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2010 Predictions

January 4th, 2010 by Kevin

My 2009 predictions came off pretty good so I think I\’ll take another shot at predictions for 2010.

  • Despite a steady flow of Democrat scandals, no Democrat elected official will resign or be even remotely punished for their actions (i.e. Senator Dodd, Senator Rangel, etc)
  • There will be a token effort to bring up immigration as an issue this session, but it will be quickly quashed by Democrat leadership
  • The recession will begin turning around in early fall, but unemployment will not rebound yet this year.
  • Price of gold begins to decline late in the year
  • Vikings will lose in the second round of the playoffs
  • Wild will lose in the first round of the playoffs
  • Despite claims of global warming activists, the world does not end in 2010.
  • Iran will undergo a minor failed revolt, that will ultimately fail to bring about the end of the current regime
  • Iraq will continue to stablize
  • Modest gains will be made in Afghanistan but it will continue to be a security problem
  • Corruption will continue to run rampant in Afghanistan
  • North Korea will continue it\’s middle-child attention seeking behavior
  • Despite more Al Qaeda leaders being killed, Bin Laden remains at large
  • All of Minnesota\’s US Representatives are re-elected
  • GOP endorsedGovernor candidate?  Pat Anderson
  • DFL endorsed Governor candidate?  Margaret Anderson-Kelliher
  • Party of next MN Governor? GOP
  • Republicans make huge gains in both the House and Senate
  • Majority in both House and Senate stays with the Democrats.
  • Ammunition prices begin to fall
  • The Second Amendment will be incorporated against the states

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