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Deep Thoughts With Kevin

July 5th, 2009 by Kevin

A wonderful July Fourth weekend, with only one person needing to visit the hospital and one minor vehicular accident.  By our standards that\’s a complete success.

\"\" The troop pullout from Iraq begins…and nobody is reporting on it.

\"\" So where are all those \”green jobs\” Obama kept promising would lift us out of this depression?? Even the AP is curious.

\"\" Remember back when signing statements were documented proof of how evil President Bush was and Obama righteously declared he\’d never use them. Fast forward to today where Obama has already issued six of them. Hypocrite much?

\"\" FINALLY…the cellphone industry has come up with a standard charger. It\’s been pretty much a universal rule that whenever you leave your charger behind, nobody else within a 100 mile radius will have the same type of phone. Guaranteed.

\"\" How McDonald\’s conquered France…um, no offense but isn\’t that like bragging that you put your pants on by yourself this morning?

\"\" FireFox 3.5 is out and it\’s apparently a huge improvement over past versions. I\’ve been a Firefox user for awhile, but lately it\’s been mostly out of stubborness. Although to be honest, it would be hard to leave the billions in add-ons behind. Especially in the last few months the browser has become bloated, slow and buggy…basically it\’s become Internet Exploder. The Firefox 3.5 reportedly fixes all of that and returns it to it\’s roots.

\"\" Theoretically Africa alone could feed the entire world. I don\’t doubt that\’s true for a second, but I think you\’ll find that the effort to salvage agriculturally sound land will be miniscule compared to the efforts needed to remove the corruption and greed in African governments. Because if you don\’t get rid of the latter the former is worthless because the distribution system would be so problematic you\’d have entire crops rotting on shipping docks.

\"\" Just when you thought they couldn\’t do any worse, the Iranian mullahs prove exactly how inept they are at rigging an election.

\"\" Support for Sotomayor falling. Nothing like your future colleagues telling you you\’re way off to put a dent in the resume.

\"\" Back when Bush was President we kept hearing about how he was going to declare a dictatorship or cancel the election.  It was stupid then and it\’s stupid now.  Which is why it\’s sad to see Rush engaging in the same claims about Obama.

\"\" Ok now we should really be worried.  Obama thinks California is what we should use as a model for our economy.  Considering California is broke and has had higher unemployment than the national average, I think they are a good example of what NOT to do.  But then again, he won.

\"\" Fox News continues to absolutely dominate other networks in the ratings. Wonder why that could be.

\"\" According to California Democrats, dissent is now the equivalent of terrorism.  If you call your legislator and let them know what you think, you\’re damn near Osama Bin Laden

\"\" The Obama Administration actually argued, in court, that they shouldn\’t have to release any information that could potentially embarrass the administration.  Actually that might work out well for us.  Does that mean we never have to hear from Obama or Biden again???

\"\" Democrats exhibiting a political version of Munchausen By Proxy syndrome??

\"\" ACORN is changing it\’s named to \”Community Organizations International\”, since the old name is too tarnished by scandal……um, yeah, because the name was the problem.

\"\" Another reason vegans suck.

\"\" Some often repeated myths about the US health care system.

\"\" Hmmm, not all is right in Camelot…the press dared challenge Gibbs.  In other news, Lucifer seen shopping for a parka.

\"\" Obama has adopted another Bush policy….indefinite detention of terrorist suspects.

\"\" No rules of engagement in Afghanistan….no fighting near homes.  Doesn\’t that pretty much guarantee that the Taliban are just going to park their ass in an Afghan home and snipe at any American troops going by?

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4 Responses

  1. drunkguy Says:

    who had the accident? rough drive home saturday night?

  2. Kevin Says:

    On the contrary, my drive home was very nice. However, parents hit a deer…or rather a deer hit them.

    Although as far as deer collisions go fairly minor. Quarter panel, hood, bumper and headlight are gonna have to go. Possibly some fix up of the wheel well

  3. drunkguy Says:

    bummer… did they at least get the deer? or did it just get up and run away?

  4. Kevin Says:

    Nah, they had traffic behind them so they had to keep going. It basically lowered it’s head right before it hit the vehicle and then got spun around into the vehicle. Pretty sure it was dead….but they didn’t stop.