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Hi, I\’m That Guy In The Corner

July 6th, 2009 by Pat Staley

Just to introduce myself, I am the \”guy in the corner\” Kevin described in a post a week or so ago. 

I followed with a longish post about Cap & Tax, but didn\’t introduce myself.

My political claim to fame is that I am a mid-level Republican Party apparatchik in the greater Rosemount area.  I acknowledge that this is fame on par with the guy who works the express checkout at Target, but it does make me a popular phone-conversation-buddy of GOP gubernatorial candidates.

My professional background is as an accounting and finance consultant.  I\’m a CPA and MBA.  Business has been weak this year (Hire Me!), so in my underemployment I\’ve decided to do some blogging.

My biggest interest area, from my financial background, are economics and taxation issues.  This probably compliments Kevin\’s favorite axes of Immigration and 2nd Amendment .

And, for the record, I have yet to meet Drunk Guy.

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2 Responses

  1. drunkguy Says:

    well if you’d show up everyonce in a while… oh wait… maybe i’m the one not showing up… bah, who can keep track anymore?

    again, welcome, and if kevin tells you anyting about me, its total and complete BS… well maybe its spot on.. its hard to tell what hes going to say next… well sometimes it is… fine, it was onces…

  2. 50¢ Says:

    If you haven’t met DG, then you just haven’t lived yet.