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DFL Breaks Promises To Voters

During the campaign, the DFL pledged to work with members of both parties to help the government live within it\’s means.  Instead, the DFL just took a vote to override the Governor\’s veto so that he can raise your taxes by $992 million!

Our government needs to learn to live within it\’s means, just like every family within Minnesota.  No family can afford to spend more than it makes, and tough decisions need to be made to cut spending.  Most of us simply don\’t have the liberty to simply demand our employer gives us more money, especially in this recession.

The Governor has repeatedly indicated his willingness to work with the legislature.  In fact he\’s made a number of concessions to the legislature, many of them using ideas offered by Democrats.  Instead of accepting those concessions, the DFL rejected them and insisted upon raising taxes.

Our taxes our high enough, and jobs are already threatening to move to lower taxed environments.  It\’s no coincidence that Sioux Falls, SD and it\’s famously low taxes, is one of the fastest grows cities in the region.  And Wisconsin isn\’t far away either.  The DFL, are simply raising taxes that kill jobs for Minnesota.

The DFL, need to learn to control their spending, just like average Minnesotans do.