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You Are All Horrible For My Motivation

I\’ve been blogging here for the better part of 9 years now, and topics and posts have varied on quality, topic, effort, etc.  I like to think quality has improved, even if my grammar hasn\’t.  But the effort is always there and the topic changes according to what\’s topical. Overall, my interest has risen and fallen over that time.  Lately, as you\’ve probably noticed I haven\’t had as much fire in the belly so I\’ll just sluff it off….a bit of blogger\’s burnout if you will.

But in those nine years, I\’ve noticed a trend.  I can spend a great deal of time writing out a very structured and well-researched article about a hot topic.  I\’ll be all proud of it, post it and nothing.  Tumbleweeds blow across the post as there is absolutely no reaction to it.

On the other hand, I can have writer\’s block and absolutely no motivation to post anything, but know that I probably should.  So I slap together two half-completed thoughts and call it a night.  Then all day long people are leaving comments on it.  It\’s almost as if the blog turns into some weird Complete-Your-Own-Adventure book, where you guys find it necessary to complete my thoughts.

Knowing that is absolutely killing my motivation to put effort into this site.  Because if I wasn\’t blogging I would be…..