll concede the point a bit.  Since I\’m too lazy and stubborn, I\’ve hired someone else to handle that problem for me.

In the future if you\’ve got problems with the language on your screen, please direct your complaints here and it will be cleaned up.

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We\’re Still Cleaning Up…

April 27th, 2010 by Kevin

Yeah, you might have noticed we were offline for most of the weekend and part of yesterday.  Turns out some hackers from Malaysia decided to try to take over my server.  Took a little bit of effort but I think I finally got everything squared away.

As a result I\’m a little busy with that and no bloggy time…I had hoped to put up a commentary on the Emmer vs Seifert battle but that\’ll have to wait for tomorrow.

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You Are All Horrible For My Motivation

April 1st, 2010 by Kevin

I\’ve been blogging here for the better part of 9 years now, and topics and posts have varied on quality, topic, effort, etc.  I like to think quality has improved, even if my grammar hasn\’t.  But the effort is always there and the topic changes according to what\’s topical. Overall, my interest has risen and fallen over that time.  Lately, as you\’ve probably noticed I haven\’t had as much fire in the belly so I\’ll just sluff it off….a bit of blogger\’s burnout if you will.

But in those nine years, I\’ve noticed a trend.  I can spend a great deal of time writing out a very structured and well-researched article about a hot topic.  I\’ll be all proud of it, post it and nothing.  Tumbleweeds blow across the post as there is absolutely no reaction to it.

On the other hand, I can have writer\’s block and absolutely no motivation to post anything, but know that I probably should.  So I slap together two half-completed thoughts and call it a night.  Then all day long people are leaving comments on it.  It\’s almost as if the blog turns into some weird Complete-Your-Own-Adventure book, where you guys find it necessary to complete my thoughts.

Knowing that is absolutely killing my motivation to put effort into this site.  Because if I wasn\’t blogging I would be…..

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Deep Thoughts With Kevin

October 9th, 2009 by Kevin

Yeah, I think I\’m back….just with a greater appreciation for things that are truly important, and the understanding that other things just aren\’t even close.  This blog falls in the latter.  So while before I made an effort to blog Sunday through Friday, now you get fresh blogginess whenever I damn well feel like it.

\"\" Clueless politicians, businesses hate uncertainty and the economy won\’t improve until you knock off your stupid crap.

\"\" The IRS didn\’t answer 22.4 million calls from taxpayers, yeah this whole government health care is gonna work out great.

\"\" Oh good, the average family of four is only going to have to pay $7,110 more for health care under the government plan.  Although if you look through the roadmap for getting treatment under ObamaCare you can easily see why it\’s so damn expensive.

\"\" Good news, Hollywood aren\’t the only liberals that don\’t instinctively understand that sex with a child is wrong.  Obama\’s \”Safe Schools\” Czar has the same problem.  I tell you, Hope and Change.

\"\" Democrats still apparently supporting illegal immigrants getting government health care.  You Lie! I wish.

\"\" A neat variation of Google… get the results of whatever the person before you was searching for.

\"\" Obama sure is full of misinformation when it comes to health care.

\"\" Just in case you were wondering, yes, Ron Paul is still batshit crazy.

\"\" A cougar has been sighted in Eagan, although the DNR doesn\’t admit they exist in Minnesota.  But they only attack when the cat has gotten used to humans and when it is starving. Like if it\’s living in an urban area with out ample food supply…. …. uh oh….

\"\" Aaaah, poor Meghan McCain….the paparazzi didn\’t recognize her.  I guess she\’s not a big enough attention whore to compete with Hollywood.

\"\" Heh, as of October, there are now 66,513 carry permit holders in Minnesota.  That means that over 1 in a hundred people in Minnesota have a carry permit.

\"\" It used to be that there was nothing the United States couldn\’t do.  Nothing our country couldn\’t conquer.  But this is the era of Hopenchange, so basically the world has to handle it\’s own problems.  No wonder only 30% say the US will still be the most powerful at the end of the century… that\’s Hope&Change you can believe in.

\"\" This just in, cut back on the Omega-6s, pile on the Omega-3s.  Huh….good thing I planned on making my famous Omega-3 Hotdish tomorrow night.

