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Double Standards To Match His Double Talk

February 10th, 2009 by Kevin

Obama\’s Gerald Ford moment today caused several bloggers to wonder, and rightly so, if Obama will be treated just like Ford was for his clumsy moments.  I\’m pretty sure no.  They\’ve already proven to be pretty much in the bag for Obama, but also they\’ve ignored by Obama that is almost verbatim behavior that they widely criticized Bush for.

You\’ll all remember this…


Following a 2005 press conference in Beijing, President Bush attempts to leave except he was supposed to exit out the other side of the stage and was stuck attempting to open the wrong door.  He good naturely made light of it with one of his usual self-deprecating faces.

But at least he tried opening a door…


Obama instead tried making a door of a window.  Where are all the posts about what an idiot Obama is?  How uneducated He must be?? How low His IQ is??  Comparisons of Him to monkeys??

Double standards, just another feature of the Era of Hopenchange.

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