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Rumors Of My Death Have Been Exaggerated

January 3rd, 2011 by Kevin

….well they mostly have.

First let me apologize to all two of you who are still looking at this page (hi Mom!) for leaving for so long.  Prior to the election I just didn\’t have time, what with managing a campaign.  Then the election campaign, and despite winning by about 20%, I was burnt out beyond all belief for all things, especially politics.  And to be honest the last thing I wanted to do was write.

And then lately I\’ve been asked, harangued and shamed about my potential retirement from blogging.  And to be truthful I\’ve just started having the urge to write on occasion.  But at the same time, while I\’ve always done websites on the side, lately that work has stepped up a bit and I\’ve been rather involved with that.

So I think I\’ll start up again, but I can\’t promise it\’ll be all that regular until I get into some sort of rhythm again

Happy 2011!!

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6 Responses

  1. Lloyd Says:

    Good to have you back!! After combing the hospitals and morgues in late November we started looking in the cemeteries, then someone saw you at a Wild game but you avoided him. We thought maybe you were in the witness protection program so we looked in that database (www.government.total.tansparency.exceptmyadministration@obama.gov) but you weren’t in there. So we googled your name and came across some minor websites but quickly left those as I was on a work computer and am not allow to look at porn. Finally, we heard gunshots in Apple Valley yesterday and thought “hey, he’s OK”. So anyways, glad to have you back.

  2. maddmedic Says:

    Just when I was going to remove you from my feed reader also!!
    You show up again….


  3. Kermit Says:

    Another gun nut back on the interwebs. When will Janet Napolitano get to work and stifle this hate speech?

  4. Harvey Says:

    Like I’ve always said, it’s your blog, you can do whatever the hell you want with it.

    Although I’m glad your whatever the hell now includes more posting :-)

  5. links for 2011-07-31 « Marty Andrade Says:

    [...] EckerNet.Com » Blog Archive » Rumors Of My Death Have Been Exaggerated // Come back Kevin. Not everyone gets to enjoy your facebook page. (tags: MOB blogging) [...]

  6. AAA Says:

    Si se puede!

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