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Deep Thoughts With Kevin

May 18th, 2009 by Kevin

Attended the CD2 convention this weekend and it was nice that I had more than a couple people come up to me and introduce themselves and let me know they read this blog.  Always nice to know people actually read the filth I write.  So in honor of that, I\’m not going to write anything today, just offer a bunch of links to stuff other people wrote.

\"\" Who says our rights are disappearing?  Democrats have now introduced a bill that would make it illegal to use a blog for anything more substantial than writing about your cat.

\"\" Oh and by the way, your yard sale is now illegal as well.

\"\" Even by the Obama administration\’s own figures, their stimulus plans have been a collosal failure.  In fact, according to their own figures we\’d have been better doing nothing and letting the recession take it\’s course and recover on it\’s own.

\"\" Obama is set to appoint a Supreme Court justice in the in the upcoming weeks.  Given Obama\’s track record at appointments, it\’s time to start making bets on what faults this appointee will be discovered to guilty of.  Tax cheat? Extortion? Armed robbery?? Murder??  Embezzlement?? Only Obama knows.

\"\" In what has to be the least surprising results from a study this year, the most liberal states are also the least free.

\"\" Our economic recovery is in the very best of hands….Obama is now attempting to chase every multinational company out of the US.

\"\" Heartbreak.  Australia has lost faith in the ability of the US to maintain dominance in the Pacific.  Can\’t imagine why??  It\’s not like who have a Commander-In-Chief whose only budget cuts are in the area of defense, while he doubles the budget of everything else.

\"\" Wow, even Israel has lost respect for the US.  In the past, they\’ve consulted and coordinated any major actions with us.  Now we\’ll simply get the courtesy of a last minute notification.

\"\" So in response, Obama is going to try to disarm the one democratic country in the entire Middle East, despite the fact that they are surrounded by millions of people trying to kill them.  Perhaps it would be smarter to disarm our enemies rather than our friends.

\"\" Hmmm, an entire group of college students would have been raped and/or murdered if it weren\’t for the actions of fellow student with a handgun.  Tell me again why allowing students to carry weapons on campus is a bad thing again???

\"\" Here\’s a trend I would like to see more of….porn stars running for elected office.

\"\" Obama to stick with Bush\’s polar bear rule.  Easy to criticize from the outside, but things look a lot different when you\’re responsible for the results huh?

\"\" Obama considers detaining terror suspects indefinitely.  Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

\"\" Only in Japan do you get \”Breasts Bowling\”…..hmmm, now that I think of it, I\’ve heard Japan is lovely this time of year.

\"\" Venezuela seizes another oil installation from a US-based company.  It\’s really hard to feel bad for these oil companies.  Venezuela has made it a regular practice for years now, why would you even consider investing any resources in that shithole??  It\’s just going to be seized as soon as you turn a profit anyway.

\"\" This customer review of the Playmobil TSA Security Checkpoint is perhaps the funniest review I\’ve ever read.

\"\" This article warns of the harm of narcissism in our leaders, political and otherwise.  Although I\’m sure it was meant to be aimed at Obama, it\’s been my experience that EVERY politician is a narcissist, Democrat, Republican or otherwise.  The only difference is the extent of the narcissism.  Because if they weren\’t before their first election, they are afterwards.  You can\’t have thousands of people telling you how great you are without it impacting you.

\"\" Obama admits missile defense programs have proven successful.  Wow I bet that was painful.  So why are we cutting that program again???  Although it\’s not like national defense is a constitutional responsibility of the federal government.

\"\" By the same token, it\’s not like immigration enforcement is the responsibility of the federal government.  Which is probably why the federal government is no longer going to reimburse the states for the federal government\’s complete failure at that responsibility.

\"\" Right behind Texas, Oklahoma bitch slaps Obama with the 10th Amendment.

\"\" Speaking of bitch slapping Obama, Montana does the same to federal gun laws, with a rather inventive new gun law of their own that basically exempts them from all federal gun laws.  I\’m not a lawyer, although I do play one on this blog occasionally, but I think they might have something here.

\"\" I really love ineptitude on the part of our journalists, who instead resort to sensationalism.  Hackers did NOT hack into air traffic control systems.  And there is a good reason for that….air traffic control systems are not connected to external networks.  Technicians transfer data from outside networks to the air traffic control system by physically inserting a DVD into a system on the network and loading it directly.

\"\" And not wanting to get left behind, California is getting in on the bitchslapping trend.  Except for them it\’s the voters bitchslapping them by voting down the tax hikes being proposed by their political masters.  Watch the drama unfold on May 19th.

\"\" You can\’t say Obama hasn\’t done anything so far….well you could and you\’d be mostly correct.  But what he has done is apologize by for the US over and over and over again.

\"\" If I said I was going to only buy from whites, would that make me a racist?? Sure as hell it would.  So why is it admirable when a couple declares they are only going to buy from blacks?

\"\" Irony.  The same clueless President criticizing companies for wasting money on conferences in Las Vegas, is now heading to Las Vegas for a fundraiser for a guy that doesn\’t need more money.

\"\" We got a huge deficit but we\’re still paying Chinese prostitutes to not drink on the job.  Does that mean American citizens get a freebie when they travel to China??

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