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Deep Thoughts With Kevin

April 6th, 2009 by Kevin

Ugh, spent the weekend tearing apart a room, painting, repainting, and rewiring sockets…only zapped myself once I\’m proud to say.  Thought I\’d come back to find out what\’s going on in the world.  Hmmmm, I think I liked painting more.

\"\" Uh oh, in the era of Hopenchange, only 42% think this country is on the right track.

\"\" Wait….42% ?? Who the hell are these people??  And why have they not been beaten unconscious with the Staff of Reality.

\"\" FACT : Only a small fraction of guns in Mexico come from the US.

\"\" The Security Council, that magical tool the Grand Wizard Obama insisted would solve all problems, proves to be impotent when faced with it\’s first challenge of Obama\’s Administration.

\"\" What if you went to pay off your mortgage and the bank refused to accept your money and insisted on holding a lien against your home?  Outrage right? You\’d be pissed off and demanding action.  Now what if the bank insistedthat they get to make all spending decisions in your household and you have to get a different job.  This is basically what Obama is doing to the banks right now.  And in a very mafia-esque move, then tries to claim the protector role to further their control.

\"\" Israel has served us with a warning.  Handle Iran soon or they will.  My guess is their method will not involved half-assed diplomacy and lofty rhetoric.  I\’m tempted to cheer for Israel here, but I also know their method will cause things to unravel pretty quickly.

\"\" What do you do when hundreds of people show up to a public hearing to protest new tax laws??  Well throw them out of course!! Public input is no way to conduct a democracy after all.

\"\" What do you do when thousands upon thousands are supposed to show up to a protest to protest new tax laws??  Well cancel it of course!! Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Freedom of Speech is no way to conduct a democracy after all.

\"\" Remember how in the era of Hopenchange, this was supposed to be an open, fair and transparent government?  That\’s probably why the Treasury Department isn\’t disclosing details on how they are spending all our money.  Of course, it could also be because there is still nobody to staff the Treasury Department.

\"\" Remember when this was still being called the best transition evah? Yeah, I don\’t either….it\’s been a long time.

\"\" Remember when our Lords of Selective Outrage got all righteous about the AIG bonuses??  Well selectively they do the same thing themselves.  At least AIG once turned a profit.

\"\" The MN Militia assembled and devoured a prototype Bacon Explosion a week ago.  Initial results were delicious and future experiments are planned.

\"\" Apparently race was a factor in the 2008 Presidential Elections.  Just not in the way people thought it would be.

\"\" Lenin suffers a million dollar wound.

\"\" And you thought Obama was all about the new-age of post-partisan politics?? Turns out the Chicago style of politics has followed Him to the Oval Office.

\"\" The Obama Administration is starting to look like the kid on the playground with no friends.  He\’s claiming that we\’re not BFF with Iran, but Iran\’s version of the events are….well the exact opposite.

\"\" NASA themselves confirm that the Sun is at the bottom of a substantial quiet period.  Which makes one wonder why they don\’t factor that into their global warming models.

\"\" I\’ve also wondered, why is it that the sun supposedly possesses enough power to provide all our energy needs if we harness it, but it\’s not enough to affect our climate in the slightest?

\"\" Obama is BOWING to the Saudi Arabian King??  Excuse me but that\’s a bullshit.

\"\" A map of all the Tea Parties around the country….huh, now I see why it\’s not getting any press.  I mean it\’s not like it\’s a wave of protests from coast to coast.

\"\" Democrats fudge petition numbers.  They basically just make photocopies of the original petition and then triple their numbers.  If conservatives did this the media would make it front page news for a week.

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