\"\" Oh good, just what we\’ve needed.  Devices that allow women to pee like men.  If we\’re spending time/money on this, that must mean we cured cancer and AIDS and I just didn\’t notice.  Good job science guys.

\"\" Due to lots of box office flops, Hollywood is cutting budgets.  I don\’t think budget is the problem, it\’s a matter of them making movies that suck.  Well that and drooling over child molesters.

\"\" Gun control activists in Illinois feel they are being left out in the cold by Obama.  Yeah Illinois already has some of the most oppressive gun control laws in the nation, and one of the higher crime rates.  Obviously more gun control is the answer…..although 50% of the country doesn\’t agree.

\"\" Idaho schools are already declaring snow days.  Obviously this global warming is getting out of control.

\"\"Speak of global warming.  Remember how people like Al Gore keep referring to the science that supports global warming?  Well don\’t bother asking to see the raw data, because apparently it doesn\’t exist.  Either the dog ate it or it never existed in the first place.  Your pick.

\"\" Despite Obama\’s claims otherwise, the Congressional Research Service confirms that  Honduras\’ oust of Zelaya was totally legit and legal.  This is about the millionth time Obama has ignorantly opened his mouth and been proven wrong.  Hope and Change, we can only hope for  Hope and Change.

\"\" Oil producing companies want welfare if the Western world stops buying oil.  Perhaps they take all that money they are making from oil and invest it in infrastructure, rather than using it to bribe their people into not revolting.

\"\" Liberal Obama speechwriter loses her health insurance and has to go on a government health insurance program.  She then spends an entire article talking about how awful it is and how it\’d dreadfully more expensive….in fact she can\’t afford it.  Pleads with Congress to stop the madness they are pursuing.

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Dear Spammers

September 9th, 2009 by Kevin

I really do enjoy your spam, as some of it is quite creative.  I thought that Ally Bank (formerly GMAC Bank) spam was particularly creative.  And the subtle and very non-threatening emails from \”Jeff\” about \”Your Birthday\” were a nice touch.  I have to admit I\’m still a little touched about how worried you are with my penis size and my girlfriend is a little amused at your concern about how many times she gets off each night.  Although your obsession with my breast size is a little perplexing and the Acai berry spam is getting a little stale.  But overall your quality, and certainly your quantity, are to be admired.

However, I do have to register a complaint with your last batch of spam.  Christmas spam??  Seriously, it\’s still early September.  Not even the department stores are stocking up on Christmas stuff yet (and I just ran over to Sears to check).  So really, can you put that off for a few more months yet?? I mean at least until after Halloween??

I\’d really appreciate it.  Thanks.

With Love,

Kevin Ecker

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New Rule

August 6th, 2009 by Kevin

To : All political figures, organizations, entities, think-tanks, whatever

From : Kevin Ecker, Email User

Subject : Appropriate email subject lines

Ok look, I understand the need to write jazzy subject lines that stand out and make people actually want to open up the emails you blast out to your distribution lists.  Believe me, I understand.  I have to do the same thing with some of the emails I send out for like organizations.

However, let\’s all come to agreement on a new rule for those subject lines.  From this point forward, you are no longer allowed to use the phrase \”Playing Doctor\” in the subject line.

Politicians, as an occupation, screw people over on a daily basis.  The only reason we keep our complaining to a minimum is that you at least attempt to be subtle about it.  I believe this email subject line violates that rule.  So let\’s not do that yeah?


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Hi, I\’m That Guy In The Corner

July 6th, 2009 by Pat Staley

Just to introduce myself, I am the \”guy in the corner\” Kevin described in a post a week or so ago. 

I followed with a longish post about Cap & Tax, but didn\’t introduce myself.

My political claim to fame is that I am a mid-level Republican Party apparatchik in the greater Rosemount area.  I acknowledge that this is fame on par with the guy who works the express checkout at Target, but it does make me a popular phone-conversation-buddy of GOP gubernatorial candidates.

My professional background is as an accounting and finance consultant.  I\’m a CPA and MBA.  Business has been weak this year (Hire Me!), so in my underemployment I\’ve decided to do some blogging.

My biggest interest area, from my financial background, are economics and taxation issues.  This probably compliments Kevin\’s favorite axes of Immigration and 2nd Amendment .

And, for the record, I have yet to meet Drunk Guy.

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