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Deep Thoughts With Kevin

November 2nd, 2009 by Kevin

It\’s hunting season so I\’m in a constant state of recovering from a past hunting trip and getting ready for the next one.  So keep in that in mind.  This week is prepping for deer hunting coming up this weekend.  In that spirit the first couple links are deer hunting related.  And next week I will be sitting in the woods instead of doing anything online. And now you get some linkiness

\"\" I\’ve deer hunted long enough to learn that I\’ll never have learned all there is to know about deer.  That said, I would have been a good deal of money that deer did not eat meat.  As it turns out, I am wrong…..they are omnivores, they\’re just not very good at catching prey, so they mostly eat the leafy/fruity/nutty stuff.

\"\" I can only hope that on opening morning I see a deer half as nice as this 32-point buck some guy just shot in Camp Ripley.

\"\" Turns out that even the White House\’s estimation of a paltry 30K jobs being created or saved by porkulus was over-estimating.  So not even was their number pathetic, they were also wrong, and reality was even more pathetic.  So you\’re left with the option that either they intentionally mislead people or they are incompetent.  Not sure what is more reassuring.

\"\" I hear the train a coming, it\’s rolling round the bend, and I ain\’t seen the sunshine since I don\’t know when, I\’m stuck in Folsom prison, and time keeps draggin\’ on.  And by train I mean national socialized health care.  And by sunshine I mean fiscal responsibility.  And by Folsom prison, I mean a Democratically controlled America.  And by time I mean liberal lies.

\"\" What if George Bush had done that?  Yeah it\’s a question that gets asked pretty much non-stop with Obama.

\"\" Wow, too clueless for their own good and yeah, these are the same guys that beat the pants off McCain..  DNC uses flag desecration to raise money.

\"\" Awesome, thanks to Porkulus, the federal government will now buy everyone an electric golf cart.  See what happens when you cram stupid shit through Congress?

\"\" Surprise! Surprise!  The Democrat\’s health care reform would not contain health care costs.  In fact it will send them skyrocketing.  Remember what we just learned about cramming stupid shit through Congress?  On the other hand, simple tort reform will save $54 Billion immediately.

\"\" Apparently whether something violates the Constitution or not is not a serious concern for Nancy Pelosi.

\"\" Obama criticized Bush for his supposed ineptitude at foreign relations.  Well now Obama is doing even worse.  Now even France is pissed off at how slow Obama is moving.  When the FRENCH say you\’re moving too slow, you\’re either dead or….well apparently Obama.

\"\" Heh, all you people wondering how the hell a pilot could forget to land, remember it could get worse.  At least this pilot eventually landed on a runway, instead of a taxiway like this other pilot did.  The story gets worse if you look at a map of the Atlanta airport and know how that particular taxiway is used.

\"\" Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) says Democrats are \”trying on every front to increase the role of government.\”  No shit?  I didn\’t notice.

\"\" Fox News : 1 White House : 0

\"\" Turns out Obama is a sexist messiahEven NOW agrees.

\"\" President Obama will finally make a decision on Afghanistan in a week or so…..perhaps if he wasn\’t playing golf all the time he\’d find time to, well, do his job.

\"\" All you people saying nationalized health care will just lead to rationing are just scare-mongering!!!  Either that or you\’re paying attention to recent history.

\"\" Oh and it\’s gonna lower wages.

\"\" And it\’s gonna add a metric shit ton to the deficit.  What happened to PayGo?

\"\" Oh and it\’s going to cost you about $1700 in premiums per year.

\"\" Government says infant formula not deductible by mother with double mastectomy.  Yeah, this whole government run health care is gonna work out great!

\"\" Hmmm, apparently the Europeans are now on board with the whole pre-emptive strike thing now.  So Democrats if they\’re doing it, does that mean Bush was still wrong?

\"\" I seem to remember people constantly criticizing Bush every time he even thought about taking a day off.  But already Obama has spent more time playing golf that Bush did in two years.

\"\" Turns out health insurers don\’t actually have very big profits.

\"\" A fascinating interview with someone on the inside of the Bush administration….turns out Bush was damn near delusional about what conservatives thought or the state of the party.

\"\" Remember how they passed that rule that all federal contractors had to use E-Verify to verify the legality of their employees?? Opponents predicted the sky would fall.  As it turns out, it\’s working out pretty well.

\"\" I\’m kinda liking the look of this new phone Verizon is coming out with, called the Droid, and reviews are pretty good.

\"\" How to upgrade to Windows 7.

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