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Stop Me If You\’ve Heard This One

March 23rd, 2009 by Kevin

Stop me if you\’ve heard this one….the government is going to spend billions of dollars buying up bad assets from the market to keep them from weighing down the economy\’s recover by allowing credit to flow again.  It\’ll potentially take a trillion dollars but it\’s necessary.

What?? Oh you have heard that before??  Oh you called it Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) back in 2008??  Oh yeah, see here\’s the joke, that\’s what they SAID they\’d do last time.  Turns out they just blew it on paying off campaign donors.  So yeah, they totally punked you last time.  Bet you never saw it coming huh?  Thought you could trust them?? Silly taxpayer.

But heh, you can totally trust them this time.  Seriously.  They wouldn\’t lie to your twice would they??

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