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Dear Spammers

September 9th, 2009 by Kevin

I really do enjoy your spam, as some of it is quite creative.  I thought that Ally Bank (formerly GMAC Bank) spam was particularly creative.  And the subtle and very non-threatening emails from \”Jeff\” about \”Your Birthday\” were a nice touch.  I have to admit I\’m still a little touched about how worried you are with my penis size and my girlfriend is a little amused at your concern about how many times she gets off each night.  Although your obsession with my breast size is a little perplexing and the Acai berry spam is getting a little stale.  But overall your quality, and certainly your quantity, are to be admired.

However, I do have to register a complaint with your last batch of spam.  Christmas spam??  Seriously, it\’s still early September.  Not even the department stores are stocking up on Christmas stuff yet (and I just ran over to Sears to check).  So really, can you put that off for a few more months yet?? I mean at least until after Halloween??

I\’d really appreciate it.  Thanks.

With Love,

Kevin Ecker

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