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Grading My 2009 Predictions

Damn I\’m good, my yearly predictions were spot on in almost every area last year. Clearly I missed my calling. EckerNet has closed, now doing business as Kevin\’s Magic 8-Ball.

Despite eight years of liberals claiming otherwise, Bush will not in fact declare a dictatorship at the last minute…..yeah, I know I’m starting them out tough.

Yeah, big surprise on that one right? Although admittedly it probably was the the feverswamp at the Daily Kos.

Despite their respective scandals, neither Senator Dodd nor Senator Rangel will resign their Senatorship nor their respective committee chairmanship.

Another big surprise right?

The irony that the only reason they’re the chair of a committee is because Democrats regained the majority by campaigning on Republican’s \”culture of corruption\” will never be mentioned by the mainstream media nor the liberal left (but I repeat myself).


Immigration will not become a major legislative issue this year

Short of a few quiet attempts to get it started as an issue again, it did not.

The recession will begin turning around in the fall of this year

I\’m convinced it would have….had the Federal government stayed out of the way. In fact according to their own figures it probably would have too. I underestimated the ability of the Federal Government to shoot itself in the foot. Now if only we could figure out a way to make them shoot itself in the forehead.

Democrats will be unwilling to pass another bailout bill without bi-partisan support. Republicans will not provide it.

Democrats would like to but they\’ve clearly grown nervous about an already hostile public.

Obama, despite his record otherwise, will govern as a moderate this year

Ok to be fair I\’m not wrong or right here. Obama hasn\’t done a damn thing yet.

Fairness Doctrine, not gonna happen


Assault Weapons Ban? Not gonna happen, although if any anti-gun legislation is passed it’ll be to increase tax on ammo….effectively accomplishing the same thing

No AWB so far…although the MAIG is trying to push for it lately.

Vikings? One and out in the playoffs

Wild? Don’t even make the playoffs. Gaborik is traded at basement value to an east coast team.

Damn I\’m good. What\’s that you say? Gaborik wasn\’t traded at basement value to an east coast team. Well he did get sent to a east coast team and how much more basement can you get than free??

A member of Obama’s administration will be forced to resign due to a scandal

I might be cheating on this one because a number didn\’t even get past nomination before their issues got the best of them.

Global warming will lose popularity and credibility rapidly.

And it has…which has made the eco-crazies even more frantic and desperate.

Some how that doesn’t effect the fact that \”green jobs\” becomes the new hip trendy thing to worry about.

Good Lord the word green is everywhere. If it\’s not \”Green\” you are a complete bastard for even considering it.

Microsoft gives up on making Vista work and just skips right to the next version. Consumers are somehow still stupid enough to buy it, not having learned the lesson of Vista.

Spot on. Windows 7 appears. Everyone agrees to pretend Vista never happened.

Oil prices remain low through the year.

Eh, they aren\’t the prices that people were screaming about a couple years ago. But they aren\’t the $0.99 prices they were in the late 90s either. The public seems to have become acclimated to these prices as the new low.

China is the first to start to recover from the recession with the US following shortly thereafter

Well they have enough money to continue to bail our asses out don\’t they?

Iran declares it has nuclear weapons, although this might actually be verified

Well they\’ve announced intentions to continue on that path but so far as far as we know they don\’t have them.

Regime change in North Korea….from internal forces

It appears very likely I will be right about regime change from internal forces….just for the wrong country. Iran is imploded and North Korea is the quiet one now. So I had this backwards. I\’ll take a solid miss here.

Iraq continues to progress

And it does

In Afghanistan, the central government signs a power sharing agreement with the Taliban

And they effectively have.

Mainstream media continues it’s love affair with Obama

They try, but it gets more and more difficult every day.

Newspapers continue to go bankrupt

Anyone miss them?

Israel stops it’s war against Hamas before eliminating the threat. We got back to the same cycle all over again. Rinse. Repeat.

Yup….we haven\’t gotten repeat lately, but it\’s a matter of time.

Large Hadron Collidor will be started up again and will complete a full scale test. World does not end

They have. LHC is back up and running. And according to a friend of mine that works on the LHC they have had collisions. Very nice. Congrats.

GM declares bankruptcy. Again world does not end….neither does GM.

Well to be fair I think they are now Government Motors so I guess General Motors sort of ended.

Home prices continue to fall, bottom out in the spring. Eventually settle around a 3:1 to 5:1 median home price to median income ratio.

I don\’t know the nationwide figures but for my area they seemed to have settled in that range. Which I think is probably what is historically sustainable.

UPDATE : It’s been pointed out to me that I’ve been negligent on my prediction for a draft. In the run up to the elections for both 2000 and 2004, liberals tried to scare college kids into voting for the Democrat by insisting that Bush was going to instate a draft. This claim was made with absolutely no evidence but that didn’t stop them.

Yeah, no draft either.

Again I have to repeat….damn I\’m good.