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BB Gun = Copious Progressive Bedwetting

December 22nd, 2009 by Kevin

It\’s times like this I really wish I understood the \”progressive\” mindframe

An Eagan principal who let a parent shoot balloons with a BB gun in the school gym called his decision \”unwise\” on Monday after questions about the incident led to a school district investigation.

The balloon-popping took place after a ceremony held the evening of Dec. 8 for students graduating from a drug-awareness program at Red Pine Elementary. The kids got certificates, cake and helium balloons — some of which floated up to the ceiling. To get the balloons down, Principal Gary Anger let a parent volunteer bring a BB gun from home to pop them while a few people finished cleaning up the gym.

The BB gun troubled some adults in the school district, where students caught with weapons have been expelled. After Star Tribune reporters learned of the incident and started asking questions on Monday, officials in the Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan District said they were investigating it.

My brain gets to \”…..ok, so what??\” and then seizes up because I can honestly not fathom what the problem is. Balloons in the rafters, parents comes up with a fairly clever idea to get them down.  Nobody is ever in even a remotest possibility of danger.  Why are some \”adults\” supposedly \”troubled\”?? Or have they gotten so completely insane that simple the sight of something resembling a firearm causes them to wet themselves.

Even the Star&Sickle admits that no laws were broken, but that doesn\’t stop them from having an emotional breakdown over the incident.

So to all that find alarm in this story, this is for you:

Calm the hell down and get ahold of yourself.  We\’re trying to have a civilization here.  Firearms have been, and remain, an important tool in building and maintaining that civilization.  If you\’re going to wet yourself every time you\’re within three states of something that resembles on we\’re gonna be constantly cleaning up your piddle and that\’s just no way to do things.  So either put on some pampers or get a hold of yourselves.  That is all.

[H/T Andrew]

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7 Responses

  1. J. Ewing Says:

    I believe the problem is the “zero tolerance” policy the school district rigidly enforces on students and teachers. For example, bringing a screwdriver to school for lab or shop would get you suspended (rule: no pointy things). We had a kid get suspended for forgetting there was a hunting rifle locked in his car (trunk, I believe), in the parking lot.

  2. Kevin Says:

    That policy applies to students. Teachers and parents can bring firearms onto the grounds with the permission of the principal.

    Technically it has to be written permission. However, since the principal was standing right next to him as he used it I’m pretty sure permission could be reasonably implied.

  3. Lloyd Says:

    If you fire a BB Gun within the city limits of Apple Valley, it’s considered a discharge of a firearm according to the AVPD. Schmid found that out when he borrowed my BB Gun to dispatch a crazy robin, they told him he couldn’t do it. Oddly enough, that same robin later committed suicide with that same BB Gun…weird

  4. Kevin Says:

    That’s bullshit and the AVPD doesn’t have a leg to stand on. The ATF has even ruled on this issue.

    BB guns are NOT firearms, I don’t care what the mentally challenged nitwits at AVPD think.

  5. Kevin Says:

    A BB gun is specifically defined separate from a firearm in MN Statute 624.7181 Subdivision 1.a

    It is specifically excluded from the definition of a firearm in MN Statue 624.712 Subdivision 2.

    So the AVPD can kiss my legally protected ass if it thinks it’s opinion trumps state law. You’d have to pull off some pretty impressive gymnastics to even define it as a dangerous weapon under the legal definition.

    And also the specific situation addressed in the original article is specifically permitted in MN Statute 609.66 Subdivision 1d.e.8.

  6. Kevin Says:

    I should also mention that in Title 18, United State Code, Chapter 44, the definition of “firearm” also does not include the BB gun.

  7. Night Writer Says:

    But…you’ll shoot your eye out!

    Isn’t this also the same school district that suspended two students who went to England on a school program and bought some replica swords (didn’t bring them to school, just purchased them while on a school sponsored trip). What a bunch of maroons.