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Deep Thoughts With Kevin

June 7th, 2009 by Kevin

Great birthday weekend.  Spent it out of town at the lake, which while it was cold and rainy was still nice to get away.  I\’ve been operating on stressed deadlines at work and lots of projects at home.  A pleasure to get away to a location with no TV, no internet and poor cell phone reception.  Actually the more I think about it the more I\’m wondering why I came home.  Oh well, maybe this will make it all better….

\"\" PATHETIC!!!  House GOP finds $23 Billion over five years to cut in the budget.  That\’s it??? Seriously?  GOP you\’re worthless.  I could find $23 billion in cuts THIS MONTH….while drunk.  Try again….try harder.

\"\" Alaska\’s Chukchi oil field upgraded from huge to fucking huge….even aside from the oil it now accounts for 30% of the world\’s supply of natural gas alone.

\"\" Summary of a conversation that happened recently….
Obama To China : We\’re totally cool, we got this debt thing under control.
China to Obama : Prove it.
Obama : Shit….

\"\" USA Today does a really spectacular job breaking down the debt that each US Household is now faced with.

\"\" Obama uses another strawman to justify his Cyber Czar position.  He\’s been using strawmen like this an awful lot lately.

\"\" Obama kept claiming during the campaign that we need to be smarter in our diplomacy in order to gain more allies.  Well so far we\’ve gained no new allies, but we\’re certainly pissing off our current ones.

\"\" I\’ve been sooooo underrating Latvia as an awesome vacation destination.

\"\" Another hate message from Bin Laden….I wonder if Obama will learn that being nicer doesn\’t generate good will from crazed assholes.

\"\" Happy Birthday! SETI@Home is 10 years old!! No word on if ET sent a gift.

\"\" Still trying to decide if this is totally cool, or more evidence of the downfall of civilization…..introducing Bikini Jeans.

\"\" The history of LSD…in summation, the CIA, with a little help from the Nazis, accidentally helped invent hippies while they were trying to figure out how to brainwash communists.

\"\" A successful US investor is claiming this isn\’t a recession after all, and that all the panic is just a hoax.

\"\" Ok seriously, can we all just agree that Meghan McCain\’s 15 minutes were over about 15 hours ago and stop mentioning her?? In fact, can we just pretend she doesn\’t exist?  No conservatives take her seriously anyway.

\"\" Sonia Sotomayor gives us an opportunity to finally talk about race?? Yeah, liberals don\’t want to talk about race except to use racism as a campaigning tool.

\"\" Obama has been making a habit of siding with the terrorists in a number of situations….he does so again.

\"\" Back when Bush was President, if our allies said anything even remotely ill of us, it was concrete proof that our President was a failure and an incompetent boob.  It\’s amazing how quickly those double standards were imposed.  Oh and don\’t forget the rift with Germany.  Or Britain.  Or Poland.  Or the Czech Republic.

\"\" Unbelieveable….Gitmo detainees get laptops.  Is Gitmo too big to fail now as well?? Seriously are we screening these bailout requests at all?  Where do I apply??

\"\" New dancing craze resulting in alot of \”broken penises\” (uh, wouldn\’t that be penii??).  Oddly enough this \”new\” dancing craze doesn\’t look all that different than the dance moves you can find happening in any club or High School prom in the US.  Ok Americans, stop hiding your broken penii.

\"\" Heh, when oil was costly during the Bush administration it was proof that Bush was in with the oil companies and directly profiting from their price gouging.  Now that it\’s getting high under Obama, what\’s the rationale now?

\"\" Oh goodie, now we\’re taxing health benefits….and here I thought taxes wouldn\’t go up on me unless I was rich.  Or so I was promised.

\"\" Unemployment now at 9.4%.  Which is significant since we were promised that unemployment would peak at 8.8% if we did NOT pass the porkulus bill.

\"\" So how is unemployment comparing to past estimates….well…I\’m starting to think this whole stimulus idea was a bad idea….and by starting I mean have been thinking that since it was passed.

\"\" What??? A massive government program is backfiring?? I am shocked I tell you.

\"\" Turns out people ditch half their friends every seven years.  Coincidentally, EckerNet.Com is seven years old, which means half of you are gonna have to go, start counting off…

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  1. J. Ewing Says:

    Just so you know, McCain was the first one brave enough to float a very common reform proposal, of taxing employer health benefits and then giving a tax credit to EVERYBODY to buy health insurance with it, wherever they wanted. That would pretty much have put the kibosh on employer-paid care (except for the largest corporate group purchasers) but would have put in place a government-free private system with all of the wondrous benefits thereof, and would have phased in universal access, though not necessarily universal coverage (you have to buy health insurance to get the tax credit). Obama is simply going that one better; government taxes your health benefit, keeps the money, and then you have to go begging to the government to get your health care. They’re simply assuring that nobody gets any better care than, say, a poop-picker-upper in Bangladesh.