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Deep Thoughts With Kevin

October 31st, 2008 by Kevin


\"\" The infamous \”Redistribution of Wealth\” Obama interview

\"\" The fledgling Iraqi Air Force has completed it\’s first mission.  News agencies reporting this?? 0.

\"\" According to Nancy Pelosi, bipartisanship means the Democrats get to do whatever they want.

\"\" Public Service Announcement : If you\’re butchering deer in the kitchen of your restaurant, the Health Department would like to talk to you.

\"\" Stop me if you heard this one.  Two young Obama supporters walk into a GOP HQ and start macing everyone…. Eh, that\’s about it, no punchline, pretty piss poor joke I guess.

\"\" According to the Washington Post, having someone put a sticker on your campaign sign is totally the same as having your house spray painted with obscenities.  Huh, how about that….my bias detector just assploded.

\"\" Stick a fork in \’em.  GM just killed the Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban and Escalade.  Terminating four long standing popular vehicles seems a bit drastic.  Anyone else get the sense that GM is in more trouble than they admit?

\"\" Fred Thompson for RNC chair?? Well he did a pretty God awful job of managing his primary campaign.  On the other hand he\’s an excellent policy wonk and great at advocacy.  If we can have someone else do the \”store manager\” type duties and have Fred Thompson just do the leadership end, then great.

\"\" On the other hand Republicans aren\’t doing that great without Thompson either.  Is it just me or is having a \”strategy session\” AFTER the election kinda stupid?

\"\" So when they hanged an effigy of Palin it was just good clean \”Halloween Fun\”.  Many asked if that would apply if someone hung an effigy of Obama.  Well now we know. The answer is no, it\’s \”embarassing\”, \”deeply offensive\” and \”hateful\”.  Nope, no double standard here!

\"\" So how is the economic downturn and low oil prices affecting Russia, Iran and Venezula??  Here\’s some good analysis.

\"\" Someone who is seeing signs of a McCain victory….I won\’t go so far to call them delusional, we\’ll have to see.

\"\" A St. Olaf professor bragging about stealing McCain campaign signs??

\"\" Environmental data is not matching Global Warming theories….scientists completely baffled.  Global Warming being total bullshit apparently has not occurred.

\"\" Japan…producing 78% of the world\’s weird shit since 1952…including the fact that they are trying to make it legal for a person to marry a cartoon character.

\"\" Great, House Democrats are about to kill your 401K and force you to double down on Social Security instead.  That includes killing any tax benefits, employer matching funds, and any decent sort of interest rate.

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  1. drunkguy Says:

    I’ve seen some of those cartoon characters from Japan… not all that bad of an option really…