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Deep Thoughts With Kevin

August 10th, 2009 by Kevin

Heh, I\’m back in my house.  My wood floors are up and running.  Got the house mostly put back together although still more work to do cleaning up from the dust that seems to have penetrated every little nook and crany.  Now I\’m trying to work off a backlog of websites that seems to have built up in my absence.  I have events every night this week.  And on top of that we have a big deadline at work this Friday.  In short you can expect this week to be spastic or sporadic.

On the plus side, I attended the Cirque Du Soleil performance tonite, it was magnificent…to put it mildly. Especially the three women whom if my understanding of anatomy is remotely accurate, apparently have no spine or rib cage or pelvis and possibly femurs with multiple fractures.  Almost as entertaining and awe-inspiring was the performance by the two guys on the what I have to assume was called the whirling circles of death.  Normally I\’d say you have to attend but tonite was the last show in the Twin Cities.  You\’ll have to catch it elsewhere.  It\’s worth every penny.

\"\"According to Democrats, you can\’t possibly be a legitimate voice against health care reform if you\’re dressed even remotely well.  So here\’s a guide on how to dress to be taken seriously.

\"\" Don\’t listen to your lying eyes!! The Stimulus is working declares the White House, despite all evidence to the contrary.

\"\" Now Pelosi is offended by Swastikas?? She didn\’t have a problem with them when her people were using them to compare Bush to Nazis.

\"\"The Messiah appears to have lost his flock.  More people now consider Obama to have a failed presidency than at this same time with Bush.  Of course it\’s still very early.  Bush had yet to lead us through 9/11 and the start of two wars.

\"\" Liberals planning on counter \”organized false grassroots efforts\” to defeat health care with \”organized false grassroots efforts\”.  Irony takes the rest of the day off.

\"\" Also I really urge you to take advantage of this from the White House

There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can\’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we\’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to

If EckerNet.Com isn\’t being reported on a daily basis I will consider myself a failure.

\"\" One can argue the details of any of the potential health care bills and one can claim misinformation all they want.  When it really comes down to it, the simple math just doesn\’t work out.

\"\" AARP holds a  meeting to explain why the are supporting the health plan.  When members don\’t agree the AARP walks out but the members stay and continue the meeting.

\"\" You\’ve probably heard about this \”Republican group\” outlining how to \”disrupt health care townhall meetings\” in a memo.  Well it\’s all bogus….totally bogus.  Actually the only person advocating disruption is Obama himself.  Besides we can never compete with liberals when it comes to being an unruly mob.

\"\" Yeah, I\’m confused how the White House and liberals think this inform on your fellow citizens is okay?  When Bush was even trying to listen in on the phone conversations of terrorists, liberals everywhere flipped their wig.    But if you have even a different opinion that Obama now it\’s okay to be informed on?

\"\" Remember those 47 million uninsured you keep hearing about?? Here\’s how they break down.

\"\" Remember that F-22 aircraft that Obama just killed? Yeah the one that employed a crap load of highly paid people?  Turns out it is a key part of winning a Taiwan vs China skirmish.  And the tides have turned, China would now win that battle.

\"\" 10 Great Questions For Your Congressman

\"\" Here\’s what happens when the government is in charge and can\’t afford to pay for the health care you want….you\’re denied painkillers despite being in horrible pain.

\"\" In what should be a rather obvious rejection of liberal policies.  Left-leaning states economies are in shambles (i.e. California), while right-leaning state (i.e. Texas) are still doing fine.

\"\" Senator Dodd diagnosed with prostate cancer….considering his age and health, I\’m betting under ObamaCare he\’d be denied most of his treatment since his QALY rating is probably pretty low.

\"\" Five freedoms you\’d lose under ObamaCare

\"\" More people are carrying concealed firearms….and the country has NOT turned into the Wild West.  Huh…it\’s almost as if law-abiding citizens having guns isn\’t the problem.  But heh, you\’ll never hear the liars at Citizens For A Safer Minnesota admit that!

\"\" Proof that either the Japanese are totally insane or the recession has given Japan a miss.

\"\" This is just one example why \”no-knock\” raids by police are an incredibly stupid and dangerous idea.  Simply blasting down the door and identifying yourself as police is an awful idea when criminals can do the same thing, and they do.

\"\" Supposedly oil will run out in about 10 years….seems to me I\’ve heard this story a couple times in the past….about 10, 20, 30 and 40 years ago.

\"\" Great….Iraq now imposing China like restrictions on the Internet….

\"\" Interesting Pepto-Bismal ice cream

\"\" India just started buying weapons from the United States instead of Russia….they used to be Russia\’s second biggest customer.

\"\" Remember when Obama wouldn\’t put his hand over his heart for the National Anthem and all that hub-bub?  Well turns out he has no problem doing it for the anthem of Ghana.

\"\"Lawyers Hail Obama\’s Disparagement of Most Other Professions

\"\" Yeah, this is amusing but not to be taken seriously…..did the Bible give us the name of the Anti-Christ?

\"\" Remember when Bush wouldn\’t disclose visitors to the White House and the liberals absolutely flipped?  Apparently they have no problem with Obama doing the same.

\"\" Remember when Bush kept inserting the US into troubles all over the world and the liberals absolutely flipped? Apparently they have no problem with Obama doing the same.

\"\" Awesome, Wells Fargo now suing itself…and we wonder why our financial institutions went belly up.

\"\" Ron Paul is a truther now?

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