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Deep Thoughts With Kevin

February 24th, 2010 by Kevin

Yeah, I know I\’ve been slacking lately but heh, the customer is in town all week so I\’m busy.  So instead of insightful commentary that leaves you breathless at it\’s genius you get pithy snarky comments that leave you breathless at their brilliance….totally different.

\"\" If there ever comes a time that there is not a ready supply of delicious bacon, and therefore there is a need for \”Tactical Bacon\”, I don\’t want to live in that world.

\"\" Finally we\’re all in agreement, women are insane.

\"\" I\’m not surprised, but further proof that Republicans just haven\’t learned and are dooming themselves.  Even after all the Tea Parties and the criticizing Democrats for spending frivolously, Republicans still lead the earmarks list.  If you want Tea Party activists to take the Republican Party seriously, this is NOT the way to do it.  This is the way to virtually ensure a Third Party challenge from the Tea Party.

\"\" I bet the Department of Homeland Security has \”lost\” more guns in restrooms and the like, then have supposedly fallen into criminal hands via the mythical \”gun show loophole\”.

\"\" Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia

\"\" At least they weren\’t made \”unpersons\”

\"\" Utah passes a gun regulation exemption bill, similar to Montana\’s.  There are also several other states making serious attempts towards similar bills.  It\’s not so much the effect these bills themselves will have, but that yet another state is moving forward with this type of legislation.

\"\" Tea Parties show the Democrats have a serious demographics problem….especially since the elderly tend to vote at a far higher rate than most other voting blocks.

\"\" At one point Obama ridiculed his critics for thinking he was going to be a tax-and-spend liberal….now he\’s agnostic about raising taxes on the middle class.

\"\" A cost-benefit analysis between Palin\’s speech aids and Obama\’s

\"\" White House admits that unemployment will get even worse in 2010….aren\’t they also claiming that the stimulus totally worked?? The same stimulus that they insisted if we passed would mean unemployment would stay below 8%

\"\" A new study has revealed the mathematical formula for when the best time to get married is….according to that formula I just reached that age.  Hmmm, I dunno, someone\’s gonna have to get me pregnant first.

\"\" When Bush used executive power he was a tyrannical fascist dictator, when Obama does it, it\’s a savvy political move in the name of \”progress\”.

\"\" Didn\’t we pick Michael Steel as chairman because he was a media savvy spokesman that would make the GOP look good on the national stage?  Or at the very least he wouldn\’t show insanely Bidenesque qualities?

\"\" Military lessons from Gulf War II….interesting read.

\"\" Why is it that the White House feels the need to pick a fight with all their critics….I can\’t remember an administration being THIS thin-skinned.

\"\" Neat, Swiss prostitutes are now a full service provider…you can get your sex, and if you have a heart attack during it, they are prepared and trained to use defibrillators.

\"\" And the movie industry wonders why people pirate films

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  2. Lloyd Says:

    I don’t think George Orwell thought it would be this bad…