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BB Gun = Copious Progressive Bedwetting

It\’s times like this I really wish I understood the \”progressive\” mindframe

An Eagan principal who let a parent shoot balloons with a BB gun in the school gym called his decision \”unwise\” on Monday after questions about the incident led to a school district investigation.

The balloon-popping took place after a ceremony held the evening of Dec. 8 for students graduating from a drug-awareness program at Red Pine Elementary. The kids got certificates, cake and helium balloons — some of which floated up to the ceiling. To get the balloons down, Principal Gary Anger let a parent volunteer bring a BB gun from home to pop them while a few people finished cleaning up the gym.

The BB gun troubled some adults in the school district, where students caught with weapons have been expelled. After Star Tribune reporters learned of the incident and started asking questions on Monday, officials in the Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan District said they were investigating it.

My brain gets to \”…..ok, so what??\” and then seizes up because I can honestly not fathom what the problem is. Balloons in the rafters, parents comes up with a fairly clever idea to get them down.  Nobody is ever in even a remotest possibility of danger.  Why are some \”adults\” supposedly \”troubled\”?? Or have they gotten so completely insane that simple the sight of something resembling a firearm causes them to wet themselves.

Even the Star&Sickle admits that no laws were broken, but that doesn\’t stop them from having an emotional breakdown over the incident.

So to all that find alarm in this story, this is for you:

Calm the hell down and get ahold of yourself.  We\’re trying to have a civilization here.  Firearms have been, and remain, an important tool in building and maintaining that civilization.  If you\’re going to wet yourself every time you\’re within three states of something that resembles on we\’re gonna be constantly cleaning up your piddle and that\’s just no way to do things.  So either put on some pampers or get a hold of yourselves.  That is all.

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