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Is There Anything He CAN Do??

February 10th, 2009 by Kevin

Political campaigns are an endless stream of promises.  That\’s what you do.  You meet a wide range of people with a hugely disparative set of issues, all of them looking to you to make their lives better.  To gain their favor, many politicians will make an endless stream of promises.

The veterans, or at least the smart ones, know that they can embellish a bit but they do have to remain in the realm of reality because eventually people will ask that they fulfill them.  You need to maintain some level of plausibility, even if you never intend to follow through.

Obama was in a realm all His own during the campaign.  Huge flowery promises, he tried to be all things to all people and as a result made promises that nobody could keep.  You knew his supporters were going to be very disappointed.  But still, you\’d expect him to at least keep SOME of them….

\"\" No more renditions?  FAIL

\"\" No lobbyists? FAIL

\"\" Bi-Partisanship? FAIL

\"\" Transparency? FAIL

\"\" Not being a complete dick? FAIL

\"\" Hope? FAIL

\"\" Sunlight Before Signing? FAIL

\"\" Iraq? FAIL

\"\" No earmarks in Stimulus? FAIL

\"\" Missile Defense? FAIL

\"\" Windfall Taxes? FAIL

\"\" Leadership? FAIL

\"\" State Secrets Privilege? FAIL

The Era of Hopenchange!!

UPDATE : To add State Secrets Privilege

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