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Deep Thoughts With Kevin – Iran Edition

June 24th, 2009 by Kevin

Apparently there is something happening in Iran.  It might be important.  I think I am supposed to be appalled or something.  I dunno, I\’m taking my cue from Obama who I think is out golfing again.  So whatever is happening in Iran is probably less important than the fact that Jon and Kate are splitting up.  Yeah, totally, that floored me too.  It\’s a good thing nothing more important was happening.

\"\" Apparently Iran votes sort of like Minnesota….in that they have votes than voters.

\"\" Obama takes the long term approach….because in the long term dealing with religiously fanatic assholes is better than dealing with a democratically elected government.

\"\" Crowds are chanting \”Death To Khameini\” (Death to Khameini)….yeah, this outta end well.

\"\"Yeah, cause nobody saw this coming.  Iranian broadcasters are showing video of Obama speaking but instead of translating just make up whatever words they want for him.  Yeah, that whole being deferential towards the mullahs is totally panning out for him.

\"\" Iranians are tweeting about being shot and beaten by cops.  The US media is tweeting about what flavor ice cream Obama is buying.  Yeah, at least we know what\’s important.

\"\" The aftermath of the shooting of Neda

\"\" Wounded protesters are being arrested when they show up at hospitals for treatment.

\"\" Republican Senator Lugar thinks we should negotiate with the mullahs.  yeah….   heh asshole! What happened to the official policy of the US being to NOT negotiate with terrorists??  Dumbass.

\"\" Good news :  Top clerics are debating a new form of government in Iran.  Bad news : The alternative is still a group of unelected clerics holding all power.  Not sure how that\’s an improvement….or even a change.

\"\" Iranian protesters drive off Iranian riot police.

\"\" On the other hand, mass arrests may be quelling the violence to some extent.

\"\" Apparently the mass arrests, brutality, oppressive dictatorship and voter fraud isn\’t enough to upset Obama.  Him and Iran are still totally BFF because invitations for the July 4th celebrations are still open.  Seriously.

\"\" Yeah, the irony of inviting Iranian dictators to celebrate independence day while they are currently suppressing democracy apparently hasn\’t occurred to Obama.

\"\" Letting events play out themselves without taking sides isn\’t leadership, but that\’s what Obama is doing.

\"\" Another rally is apparently planned, with opposition leaders in attendance.

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