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Lindstrom : Apparently Confused By The InterWebs

February 17th, 2010 by Kevin

Derrick Lindstrom, the DFL\’s sacrificial lamb for House District 37A, is a apparently a little confused about how these interwebs work.  For being an educator whose big issue is education, Mr. Lindstrom could apparently use some education himself on how the internet works.  In response to my article on him a couple weeks ago, Mr. Lindstrom posted the following on his Facebook page:

In the last week, Rep. have been misrepresenting my words, claiming I am sexist, and attacking me as a father. Tara Mack even went as far as to imply that I was attacking her for not having kids. The most colorful of statements include… He’s hardly what Minnesota needs right now or really ever. For a donation of $…25 our message can reach 250 homes. Will you set the record straight?

Poor Mr. Lindstrom…apparently so confused by something as simple as a blog post.

Let\’s start with the most comical, the statement he attributes to Rep. Tara Mack :

He’s hardly what Minnesota needs right now or really ever.

That\’s a direct quote from my article two weeks ago.  Despite me signing my articles with my name, he apparently still decided to attribute those statements to Rep. Mack.  Despite my website looking nothing like hers, apparently it\’s close enough for Mr. Lindstrom. Despite the fact that I have no association with Rep. Mack, other than her being my legislator, Mr. Lindstrom thinks I\’m the official spokesman for Rep. Mack.  Is someone this clueless really fit for the Minnesota Legislature?

And furthermore Mr. Lindstrom, I\’m not misrepresenting anything.  I\’m using your own words.  If you were misquoted, take that up with the newspaper.  Otherwise let\’s revisit your statements.

As to the me attacking you as a father, I never did that.  Again, I realize you have a problem with the written language but let\’s take a look at what I wrote.

And Mr. Lindstrom, despite being a family man, appears to be hold some rather anti-family priorities.

“Tara missed 27 floor votes, that’s 27 times the people of 37A did not have a voice”

First of all, in the grand scheme of things 27 votes isn’t a huge amount but that’s beside the point.  Rep. Mack missed only two days of the session….so she could attend her grandfather’s funeral when he died unexpectedly.  I know I know…clearly her priorities are a little messed up.  I mean she could attend her grandfather’s military funeral any time, but those 27 votes….well, the world could end.

You attacked Rep. Mack for missing floor votes without bothering to find out why.  She was attending her grandfather\’s military funeral.  But you chose to attack her for that.  So either you knew the reason and still attacked her, making you anti-family.  Or you didn\’t bother to find out the reason, which makes you incompetent.  Your pick!!

And while you may deny attacking Rep. Mack for not having kids, that\’s exactly what you did.  Parentage apparently grants you some sort of magical secret decoder ring to the mysteries of the legislature.  Therefore since you have kids and she doesn\’t, you\’re more qualified?  I\’ve never heard a male politician criticized or marginalized for not having children before, yet in this case it\’s okay?  How about you just stick to pointing out your qualifications (whatever they are) and leave the mudslinging to the pros (that\’s me!).

And because you apparently have problems with comprehension, I\’m typing this last part very slowly for you….

I am not Rep. Tara Mack.  I am Kevin Ecker, Apple Valley resident, local blogger, agent provocateur, and conservative activist.  My thoughts are my own.  If you really have a problem with what I have to say, you can respond to me in the comments.  Or you can continue to complain about me on Facebook, and I can continue to publicly point out your incompetence.

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