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Lindstrom : Because Apologies Are For The Little People

February 17th, 2010 by Kevin

Well, it looks like Mr. Lindstrom saw my post from last night and realized his mistake, when he posted some libelous statements about Tara Mack and attempted to misrepresent what I said.  Instead of owning up to his mistake and admitting it just as publicly as he made them, he\’s silently removed them from his Facebook page.

Guess what Mr. Lindstrom, just because you take it down doesn\’t mean it never existed.  I\’d say you owe Rep. Mack an apology.

Might want to try actually calling her this time though.

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One Response

  1. seekr214 Says:

    Just shows what type of leader this guy would be if he would ever be elected. Thank our blessings he is not representing us right now.