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Deep Thoughts With Kevin

June 19th, 2009 by Kevin

Yeah, it\’s linky time…I got other stuff to do.

\"\" Ahh, poor Britain.  When last we saw you, you had reached rock bottom.  I see you\’ve begun to dig.

\"\"Looks like Obama got caught silencing critics for purely political reasons.

\"\" And even Democrats aren\’t happy about it.

\"\" A list of all of Obama\’s czars.

\"\" Health care is a ticking time bomb?? Isn\’t it amazing how every item on Obama\’s agenda is so critical that we can\’t even take time to consider it.  It has to be done right now.  And then we wonder why it blows up in our face.

\"\" It\’s more amazing that this is coming from a party that considered a year long public debate a \”rush to war\”.

\"\" A ray of hope….Somalis realizing that CAIR isn\’t looking out for their best interests.  Be still my heart.

\"\" Naive, hypocritical and dishonest….although to be fair that could be the description of any of Obama\’s initiatives so far.

\"\" Twenty-three state Attorney Generals tell Eric Holder to get bent on any new Assault Weapons Ban.

\"\" Auto dealers are running out of SUVs.  Anyone else getting the sense that if Obama would just back off, the auto industry might pull out of this on their own?

\"\" Obama says he prefers a \”light touch\” of government.  So says the man that has nationalized the auto and financial industries and is now trying to do the same with the health industry.

\"\"Interesting…gay groups are joining up with Second Amendment groups to promote reciprocity for carrying a concealed weapon.  Nice to see there are people that understand that arming potential victims is a good thing.

\"\" Senator Baucus using blackmail to pass health care reform….how good can the bill be if you have to use tactics like that??

\"\" 10 facts about the health care reform bill

\"\" YEAH!!! My life is now complete…..bacon you can drink!!!

\"\" Ohhh, we\’re approaching a trifecta.  Studies show beer hydrates you faster than water.

\"\" Forget smart bombs, now we have smart bullets.  Wow….you thought bullets were expensive now, just wait until they have microchips in them.

\"\" GM owners unlikely to buy another??? Well why would you?  They\’re ending vehicles like the Impala and Tahoe…what\’s left that\’s worth driving?

\"\" Biden says that the reason the administration\’s numbers are all f-ed up is that everyone guessed wrong.  Apparently that\’s supposed to motivate us to trust them again with even more money.

\"\" North Korea is launching missles at Hawaii.  Sounds crazy right?? Which means Kim either wants to die in a nuclear blast, or else he\’s sized up Obama and found him lacking and therefore knows he can do whatever he wants without consequences.  So much for that smart diplomacy huh?

\"\" Awesome, Obama is pissing off both sides of the Iranian protests.  Can he do ANYTHING right??

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One Response

  1. J. Ewing Says:

    “Can he do ANYTHING right??”

    Can, but won’t. Or maybe I’ve overestimated him. Listening to him campaign around the country, I’m beginning to think the ONLY thing he knows how to do is read goobledegook from a teleprompter.