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Liberals – Good For Nothing

September 14th, 2006 by Kevin

You know one of the big complaints I hear about liberals is that they don\’t give any answers, they just talk about how much they hate conservatives. Well as it turns out you can\’t even count on them to do anything about hating conservatives since it appears the liberals of Minnesota have backed out of Blog Wars. Or at least I haven\’t heard from a single one.

Jeesh, I provide them a forum to shoot at conservatives and they pass it up. Not that I should be surprised. After all their hero France was afraid to send their military to Lebanon if there might be shooting going on. Apparently their military just does bake sales or something. So why should I be surprised when liberals here have the same attitude. Although I\’m sure they are probably too busy hugging a tree or something I\’m sure.

Either way us conservatives are going to get together and have a good time. Still room for more people if you are interested. Don\’t even have to be a blogger if you want. If you\’ve heard the word \”blog\” before, you qualify. And since I just used it….well you qualify.

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Reminder : This Weekend Is Blog Wars

September 12th, 2006 by Kevin

Information to be found here.

Much fun to be had.

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Blog Wars – 9/16

September 2nd, 2006 by Kevin

I\’ve got my ticket, do you??

That\’s right Blog Wars has officially been scheduled. Here\’s the information

WHO : Blogger and blogger groupies of the right and left
WHAT : Paintball game of two teams, right vs left
WHEN : Saturday, September 16th at 3:00 PM – Right after the NARN radio show plus the Vikings don\’t play that day! We have a 4 hours time slot to play. In between games we can take a break to get liquids, food, etc.
WHERE : Adventure Zone Paintball in Rosemount.
WHY : To relax and have fun by shooting those with whom you\’ve been competing all year
HOW MUCH : Adventure zone will charge me $35, however, I am recommending you pay $40+ and proceeds will be going to the charity Soldier\’s Angels

With that $40 you get everything you need to play including the field fee, gun (Tippmann Custom 98), mask, and 250 rounds of paint. For $10 more, you can upgrade your gun to an Tippmann A-5 and get another 250 rds. You will be responsible for any additional paint you need to purchase beyond what comes with the package. Personally I go through 1000-2000 rds on a day of playing.

If this is your first time playing no worries. It\’s an easy game to pick up. Basically you shoot the opposing team and try not to get hit yourself. Good times. Clothing, I would recommend clothes you don\’t mind getting dirty. The paint is water-soluable but chance are you\’ll be crawling on the ground so they will get dirty. Long sleeves and pants are good.

Please RSVP to me by
document.write(\’contacting me here\’);
// –>

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MN Blogosphere Battle Royale Is On!!

August 4th, 2006 by Kevin

Well I gave the lefties one more chance to prove themselves and surprisingly they have summoned enough warm bodies to at least form a team….although admittedly they had to tap into their reserves (readers and their readers friends) to do so. It\’s a cheap move but heh, this is the Howard Dean Party….what did you expect?

The date is tentatively Saturday, September 16 so mark your calendars. I\’ll look for a paintball field that will meet our needs. I\’m willing to accept recommendations.

Once I pick the field I\’ll post locations, costs, and other misc details.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE : Did some recon work at a local field. Their fields are nice, but some of them are a little small for a couple dozen people. There is one that would be awesome for our group but on Saturdays it\’s reserved for open play….ugh. Sundays probably aren\’t gonna be good options because of either Vikings games or people attending church. Damn religious right!!! 🙂

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Dear Wrong (Left) Side Of The MN Blogosphere

August 4th, 2006 by Kevin

I threw down a challenge, I even got one of your own to endorse it. Hell I even got Mitch Berg to agree to show up….and still the best you can muster is three people?!?!

Come on, I mean I realize most of you are probably hiding from the warfare that is the Minneapolis nightlife but at least a dozen of you have to be willing to stop hugging your tree and defend your good name!!!

Speak up or forever be mocked. You have 48 hours to comply, after that I officially declare the left a no-show and award the right bragging rights. No this isn\’t like a UN resolution…I actually plan on enforcing this one. And then myself and the rest of us gun nuts on the right will form our own battle royale and happily shoot each other….or maybe that\’s what you were looking for all along??

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Blogosphere Battle Royale Update

July 31st, 2006 by Kevin

Ok, so initial response to the Blogosphere Battle Royale has been mixed. Despite plugs from the Fraters, Shot in the Dark and Captains Quarters, I have about a dozen people on the right that are interested. Not that that isn\’t enough to form a team, just would like a larger number if possible.

The real issue is the lefties. Whom appear to be sticking to their tree-hugging ways and avoiding the challenge. As near as I can tell from Rew\’s comment thread, there are a few takers and then a few \”ehhhh, maybe, we\’ll see….i dunno\”.

I\’m hoping the case is just that people aren\’t willing to commit without details so I\’m going to go forward with the plan and see what happens. I suppose worst case scenario, we break up the game into an inter-conservative brawl. I envision two scenarios.
A) Team Illegal Immigrants vs Team Border Control
2) Team Spend Like Drunken Kennedys vs Team Fiscal Restraint

Either way, check back for details as I pick a field that will best serve our needs.

And please let me know if you are interested by leaving a comment either on this post or the previous one.

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