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Deep Thoughts With Kevin

October 9th, 2009 by Kevin

Yeah, I think I\’m back….just with a greater appreciation for things that are truly important, and the understanding that other things just aren\’t even close.  This blog falls in the latter.  So while before I made an effort to blog Sunday through Friday, now you get fresh blogginess whenever I damn well feel like it.

\"\" Clueless politicians, businesses hate uncertainty and the economy won\’t improve until you knock off your stupid crap.

\"\" The IRS didn\’t answer 22.4 million calls from taxpayers, yeah this whole government health care is gonna work out great.

\"\" Oh good, the average family of four is only going to have to pay $7,110 more for health care under the government plan.  Although if you look through the roadmap for getting treatment under ObamaCare you can easily see why it\’s so damn expensive.

\"\" Good news, Hollywood aren\’t the only liberals that don\’t instinctively understand that sex with a child is wrong.  Obama\’s \”Safe Schools\” Czar has the same problem.  I tell you, Hope and Change.

\"\" Democrats still apparently supporting illegal immigrants getting government health care.  You Lie! I wish.

\"\" A neat variation of Google…..you get the results of whatever the person before you was searching for.

\"\" Obama sure is full of misinformation when it comes to health care.

\"\" Just in case you were wondering, yes, Ron Paul is still batshit crazy.

\"\" A cougar has been sighted in Eagan, although the DNR doesn\’t admit they exist in Minnesota.  But they only attack when the cat has gotten used to humans and when it is starving. Like if it\’s living in an urban area with out ample food supply…. …. uh oh….

\"\" Aaaah, poor Meghan McCain….the paparazzi didn\’t recognize her.  I guess she\’s not a big enough attention whore to compete with Hollywood.

\"\" Heh, as of October, there are now 66,513 carry permit holders in Minnesota.  That means that over 1 in a hundred people in Minnesota have a carry permit.

\"\" It used to be that there was nothing the United States couldn\’t do.  Nothing our country couldn\’t conquer.  But this is the era of Hopenchange, so basically the world has to handle it\’s own problems.  No wonder only 30% say the US will still be the most powerful at the end of the century…..now that\’s Hope&Change you can believe in.

\"\" This just in, cut back on the Omega-6s, pile on the Omega-3s.  Huh….good thing I planned on making my famous Omega-3 Hotdish tomorrow night.

\"\" Oh good, just what we\’ve needed.  Devices that allow women to pee like men.  If we\’re spending time/money on this, that must mean we cured cancer and AIDS and I just didn\’t notice.  Good job science guys.

\"\" Due to lots of box office flops, Hollywood is cutting budgets.  I don\’t think budget is the problem, it\’s a matter of them making movies that suck.  Well that and drooling over child molesters.

\"\" Gun control activists in Illinois feel they are being left out in the cold by Obama.  Yeah Illinois already has some of the most oppressive gun control laws in the nation, and one of the higher crime rates.  Obviously more gun control is the answer…..although 50% of the country doesn\’t agree.

\"\" Idaho schools are already declaring snow days.  Obviously this global warming is getting out of control.

\"\"Speak of global warming.  Remember how people like Al Gore keep referring to the science that supports global warming?  Well don\’t bother asking to see the raw data, because apparently it doesn\’t exist.  Either the dog ate it or it never existed in the first place.  Your pick.

\"\" Despite Obama\’s claims otherwise, the Congressional Research Service confirms that  Honduras\’ oust of Zelaya was totally legit and legal.  This is about the millionth time Obama has ignorantly opened his mouth and been proven wrong.  Hope and Change, we can only hope for  Hope and Change.

\"\" Oil producing companies want welfare if the Western world stops buying oil.  Perhaps they take all that money they are making from oil and invest it in infrastructure, rather than using it to bribe their people into not revolting.

\"\" Liberal Obama speechwriter loses her health insurance and has to go on a government health insurance program.  She then spends an entire article talking about how awful it is and how it\’d dreadfully more expensive….in fact she can\’t afford it.  Pleads with Congress to stop the madness they are pursuing.

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