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Stop Me If You\’ve Heard This One Before…

In a move only he could be proud of, President Obama has announced he\’s deploying 1,200 National Guard troops on our southern border.  If this sounds familiar it\’s because President Bush tried it to shore up his non-existant pro-enforcement credentials in advance of his attempt to pass another amnesty for illegal aliens.  President Obama\’s move is just as transparent.

President Obama almost certainly realizes the immigration issue has gotten away from him and he\’s on the wrong side of a losing issue.  He need to give his Democrats something (ANYTHING!) to hang their hat on, and this is it.  He\’ll attempt to show what a pro-enforcement group Democrats can be by putting a paltry 1200 troops on the southern border.

The southern border is roughly 2000 miles long…so even if they are all standing their 24/7 that still amounts to less than one Guard member per mile.  Think you (or anyone) can actually monitor, much less enforce, a mile of (often difficult) terrain?  Especially when your orders don\’t allow you to do much, essentially leaving you to be overrun by heavily armed drug runners.

At best, putting troops on the border is a stop-gap measure…but there has to be something in the future to close that \”gap\”, something has to change.  Unlike the claims of those seeking a comprehensive immigration reform (AKA amnesty), we could make great strides towards closing that gap by just enforcing existing laws, which is all Arizona is attempting to do. But that\’s not going to happen when you have the head of Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) declaring they won\’t process illegal aliens referred by Arizona.  And you have ICE modifying their policies such that they no longer will attempt to detain and deport illegal aliens at all.

This desperate move is transparent scrambling to regain control of an issue they are quickly losing in the realm of public opinion.  Problem is the that public wasn\’t real receptive to endless demagoguery of the Arizona bill by the media, the White House and the Democrats, it seems unlikely they\’ll be impressed with this either.

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