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Doctor Messiah Checks In

July 2nd, 2009 by Kevin

For a guy that supposedly the greatest orator evah, he\’s not real good at choosing his words carefully.

Obama says country must \’stop clinging to\’ an unworkable and costly health care system.

Unworkable?? You mean like another government run health care system, which veterans say is \”in shambles\”??

Unworkable?? You mean like a system that the President himself refuses to trust his own family to??

Costly?? You mean like $2.7 trillion for only a 74% reduction in the uninsured??

Costly?? Or did you mean like $4 trillion to insure everyone??

I agree certain people should stop clinging to a costly and unworkable health care system, and by health care system I\’m talking about ObamaCare.

At least when I cling to my guns and religion I\’m not hurting anyone else.

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