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The Era Of Hopenchange Looks Kind Of Familiar

January 28th, 2009 by Kevin

The Era of Hopenchange is upon us.  His Holiness has descended from Mount Olympus to rule us and usher in a new age of bipartisanship.  Except this \”bipartisanship\” looks a lot like the old partisanship.

While the Obama Rape Every Citizen’s Pocketbook Swindle of 2009 passed the House today, not only did it pass without bipartisan support, it actually had bipartisan opposition.  Not a single Republican voted for it and a number of Democrats actually voted against them.

Can\’t say I\’m surprised and it\’s nice to see the GOP showing a backbone.  Especially when Obama gave Republicans not a whole lot of reason to vote for it.  Having meetings with someone doesn\’t do much good if you aren\’t even going to consider what they have to say.

When it comes down to it, Obama made it pretty easy for Republicans to turn this into a win-win situation.  He couldn\’t keep his stooges in line, and despite his promises of this bill being pork-free, it is absolutely loaded with it.  So much so that only 12% of the \”economic stimulus\” bill actually goes to stimulating the economy.  Not only does this give Republicans good reason to vote against it, but it also gives them political cover even if this bill accomplishes anything other than driving this country further into debt.

If the economy doesn\’t turn around in the next two years, Republicans can claim vindication.  If it does turn around, Republicans can point out that it did so at an amazingly steep and unnecessary cost.  If the economy doesn\’t turn around, Democrats look monumentally bad for not only porking the thing up but also spending a lot of money to accomplish nothing.  End result, is a political win for Republicans.

But that \”win\” is tempered by the fact that no matter how this turns out it\’s a big loss for Americans.  If it works, the economy recovers but we\’re drowning in debt.  If the economy doesn\’t recover we\’re still in a recession but now drowning in more debt.  And it\’s all because Democrats couldn\’t help themselves from porking up a bill to bribe their favorite special interest group.

It\’s 1 HC (Hopenchange) but it still looks a lot like 2009 AD.

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2 Responses

  1. J. Ewing Says:

    Thank you for describing a way by which the Republicans can gain politically from this otherwise abysmal situation. I do note that it still requires the general public to know that this is a porker of a bill and that Republicans stood against it. That little tidbit of information will NOT, I guarantee, appear in the Obamamedia.

    Republicans helped themselves by being unanimous. If they can do likewise and force changes in the Senate, and stall this out, there is a better chance of this hideous miscegenation being seen for what it is.

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